Chapter 471

When Di Bei Chen became crippled and left the sect, I do not know how many people sneered and ridiculed him.

After all, Di Bei Chen had been standing at the top of the young cultivator’s hierarchy. How many people envied him and were jealous, and after seeing Di Bei Chen become crippled and turned into a waste, many felt happy.

However, the return of Di Bei Chen was no different than giving them a big slap on the face!

In three years, not only did he not become a waste, on the contrary, he became even better.

Ji Yun’er only thinks that Di Bei Chen had become more charming and calm that before, his every move affecting her heart.

However, in the three years she did not see him, Di Bei Chen actually took a wife?

“Di Gongzi, I do not know who your lady is?” Ji Yun’er asked with a smile.

Not only Ji Yun’er, Yan Ling Xuan and the other two were also concerned about this answer.

This was a heavy news. They believed that this news, other than the four of them no one would know.

Listening to Ji Yun’er’s question, Xia Zhi Qing could not help but look at Baili Hong Zhuang who stood next to Di Bei Chen.

Seeing the eyes of Xia Zhi Qing and the others, the eyes of the three and Ji Yun’er could not help but fall on Baili Hong Zhuang. Could it be the person next to Di Bei Chen?

When the four young masters had secretly conjectured, Di Bei Chen had already put his arm around Baili Hong Zhuang’s shoulder.

“She is my lady.”

Di Bei Chen looked natural and as if it were obvious, he had always been proud of his lady.

Ji Yun’er and the other’s mouths opened slightly, and their usual arrogant expressions were somewhat confused. Although they had already guessed, they still felt somewhat preposterous.

In the eyes of Yan Ling Xuan and Huang Fu Hui, there was a flash of amazement. Earlier they had already noticed Baili Hong Zhuang.

Such a beautiful person, the only word they could use to describe her would be alluring.

If such a beauty appeared before them, even if she does not have any background, they will still want to take her home. It is just that if there was no background and family, they could not make her their wife.

They believed that Di Bei Chen was definitely not a person who was confused by a beauty. How had this beauty ensnared him?

“Di Gongzi, I don’t know which family this girl belongs to?” Ji Yun’er asked tentatively.

When she grew up in her family, she knew very well that some people they could not afford to offend. Therefore, the most important thing to do before anything else was to understand the other person’s identity. Otherwise, once you offend someone, you cannot afford to offend, you can’t help yourself.

“She is not the daughter of a cultivation family.”

“Oh?” Ji Yun’er raised her brows and looked puzzled.

“I didn’t even hear which martial arts sect this young miss is from.” Yan Ling Xuan looked at her as if slowly matching her up to all the young misses in their generation. They had heard of many people, but for this person, they were really blank.

“I am just a student of Cang Lan College.” Baili Hong Zhuang said slowly.

From the performance of Ji Yun’er she already knew the idea of Ji Yun’er.

Since they want to know her identity, she did not mind directly telling them.

With the voice of Baili Hong Zhuang falling, the eyes of the four people changed for a few moments, although their hearts were full of hundreds of thought, they suspected that Baili Hong Zhuang was not cheating them.

In the end, they believed the words of Baili Hong Zhuang, because Baili Hong Zhuang would gain nothing from deceiving them.