Chapter 475 Becoming Angry

“You’re looking for death!”

Hearing such offensive words from Baili Hong Zhuang, Ji Yun’er finally became angry!

From when she was small to now, no one had dared to talk to her in this tone. As for being called worthless, it was even more impossible!

However, at this moment, she was actually being insulted by this commoner who should be kneeling down and letting everyone see a joke. How could she accept it?

The next moment, a faint red glow emerged from Ji Yun’er’s body and hands!

Seeing this faint red light, Xia Zhi Qing and the others could not help but be slightly shocked.

“Hong Zhuang! This light can only be possessed by someone who is a Hong (red) boundary cultivator!” Cui Hao Yan exclaimed, his eyes full of disbelief.

The cultivation realm was divided into the Acquired realm and Congenital Realm, both of which were distinct levels.

Most cultivators could only achieve the Acquired Realm as long as they worked hard. However, only the Congenital Realm was the path to becoming a real cultivator!

After the cultivators, entered the Congenital Realm, their yuan li would change with their advancement in the realm.

The Congenital Realm was divided into the Hong (red) border, Cheng (orange) border, Huang (yellow) border, Lu (green) border, Lan (blue) border, and Zi (purple) border. And each level displayed its own special light.

Each boundary was further subdivided into nine levels; the higher the level, the richer the color.

Although the light glowing from Ji Yun’er’s hands was very faint, the red light couldn’t escape everyone’s attention. Obviously, Ji Yun’er had already reached the first level of Hong (red) boundary!

Previously Gong Shao Qing and the others were disrespectful to Ji Yun’er. At this moment, they were shocked knowing her strength.

The age of Ji Yun’er was only 16 or 17, but her strength was actually at the first level of the Hong (red) boundary. They had a really big gap between them.

Even if they already knew that the strength of cultivator’s from a cultivating family would far exceed that of normal cultivators, they would not be able to imagine this gap without personally seeing it.

After all, they were also considered to be very talented cultivators.

As Special Enrollment Student of Cang Lan College, they had always been proud.

However, at this moment, they knew how big the gap between them was.

As time went on, the gap between their strength and the children of these families would only grow bigger. If they did not have a huge chance, a huge gap would eventually arise between them.

After all, the children of cultivation families had rich resources for cultivation, and even if they weren’t talented, they could turn into proud geniuses, just with the help of the countless cultivation resources.

This was the real difference between ordinary cultivators and those belonging to a cultivation family.

The family’s children had unlimited resources for cultivation since they were born, but they needed to find opportunities for the same.

Bai Jun Yu and the others showed expressions of shock. At the same time, Ji Yun’er felt more and more that they were simply a group of unfamiliar simpletons.

She moved very fast and did not hesitate to move against Baili Hong Zhuang. The one whose face she couldn’t stand any longer was her!

Obviously, her family status was far stronger than Baili Hong Zhuang’s, but why did that Baili Hong Zhuang act like she was better than her? It was really hateful!

Baili Hong Zhuang’s face was icy, and a sliver of light flashed between her fingers.

She knows that with her strength, she was not Ji Yun’er’s adversary, but it did not mean she was completely helpless against her.