Chapter 476 Who Dares To Go Against Her?

When Ji Yun’er’s attack was about to hit Baili Hong Zhuang’s body, Di Bei Chen directly blocked her attacked!

Just a small move and Ji Yun’er’s bloodthirsty aura became invisible as it dissipated in an instant.

His tremendous strength made Ji Yun’er go back a few steps. Looking at Di Bei Chen she revealed a bit of surprise.

“Ji Yun’er, if you dare to go against my wife in the slightest, the consequences of that will be your own to bear.” Di Bei Chen’s lips were pressed together, his cold voice filled with icy warning, that handsome face not the slightest bit soft.

If it was only a verbal fight, how good his own wife was, he had always been very clear. Besides, if it wasn’t the case, how could Baili Hong Zhuang be recognized as his wife?

Others may not know, but he knew the pride that his wife had, so he had stood by without talking.

However, once Ji Yun’er attacked, the situation became completely different.

Whoever dares to harm his wife, he will not forgive them!

Hearing his words, Ji Yun’er’s heart suffered a shock. There were years of friendship between her and Di Bei Chen. Now for such an ordinary person, he dared to say such things to her?

“Di Gongzi, how can you do this to me?”

Ji Yun’er’s eyes flashed with incredulity. Di Bei Chen was actually ignoring years of friendship.

“Miss Ji, from the beginning to the end, my wife was just doing what she should do.”

Di Bei Chen’s hands held Baili Hong Zhuang’s, and the protective intent behind it was clear.

“Since Hong Zhuang is my wife, she is naturally one of my people. Whoever dares to go against her is against me.”

Di Bei Chen’s words were firm and decisive, without the slightest bit of hesitation. Obviously, he would stand by this no matter what.

In past three years, he had experienced a lot of things. The ones that he cares about absolutely can’t be bullied by anyone!

Yan Ling Xuan and the others were speechless. It seemed that they had still underestimated the degree to which Di Bei Chen cared for Baili Hong Zhuang.

Especially, Yan Ling Xuan and Huang Fu Hui felt even more clear about this. As men, the significance of Di Bei Chen’s remark was obvious to them.

Previously, they had only felt that Di Bei Chen had liked Baili Hong Zhuang’s appearance. Now, it seemed like he really did like her.

These children from various forces had a very calculative nature, and they had been calculating for their interests since the beginning. If something did not meet their interest, they will never do it.

The only thing that allows them to abandon their interest is none other than true feelings.

Di Bei Chen’s current attitude proved everything.

“Great!” Xiao Hei patted his hands. “I didn’t misread Di Bei Chen!”

“This woman still counts as something? Our master has only cultivated for a year, but this woman has been cultivating for more than ten years. Ha!” Xiao Bai shrieked, what genius, their master was the well-deserved genius!

“We should kill her!”

Baishi’s face was cold, how dare she try to kill their master.

Ji Yun’er’s face was blank and timid. Di Bei Chen’s remarks gave her no room to speak at all. It was just that her inner heart couldn’t help but continue shouting at her like crazy.

She knew both her strength and family background were stronger than Baili Hong Zhuang’s. Yet her Di Gongzi protected Baili Hong Zhuang so fiercely. Where does she have any face left?