Chapter 478

Feeling Baili Hong Zhuang’s actions, Di Bei Chen turned his head to look at her. His eyes were filled with firmness, and he once again came close to Baili Hong Zhuang.

Di Bei Chen’s actions did not escape everyone’s attention, and the eyes of Ji Yun’er and the others were filled with horror.

In the face of Han Xi Ling, Di Bei Chen still stood so close beside Baili Hong Zhuang. It could be seen that in Di Bei Chen’s heart, the status of Baili Hong Zhuang was even stronger than that of Han Xi Ling?

As soon as they thought of this, everyone had a feeling of incredibility.

What sacred place did Baili Hong Zhuang hold? How could she make Di Bei Chen care even lesser for Han Xi Ling?

Han Xi Ling did not see these things, and her face still had an elegant smile as she slowly walked to Di Bei Chen’s side.

“Dage, I guessed you would be here after listening to the news about Luo Yun Mountains. You really are here.” Xan Xi Ling smiled lightly.


The sound of footsteps entered everyone’s ears, and a large number of cultivators were approaching the center.

“Our people are coming.”

Di Bei Chen smiled lightly. There must be a lot of people, but they were the first to come, others were still in the rear.



Sure enough, a respectful voice came from the rear. These were the people of various families.

Ji Yun’er looked at Baili Hong Zhuang with a provocative look. This was the power of her family. “You must first find a place to rest.”


Not only Ji family, the other three families had also settled in the sidelines. All of them were curious about the ancient monument.

“I recently happened to be near this place. So after hearing the news, I rushed here. The people of the sect will arrive later.”

Han Xi Ling smiled and looked at Di Bei Chen. From beginning to end, her eyes did not fall on Baili Hong Zhuang. It was like she was not even there.

Di Bei Chen nodded slightly. “You have traveled long, you should rest first.”

Han Xi Ling’s lips rose slightly. “Dage, when are you coming back to the sect? You are not there, but many people are thinking about you…”

“I will not go back.” Di Bei Chen replied.

Han Xi Ling’s face gently wrinkled. “Since you are not at the sect, I’m alone. You must come back early.”

Han Xi Ling’s words showed their intimacy. Everyone listened to Han Xi Ling and the appearance of Han Xi Ling and Di Bei Chen became ambiguous in their sight.

“Who is this Han Xi Ling? How is she so close to Di Bei Chen?”

Xia Zhi Qing had seen with her own eyes how Di Bei Chen simply did not care for other women besides Hong Zhuang.

However, this woman who had suddenly appeared was also an exception.

“After listening to them, Han Xi Ling should be in the same sect as Di Bei Chen.” Bai Jun Yu said slowly.

Suddenly there were so many cultivators, this situation had undoubtedly taken a curve for the bad, not to mention all of them were more powerful, they also had strong families backing them.

“Bai Bai, why do I think that this woman is even more annoying than Ji Yun’er?” Xiao Hei’s eyes flashed with displeasure. Ji Yun’er was undoubtedly very annoying, ugly and overly talkative.

From the beginning to the end, Han Xi Ling had never said any harsh words, but it looked more uncomfortable!

“This woman is simply ignoring master!”

Chapter 478 Disregard, Han Xi Ling