Chapter 480

Chapter 480

Baili Hong Zhuang’s heart which had been turbulent earlier settled down at hearing Di Bei Chen’s words.

She did not know what exactly happened between Di Bei Chen and Han Xi Ling, but since Di Bei Chen dared to introduce her in this way, it proved that the two of them were still not that intimate.

“Hello.” Han Xi Ling took the lead, and although her tone was warm, her eyes shone with complex emotions.


Baili Hong Zhuang looked indifferent, but she did not ignore the look of cold sword-like emotion in Han Xi Ling’s eyes.

This Han Xi Ling was definitely not a good person. Therefore, this elegant, lotus-like temperament was probably hot and spicy in reality.

However, she had never been afraid of threats.

The two women stood face to face and although they spoke politely, anyone could feel the frozen atmosphere between them.

Xia Zhi Qing and the others breathed a sigh of relief. Regardless of who this Han Xi Ling was, at least Di Bei Chen had made his attitude very clear.

As a result, they could also rest assured.

“The monument is about to come up. Let’s take a rest.” Di Bei Chen whispered faintly, and after smiling at Han Xi Ling, he took Baili Hong Zhuang’s hand in his and walked back to the team.

Han Xi Ling’s eyes were fixed onto the entwined hands of Di Bei Chen and Baili Hong Zhuang.

She had known Dage for so many years. Dage had never been this close to other women and had never left her alone.

Now, with the appearance of this woman, all this has changed.

Yan Ling Xuan and the others looked at each other silently. Today’s show was wonderful.

The ugly face of Ji Yun’er was very satisfying to look at, at that moment. Since even Han Xi Ling had tasted a sour lemon, what more she?

Baili Hong Zhuang sat on the ground while Di Bei Chen sat beside her. She didn’t express any facial expression and remained silent.

Di Bei Chen looked at Baili Hong Zhuang’s expression. He understood and feared that the incident just now made Baili Hong Zhuang feel rather unpleasant, so he had to explain to her.

“Lady, don’t misunderstand me.”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s brows rose. “Misunderstanding?”

So many people were watching, but Di Bei Chen actually said it was a misunderstanding.

Seeing that Baili Hong Zhuang was displeased, Di Bei Chen hurried up, but the next second, Di Bei Chen’s eyes were suddenly filled with a deep smile.

Baili Hong Zhuang’s beautiful face and eyebrows wrinkled slightly, at such a time, Di Bei Chen was actually laughing at her?

“Why are you laughing while looking at me?” Baili Hong Zhuang said coldly.

Di Bei Chen grinned as he chuckled. “Wifey, are you jealous?
His voice fell and Baili Hong Zhuang looked at him blankly. Was she jealous?

“Haha, jealous!” Xiao Hei snickered, master looked like this while jealous?

Of course, this kind of expression they had never seen before.

“I am not.”

Upon hearing this, Di Bei Chen did not tease Baili Hong Zhuang any longer. Instead, he only held her hand and slowly told her his story.

“I have lived in a martial arts sect since I was a child. Master had brought me with him. Han Xi Ling is the granddaughter of one of the great elders and has grown up with me since childhood. So, our relationship is very good.

“You shouldn’t think about this too much. Han Xi Ling is just a Shimei. I only think of her as a sister. As for love between men and women, I only have you in my heart.” Di Bei Chen gazed at Baili Hong Zhuang, eyes filled with seriousness and affection.

He had never had true feelings for a woman until after he had seen Baili Hong Zhuang. This was the first time he had had such a feeling.

Until now, he had been considered a cripple.

Chapter 480 Wifey, Are You Jealous?