Chapter 481 The Past

If not for him suddenly becoming a cripple, why would he have come from his sect to the Feng Bo Country?

For three years of forbearance in his life, he was once hateful and full of grief, but now he felt that this was all for the best.

The three years of being a cripple had made him see the true features of many people around him, making his original arrogance wane and become more mature and tough.

The most important thing is that while he was gone, Baili Hong Zhuang appeared by his side.

Perhaps this had all been predestines by the heavens. He could stand again because of Hong Zhuang, and she also became his wife by chance.

He thanked God for all this and wanted to protect his Baili Hong Zhuang.

Listening to Di Bei Chen, Baili Hong Zhuang’s mood gradually became better.

She believed in Di Bei Chen’s words. If Di Bei Chen had liked Han Xi Ling in his heart, he would never have pursued her.

“Do you believe me, lady?” Di Bei Chen asked seriously as he looked at Baili Hong Zhuang.

Baili Hong Zhuang licked her lips, and her eyes became more alluring. Although she had never spoken, Di Bei Chen already understood everything.

“Lady, do you want to know my story?”

He had never said it before, not because he did not want to say, but because he thought Baili Hong Zhuang would not be willing to listen.

Now that the relationship between them had gone a step further, he felt that Baili Hong Zhuang should know a little more about him, this would help to avoid a lot of misunderstandings.

Baili Hong Zhuang nodded slightly. “What kind of life did you have in the past?”

Di Bei Chen slowly turned to look in front, appearing a bit distant and various emotions wafting off him.

From Di Bei Chen’s narrative, Baili Hong Zhaung understood his identity.

Originally, Di Bei Chen had been a disciple of Tian Gang Zong*, and his master was none other than the Sovereign of Tiang Gang Zong.

His master had no children in his life, so he always treated Di Bei Chen as his son and only taught him as a disciple in his entire life.

Di Bei Chen’s talent was also very outstanding. Since he first started cultivating, his master had never been disappointed. In the dark, everyone regarded Di Bei Chen as the successor of Tian Gang Zong.

In the sect, there were four elders in addition to the sovereign. Each elder had their own prided disciple.

Since Tian Gang Zong had been established, there had been a custom. The position of Young Suzerain would be selected from among the disciple of the patriarch and the four elders’ disciples. The one who was the strongest would be the Young Suzerain.

This approach was to avoid more competition, and making the successor ore motivated.

It was only through competition that the strongest person could be born. This was also a good way for a sect to remain strong.

A few years ago, his master had left Tian Gang Zong to achieve a breakthrough. This was quite normal.

Not only his master but also elders of other sects and the patriarchs of some families would go out to seek an opportunity for a breakthrough.

It was not a simple matter and could take a lot of time.

After his master left for a period of time, the problem in Di Bei Chen’s legs appeared, and other competitors wanted to take this opportunity to make quick work of him.

Originally, he had been able to resist. Until he could not stand up anymore, there were then fewer and fewer supporters in the sect.

In these three years of forbearance, he had always disguised himself as a waste. In fact, he had ever given up.

* 天罡宗 (tiān gāng zōng) Name of the sect Di Bei Chen belongs to.
天 – day; sky; heaven
罡 – stars of the Big Dipper that constitute the tail of the dipper
宗 – school; sect; clan