Chapter 482 Grateful To Han Xi Ling

It was precisely because of this that his status as a prince had been sealed by Xuanyuan Yutian. As for being his illegitimate child, that was entirely nonsense.

In his three years of durance, Xuanyuan Huan and the others had harassed him all the time, but he had always forborne, not for others, but because someone had been watching his every move.

Once he showed his abilities, there would be people who would seek him out.

Among the sect, no one dared to deal with him so openly, but after he came to the Feng Bo Country, they had more chances to do so.

Since he was able to stand again, he returned to the sect. As long as he was not a useless cripple, he was still the successor!

In the past, he was recognized as the Young Suzerain of Tian Gang Zong. Although there were many things that happened afterward, as long as he was able to stand again, he would not have any difficulty returning to his previous position.

Even till date, his master had not returned, but Di Bei Chen still returned to his original position.

However, this time when he was back at Tian Gang Zong, his feelings were completely different from the past.

He had lived in Tian Gang Zong since childhood and had a lot of friends. However, since he became a crippled person with no future, his friends not only did not help him, on the contrary, many of them stomped on him.

Therefore, he now felt that he had benefited greatly from this three years of change.

If not for this opportunity presenting itself and revealing the true nature of those around him, he would not have known there were so many con-men around.

As for Ji Yun’er, he had never said anything to her. Even though he was not that close to Ji Yun’er, they had been friends for many years. He had maintained a polite conduct, but Ji Yun’er had already expressed her love.

Three years ago, when he was crippled, Ji Yun’er never said another word to him.

Why should he bother with such a woman?

After listening to Di Bei Chen, Baili Hong Zhuang felt a trace of distress.

Although Di Bei Chen said it so simply, she understood exactly what kind of state he was in these past three years. There was not much difference with being ostracized.

From a genius everyone looked up to, he had become the waste everyone trampled on. If his mental fortitude was not strong enough, he would really have been finished.

“Then Han Xi Ling?” Wisdom flashed through Baili Hong Zhuang’s beautiful eyes. “Didn’t she give up on you in these three years?”

Di Bei Chen looked deeply at Bailihong Zhuang, not concealing anything. “Yes, Han XI Ling had been secretly helping me these past three years. If not, my life would have been worse.”

Baili Hong Zhuang nodded, she understood the attitude Di Bei Chen had towards Han Xi Ling was with reason.

Under such circumstances, Han XI Ling had never given up on him. This kind of friendship was hard to find, and anyone with blood and flesh would not turn a blind eye to it.

After thinking about it, Di Bei Chen already knew of Han Xi Ling’s feelings for him, he just did not want to hurt her.

“I understand.” Baili Hong Zhuang said slowly.

“Believe me, I will deal with this matter.” Di Bei Chen’s eyes flashed with earnesty. He grew up with Han Xi Ling, he was not willing to destroy the sentiment between them, but he was even more unwilling to hurt Baili Hong Zhuang.

Because Baili Hong Zhuang was his most important person.

Baili Hong Zhuang smiled slightly. “I believe in you.”

She didn’t care about others, what she cared about was, what Di Bei Chen felt in his heart.

As for others, they were not important.