Chapter 484

“It’s fine, as long as I am no longer a crippled person who can’t even stand up, they can’t do anything to me again.” Di Bei Chen looked carefree. In three years, he had enough thoughts to clear up many things. Things that were important to him then were no longer important.


Without hearing Han Xi Ling speak, Di Bei Chen had already interrupted her. “I don’t have more to say. I have already decided.”

“So, have you really decided to be with that girl? She is nothing more than a commoner. There is an inseparable gap between you and her, the daughter of an ordinary general. There is no match at all.”

At the moment, Han Xi Ling no longer concealed her inner thoughts. She could not believe that Di Bei Chen would like such an ordinary girl.

“What matches, what does not matches?” Di Bei Chen asked. “In my heart, she is the best.”

No one could understand the status of Baili Hong Zhuang in his mind.

For more than ten years, he had never felt his heart beat for any other woman, but he had been impressed the very first moment he saw Baili Hong Zhuang.

Such a woman, with her tenacity, hard work, and decisiveness, had clearly left an impression on him.

He had never had any sentiments for her before but then she was even willing to cure him.

So far, he felt that the only thing Xuanyuan Yutian did correctly as for him and Baili Hong Zhuang to marry.

In fact, even if Xuanyuan Yutian had not given them a marriage, he would still try his best to make Baili Hong Zhuang his wife.

Because he had her in his heart.

Once Baili Hong Zhuang was there in his heart, no one could replace her position. She was the best in his heart.

Seeing Di Bei Chen so determined, Han XI Ling’s face became even uglier. “When the sovereign returns, even he will not agree with you.”

Di Bei Chen shook his head. “I believe that Master will support my decisions.”

Just when Di Bei Chen was ready to leave, Han Xi Ling suddenly spoke up. “Well, I do.”

Di Bei Chen’s stature stiffened as he slowly turned around.

“Dage, you know my feelings for you, can’t I compare to Baili Hong Zhuang in your heart?” Han Xi Ling asked.

Since she was a child, she had always loved Di Bei Chen as a family. For many years, although Di Bei Chen had never said anything to her, Di Bei Chen had also never been with any other women.

Therefore, she believed that as long as she was beside Di Bei Chen, Di Bei Chen would love her.

Now that Di Bei Chen had only left for three years, all this had changed.

Is it that her companionship of more than ten years with Di Bei Chen was not as good as Baili Hong Zhuang?

“Xi Ling, I have always thought of you as my sister. You know it.” Di Bei Chen’s words were low and serious. “The person I love is Baili Hong Zhuang. This is a completely different feeling.”

As soon as those words came out, Han Xi Ling’s face became pale and she felt injured.

She could hardly believe that Di Bei Chen would say such words to her in such a decisive manner.

“I don’t want to delay you. Xi Ling, you will always be my sister. As for your feelings, I can’t reciprocate them.” Di Bei Chen said earnestly.

He did not want to be vague about this matter, otherwise, he would be unfair to Baili Hong Zhuang and unfair to Han Xi Ling.

He only wanted to be with Baili Hong Zhuang and protest her. He did not want to see her unhappy at all.

Chapter 484 Must Be Rejected