Chapter 485 Interest, Lin Yi Rou

“Dage, I have liked you for so many years, but now you reject me so simply, is it that you no longer care for me?”

Han Xi Ling looked wounded, her two eyes were faintly covered with the crystalline sheen of tears.

“It is not that I don’t care for you. I will not return to the sect during this time, it will be good for you.”

Di Bei Chen had no changes in his attitude despite Han Xi Ling’s tears. He understood that being afraid to hurt her would be being cruel to himself.

Only an unyielding attitude would completely break down Han Xi Ling’s thoughts. After Han Xi Ling recovered, they may be able to go back to being brother and sister.

As his voice fell, Di Bei Chen no longer said anything, but he turned and walked away.

For Han Xi Ling, he apologized, but he could not do more. Any words of comfort would be like knives instead.

Han Xi Ling looked at Di Bei Chen’s departing back, and her heart felt like it would burst with pain. However, both her eyes could not help but be filled with resentment.

For so many years, she had always been the arrogant woman in the eyes of all people. How many young masters liked her, she dismissed them, the only one she liked was Di Bei Chen.

Now, a woman who had suddenly appeared had destroyed her years of feelings. How could she give up?

She would not!

She will never lose!

How could she be defeated by a woman who was nothing!

Han Xi Ling’s eyes gradually strengthened, she believed her big brother had only been briefly blinded by Baili Hong Zhuang. Soon, he would wake up.

And then, she and Di Bei Chen would naturally be a couple.

When everyone saw Di Bei Chen come back first, their eyes hanged a bit. Wise men had already guessed the conversation between Han Xi Ling and Di Bei Chen.

“I didn’t think that Han Xi Ling who has always been so arrogant would be defeated by an ordinary girl. I’m really happy!”

Lin Yi Rou smiled slightly. She had always been slighted and dismissed by Han Xi Ling. Now, she was delighted to see this scene.

“Lin Yi Rou, you are gloating like this, it seems it’s not so good?” Yan Ling Xuan frowned.

“Don’t you like Han Xi Ling?” Lin Yi Rou smiled. “Now, you must be the happiest person in this situation.”

Hearing this, Yan Ling Xuan’s face changed a bit. In fact, this situation really did make him happy.

“Han Xi Ling has a temper, it is not in line with her style to give up.” Huang Fu Hui’s eyes shined with wisdom. “Baili Hong Zhuang will be in trouble.”

Ji Yun’er’s eyes were filled with viciousness as she seethed. “This woman, Baili Hong Zhuang, is really damned. Even if Han Xi Ling does nothing, I will not let her go!”

As the Young Miss of Ji family and one of their prided children, when had she ever eaten a loss?

In any case, she would not bear this.

Lin Yi Rou looked at Ji Yun’er with a faint smile. “Di Bei Chen has claimed Baili Hong Zhuang as her wife if you want to offend Di Bei Chen because of Baili Hong Zhuang, think carefully.”

Saying this, Lin Yi Rou’s eyes could not help but fall on Baili Hong Zhuang’s body. Although she did not really know Baili Hong Zhuang, she really admired her.

As an ordinary girl, she had stood against both Han Xi Ling and Ji Yun’er. This courage was not one possessed by ordinary people. It was really interesting.

If she had the opportunity, knowing her better was also a good choice.

Only after Han Xi Ling returned, did everyone close their mouths and keep silent.