Chapter 486 Guardian Beast, Qing Tian Mo Alligator

Di Bei Chen sat down beside Baili Hong Zhuang. His handsome, bright face full of an evil smile. “Aren’t you curious what we talked about?”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s brows and beautiful face was relaxed. Laughing enchantingly, she asked instead, “Do you want to tell me?”

Not even asking her, Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai could not help but join in on the fun, the two beasts were curious cats.

Di Bei Chen smiled brilliantly; his wifey was very different from ordinary women.

He caught Baili Hong Zhuang’s hand, his voice gentle, “I have made it clear to Xi Ling, and, perhaps, Xi Ling will take some time. Wifey just needs to believe in me.”

Baili Hong Zhuang gazed at Di Bei Chen, this guy’s straightforwardness made her very satisfied.

What she hated the most were men that are ambiguous and don’t speak up in such matters. Di Bei Chen could be so resolute, she was really happy.

As for Han Xi Ling’s response, Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai also told her that the contradiction between her and Han Xi Ling had only just begun.

As a man, Di Bei Chen was not aware of how fierce fight between women is, especially when there are no smokes in the war.

However, she was not afraid.

After this incident, everyone turned their heads to rest and adjusted their breath. The ancient monument would be completely revealed tomorrow. They must adjust their strength to it best in order to face the challenges in the monument in their prime condition.

There are many treasures in ancient monuments, but there are also many dangers. One small mistake, and their lives would inadvertently be lost.

Not only that, but so many cultivators around was already a huge threat. In the event of someone robbing a treasure, it would be a bloody struggle.

There was also considerable risk that many things had changed in the past thousand years, and her understanding of ancient monuments was not as good as before.

As night fell, with so many cultivators gathered there, it was quiet and only the beasts that came out of the monument stunned the people into an uproar.

“Baishi, do you know what guardian beast that is?” Xiao Hei asked. “This guy is too noisy.”

Baishi nodded, “This should be the Qing Tian Mo Alligator.”

With it’s inherited memory, it had a deeper understanding of demonic beasts. From the voice, he could determine the identity of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator.

Hearing the name of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator, Baili Hong Zhuang’s face changed a bit.

“The Qing Tian Mo Alligator is comparable to a human cultivator at the Huang (yellow) border. Adding in the fact that this Qing Tian Mo Alligator has guarded the ancient monument for so many years, its strength must be stronger than ordinary Qing Tian Mo alligator.”

“I didn’t expect this to happen. A beast like this Alligator is a hassle.” Xiao Hei’s face was dignified and he had no choice but to mention it.

“Baishi, can you stop the Qing Tian Mo Alligator?” Xiao Hei asked. No matter how you say it, Baishi was the Beast King.

Baishi looked a bit depressed. “My strength is still weak. I will be able to shock the Qing Tian Mo Alligator for some time with my aura, but later he will be able to resist.”

Hearing this, Baili Hong Zhuang’s face became serious. It had not been long since Baishi had been born, with just a few months, his strength was naturally not too strong, but to think that its aura could shake the Qing Tian Mo Alligator was beyond her expectations.