Chapter 487 Considering The Risks

“Don’t worry. There are so many people here, we can’t do that.” (1)

The corners of Baili Hong Zhuang’s lips were slightly raised. There are so many cannon fodders around; if not used, wouldn’t it be a waste?

The members of the four cultivation families must b more than desperate to enter the ancient monument. Once the Qing Tian Mo Alligator came out, they would certainly take the lead.

After all, they absolutely would not put them in their eyes, as merely lucky students who happened to pass through the miasma forest.

Although the Cang Lan College was widely known, and they were Special Enrollment Students of the College, but at most they were only considered to have potential, and in long-term would not be that useful.

“Master is right. Let these guys use their strength and clear up our way. Otherwise, aren’t we being at a disadvantage?”

Xiao Hei’s eyes were twinkling. They had to make use of these people; that was an extremely important point.

“It’s for the tall people to worry when the sky falls. We just need to enjoy our achievements.” Xiao Bai said proudly. They must retain their strength to the end.

Baishi stared at the crowd of black-bellied people in front of him and had to admit that their idea was really good!

Lu Huai Yan and Fu Hong Bo gathered Baili Hong Zhuang and other people together, the two teacher’s face was full of dignified expression.

“If it is as we expected, the monument will open tomorrow.”

“This is an opportunity with risk. You may have an opportunity for growth, or you could suffer a loss. No one can judge the outcome.”

Lu Huai Yan’s voice was slightly heavy, “You must be very careful. Even with my strength, there is no guarantee that I would not suffer. The only hope is that the trials will not be too cruel.”

Listening to these words, the other people’s face also became dark and worried. This was the first time they were seeing an ancient monument, and everything they knew was from what they had heard about it.

Even from news they had heard before, they knew that there would be many cultivators gathered before an ancient monument appeared,(2) the only good news this time was that because of the toxic miasma, they would not have as many competitors.

“In addition to the trials and traps laid out in the monument, other forces must also not be ignored. It is inevitable that you will have to fight or treasures.”

Fu Hong Bo sighed, trying to fight for the treasures in the monument with their current strength, it was too difficult.

The four families and the practitioners of Tian Gang Zong were not simple, especially since the conflict between Ji Yun’er and Baili Hong Zhuang was so fierce.

Once the two people met inside the monument, Baili Hong Zhuang’s situation would be bad.

Being confronted in this way, was fate, and no one would be willing to give up.

Even if hope was very uncertain, very few people have such an unparalleled will.(3)

“You have to think carefully. If you don’t have the confidence, don’t go into the monument.” Fu Hong Bo’s eyes were full of seriousness. “I have already informed the College about this, and you will certainly be able to go back safely.”

“You must know that you are talented young people, as long as you practice hard, you will be able to succeed in the future.”

Fu Hong Bo and Lu Huai Yan’s feeling were very complicated at the moment. On one hand, it would be a pity if someone gave up this opportunity, on the other hand, as teachers, they were also reluctant to see their students suffer injuries.

As for the final decision, that could only be made by the student’s themselves.

After the two teacher’s said this, everyone became silent, the risks involved were indeed worthy of their careful consideration.