Chapter 490 Eating Loss, Ji Yun’er

Han Xi Ling looked coldly at Ji Yun’er beside her. A hint of cold indifference appeared in her eyes. “If I think she is pleasing to the eye or not, how is that related to you?”

Feeling Han Xi Ling’s indifference, Ji Yun’er also did not care as she sat down beside her.

“I’m just asking you. This Baili Hong Zhuang is not strong enough to be the member of a cultivation family and is an ordinary commoner. Di Bei Chen even gave you up for such a woman. I really don’t know what he is thinking. What do you think?”

Ji Yun’er grinned, in fact, this was her own idea.

Listening to Ji Yun’er’s words, Han Xi Ling was still quiet, as if what
she had just said ad nothing to do with her.

“Do you really want to let Baili Hong Zhuang be with Di Bei Chen?” When Ji Yun’er got no response, she asked this.

Han Xi Ling’s mouth curved in a ridiculing smile as she coldly said, “I don’t need you to be worried about me. I’m sorry, I don’t have the habit of yielding and being used by other people.”

Ji Yun’er’s face changed slightly, wasn’t it that all women would lose their senses if they faced such things? Why was it that Han Xi Ling was so calm after all this?

“Han Xi Ling, you misunderstood me. I don’t have such an idea.”

The smile on Ji Yun’er’s lips widened a bit, Han Xi Ling’s identity as not low. If she offended her, there would be no benefits.

“Just watching Baili Hong Zhuang makes me very upset, if you are interested, we can properly deal with her in the monument.

Han Xi Ling chuckled, “You see her and getting a bad mood is your business, I do not have interest in it. If you have nothing else to say, I want to cultivate.”

Seeing Han Xi Ling’s attitude so cold and determined, Ji Yun’er’s face was a bit ugly. She did not understand why Han Xi Ling’s reaction was completely different from her imagination.

Is it… that Han Xi Ling does not like Di Bei Chen?


The idea was dispelled by Ji Yun’er as soon as it emerged. By her intuition as a woman, Han Xi Ling’s feelings for Di Bei Chen were not ordinary.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Han Xi Ling with her arrogance to have been behind him so many years.

Since she couldn’t understand why Han Xi Ling’s attitude was like this, Ji Yun’er could only return back to her place angrily, and she did not conceal the anger on her face.

She, Han Xi Ling was not an easy person to bully, but now she had been looked down on by both Baili Hong Zhuang and Han Xi Ling, this made her really mad!

Lin Yi Rou, Yan Ling Xuan, and Huang Fu Hui looked at Ji Yun’er’s frustrated look and their eyes were filled with gloating laughter.

Ji Yun’er’s temper was not good, so there were not many people who could really be friends with her. They and Ji Yun’er just acted cordially towards each other as children of various powers, they weren’t even true friends.

“Ji Yun’er’s expression is really interesting,” Yan Ling Xuan said with a chuckle. “On a normal day, she is so arrogant that I fear my arrogance is not worth mentioning.”

“She thought that Han XI Ling would be like her. However, Han Xi ling is not like average people.” Huang Fu Hui said as he laughed.

Lin Yi Rou smiled at Huang Fu Hui, her eyes full of wisdom.

“Ji Yun’er sees things as too simple. In my opinion, even if Han Xi Ling hates Baili Hong Zhuang, she will never admit it with that arrogant temper of hers. Not to mention, if Han Xi Ling wanted to deal with someone, she would need someone’s help?”