Chapter 491 Ancient Monument’s Divine Radiance

In Yan Ling Xuan’s eyes, a touch of emotion appeared, and after careful consideration, he felt that Lin Yi Rou was extremely reasonable and could not help but admire her.

“Lin Yi Rou, I did not think you see through things so clearly, ah!”

Lin Yi Rou’s soft lips slightly curved, not because of Yan Ling Xuan’s words, but because she did not feel the slightest sense of accomplishment.

“I don’t look through things clearly. I am only a bit more perceptive than others, and am clear about those around me.”

Yan Ling Xuan looked at Lin Yi Rou softly. At this moment, he discovered that Lin Yi Rou was also a smart young woman.

In the past, Lin Yi Rou always had a quiet temperament, not talking often, plus with Ji Yun’er who was always active and attracted everyone’s attention, he did not pay close attention to Lin Yi Rou.

Until he heard Lin Yi Rou’s remarks and discovered her intelligence.

Sure enough, none of the outstanding disciples of the big families ould be simple figures.

Time flew by, and a night passed, and most of the ancient monument had now been revealed from the ground. The guardian beast’s roar was also fiercer.

Baili Hong Zhuang took in the sight in front of her eyes.

The ancient monument was comparable to an entire imperial palace. The white building in the shadow of the sun and the whiteness of the atmosphere gave off an unspeakable sacred feeling.

From this tall and majestic building, a sense of grandeur emanated, leaving people in awe.

Outside the monument, the faint light, like a layer of water, reflect colorfully under the sun’s rays. It was beautiful.

However, none of the cultivators present there were in a mood to pay attention to this beauty. What they were interested in was if the ban had been lifted.

“This monument has been buried in the ground for so many years and the ban is still so strong. The strength of this monument’s owner is evident.”

Lu Huai Yan’s face was full of admiration, practitioners who could build ancient monuments were the strong ones who had made a name for themselves. Facing such a strong person, they couldn’t help but admire.

He was already very lucky to have seen this monument, but if he could become such a strong person in the future, how happy he would be!

“With the passage of time, the energy of the ban is gradually dissipating. By evening, the ban will completely disappear.”

Fu Hong Bo’s eyes were full of wisdom. From yesterday to today, the energy of the ban was dissipating. Inside, he felt a little heavy.

“Once the ban disappears, the guardian beast will come out and the guardian beast’s attacks will be very powerful. You must be more careful.”

Fu Hong Bo nodded, his eyes falling on Baili Hong Zhuang and the others. “When the ban dissipates, we will retreat. The guardian beast is of a high rank. You are not its opponents; if you are too close, you can accidentally get hurt.”

“I don’t know what the guardian beast is, it has actually been alive for so many years? It will surely be powerful.”

“It should be a Qing Tian Mo Alligator.” Di Bei Chen said slowly.

Hearing Di Bei Chen’s words, everyone’s faces changed.

The Qing Tian Mo Alligator, it was an extremely fierce demonic beast!

Lu Huai Yan and Fu Hong Bo did not doubt Di Bei Chen’s words. With Di Bei Chen’s background, it was natural his knowledge was vast.

Since Di Bei Chen was so sure, it should be true.