Chapter 495 Only Slightly Worse, Qing Tian Mo Alligator


After the first cultivator tried, the attacks of other masters fell onto the body of Qing Tian Mo Alligator.

The same attack still could not break the defense of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator, and the huge tail of the Alligator kept sweeping them away. The crowd could only escape constantly while looking for opportunities to attack.

Faced with the attacks of the crowd, the Qing Tian Mo Alligator was still very calm, these kinds of forceful attacks fell on him but felt like tickles.

“We will attack the same place, we have to find a breakthrough and opportunity!” Lu Huai Yan’s yuan li condensed as he shouted.

Listening to Lu Huai Yan’s words, the exponents of the four families and Tian Gang Zong only nodded. This was the only way they could proceed now.

The only weakness of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator was its abdomen, but attacking there was near impossible because of the Alligator’s short legs. Together with its constantly biting head and sweeping tail, they had no way to attack the Qing Tian Mo Alligator. The Alligator’s abdomen was even more out of reach.

As a result, Lu Huai Yan’s approach became the only solution.



After deciding on the attack method, everyone concentrated their attacks on the same area.

The original hard scales were inevitably shattered under everyone’s attacks and blood flowed from the back of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator.

Suddenly, the tingling sensation turned to pain, stimulating the Qing Tian Mo Alligator as its snarls became more fierce, and its attacks also became fiercer.


Every time the Qing Tian Mo Alligator took a step, a terrible noise was heard from the ground. It was like an earthquake, making the people feel shocked.

With the fierce attacks of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator, many cultivators were injured.


A cultivator of the Ji family was swept away by the giant tail of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator and flew backward. The huge force made his viscera feel on fire as his entire body was shocked by the impact.


Another scream rang out. A cultivator had been bitten by the Qing Tian Mo Alligator.

“Rgh!” The Qing Tian Mo Alligator grunted as it chewed twice before swallowing the practitioner directly.

A rich yellow light shone around the body of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator. With the increasing number of wounds on the Qing Tian Mo Alligator, the number of wounded cultivators was also increasing.

“I did not expect this demonic beast to be this scary!” Bai Jun Yu’s face did not conceal his shock. He had always known that demonic beasts at the Huang (yellow) border were very scary, but he had never seen it with his own eyes. He had not felt how strong they could be.

The strength of these cultivators was already very strong in his opinion, but in front f the Qing Tian Mo Alligator, they were weak.

This was the terrifying power of the Congenital realm!

“Nothing will happen to the two teachers, right?”

Liu Qin Yue’s face was full of fear. In this group of people, the strength of the two teachers was not very strong, they could get hurt.

Blood dripped down Lu Huai Yan’s mouth, he had already suffered a heavy blow. Under such circumstances, a single careless move would cost him his life.

“I believe that with the strength of the two teachers, they will not be in danger.” Xia Zhi Qing murmured, both eyes staring intently at the situation, her heart full of worries.

Dong Fang Yu and Gong Shao Qing’s face was dignified. “This Qing Tian Mo Alligator has been injured by the attack of so many people, I believe that it will not be able to persist for a long time.”

“Only a fatal wound can kill the Qing Tian Mo Alligator,” Baili Hong Zhuang said slowly.