Chapter 498 Witty Lady

The Qing Tian Mo Alligator turned to its back very quickly, with almost no sign, it’s entire body collapsed to the ground.

Obviously, it wanted to flatten the nasty guy who was on its back.

Baili Hong Zhuang’s speed of response was also very fast. She jumped down as soon as the Qing Tian Mo Alligator was about to turn over.

However, everyone has not seen the sharp reaction of Baili Hong Zhuang. A pale golden figure had already rushed towards the belly of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator with a lightning speed.

Everyone present was aware that the biggest weakness of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator was its abdomen, there was no defense on the white skin.

At this moment, attacking the Qing Tian Mo Alligator’s belly was naturally the best thing.


A fierce light from a double-edged sword flashed, and everyone merely heard the sound of flesh tearing, then, the Qing Tian Mo Alligator’s body burst as if ready to explode as it got ready for another round.

The power of a Huang border cultivation broke out. After seeing this scene, Di Bei Chen and the others did not dare to delay as they quickly retreated.

They all saw the Qing Tian Mo Alligator’s red eyes, all the people there knew what this was, it was the berserk state!

“This is the berserk state of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator, everyone should retreat!”

It was a wonder who shouted, but the people reacted quickly, not daring to delay by even half a second. They fled.

The Qing Tian Mo Alligator madly chased everyone, the powerful yuan li attacks were desperate, and the surrounding trees fell from its force.

“Damn, the berserk state of this Qing Tian Mo Alligator is really very horrifying.” Yan Ling Xuan ran away while cursing.

Di Bei Chen looked for Baili Hong Zhuang who had jumped away just moment before the Qing Tian Mo Alligator flattened her. Both their attack had fatally injured the guardian beast.

With the strength of Qing Tian Mo Alligator, its speed was extremely fast, so they only had one chance.

No matter whether they were successful or not, for now, they could only leave.

But, obviously, he succeeded.

One hand pulled Baili Hong Zhuang in the rush, as Di Bei Chen greeted her with a bright smile. “Wifey is really witty, your strength is comparable to a cultivator in the Congenital Realm.”

The previous move made by Baili Hong Zhuang must have looked simple to some, but it was not very easy to succeed in it, in addition, it was extremely dangerous.

However, the performance of Baili Hong Zhuang surprised him. Although she was in such a dangerous situation, there was no panic, her beautiful face was so cool that it was unbelievable.

“Your timing was also very accurate.”

Baili Hong Zhuang’s lips curved slightly, her beautiful face gazing at Di Bei Chen beside her.

It seems that the way they cooperated was still very good.

“The Qing Tian Mo Alligator should not be able to persist for long. Let’s take a rest.”

After running some distance away, Di Bei Chen sat near a tree trunk, his entire attitude relaxed and casual.

Baili Hong Zhuang nodded slightly, she could feel the movement of the Qing Tian Mo Alligator struggling in the distance as it became fainter and fainter, she believed that the Qing Tian Mo Alligator must also be exhausted.

“Oh, the Qing Tian Mo Alligator isn’t moving anymore. Is it dead?”
Xia Zhi Qing’s eye flashed with curiosity. Previously she had felt the entire ground was trembling; if they had not known better, they would have thought it that an earthquake had occurred then.

“It should be, but we will not go over at the moment. Maybe the Qing Tian Mo Alligator is not dead yet.”Gong Shao Qing said with a sigh.

Some demonic beasts will continue to grow in intellect after attaining a certain level of cultivation. They must be careful.