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Chapter 402: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (12)

Chapter 402: Goodbye My Youth, Goodbye My Love (12)

Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem
Han Ruchu saw them as two lovebirds who were trying to get some time alone. She smiled indulgently before sending a glance to the housekeeper. The woman understood instantly, exiting the room with the maid.

Han Ruchu was the last to leave. Before she left, she glanced at Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu. She hesitated slightly before taking out her phone to take a few photos of them secretly.

Lu Jinnian reached Huan Ying Entertainment early in the morning and had meeting all the way till late in the afternoon. During it, he wasn't able to focus and would occasionally fall into a daze. By the end of the meeting, the board members were all aware of the abnormality.

After enduring through the meeting, Lu Jinnian returned back to his office to face a thick stack of documents. As he sat on his desk, he couldn't process anything, his entire mind filled with the image of Qiao Anhao and Xu Jiamu.

When it was 11 am, his assistant came in with an urgent document. Lu Jinnian flipped through the document in frustration before placing it back down on the table. Just then, the phone rang. He ignored it and continued to flip through the document, but after the phone vibrated several times, he turned to look at it impatiently. It was an anonymous number that had sent him some photos.

He stared at the screen for a long while before forcing his gaze away. Without any expression, he lifted the pen to sign his name.

In the instance that he was about to pass the document back to his assistant, the phone vibrated again. It was from the same anonymous number, and he could vaguely guess who it was. After a moment of hesitation, he placed the document back down on the table and answered the call.

It was indeed who he had guessed. Han Ruchu's arrogant and frosty voice came through. "Did you see the photos I just sent? Now that Xu Jiamu is out of the hospital, it's an end for you and Qiao Qiao."

Lu Jinnian tightened the grip he had on the phone, his lips quivering.

Han Ruchu was confused by his silence. With a sharp voice, she continued, "What is it? You can't bear it? Or did you forget that you are the extra in their relationship. If Jiamu didn't get into an accident, you would never have gotten the opportunity to get close to Qiao Qiao. It's just a business deal, and you’ve already earned so much, it's about time you learned to stop!"

Lu Jinnian's face darkened instantly, and he snarled menacingly, "You can say anything you want about me, but let me warn you, don't you dare to humiliate Qiao Qiao. She was never a business deal!"

"Not a business deal? Why did you even act as her husband in the first place? Even if you want her, you can only have her when my son has had enough, you're only worthy of what he doesn't want!"

"Let me tell you one last time, you can humiliate me but not her!" Lu Jinnian stood up in agitation. "Don't assume that I won't try to snatch her over from Xu Jiamu. The only reason I would let them be together is because I’m not enough for her and wouldn’t want to bring her any inconvenience."

Lu Jinnian hung up and smashed the phone against the floor.