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Chapter 33: Decision

Chapter 33: Decision

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"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

A common white carrier pigeon descended into a big building.

This building occupied a considerable amount of space at the corner of Qinghe County. It was obvious that someone of high importance lived here.

The passers-by that walked past this building would either be envious or keep their heads down. No one dared to step out of line.

This was the place of the local tyrant in Qinghe County, the Head of the Spirit Returning Sect!


The pigeon flew into a quiet and secluded courtyard and was received by a hand that was white like a white jade.

"Master! Urgent report from Qingye City!"

The owner of the hand removed the message from the leg of the pigeon. His face changed as he looked at the pretty lady, whose face was partially covered by a veil, by his side.

This lady was around 30 to 40 years old. She appeared to be very graceful with eyes that shone bright like stars. It was easy to imagine that she was a beauty when she was younger.

This lady was the head of the Spirit Returning Sect and Qinghe County's only Wu Zong. Her name was Shi Yutong.

She was rumoured to have brought her disciple to visit a friend far away. At this moment, however, to everyone's astonishment, she was already in the building.

Shi Yutong took a look at the message. Her brows furrowed as she spoke in a grave tone, "Song Zhong's actions are overboard!"

She knew that Song Zhong had just lost his beloved son and it was inevitable that he would step out of line.

It would not be a problem if he killed off a few foes. However, he was overboard in killing a deacon of the sect over a suspicion.


A young maiden at the side of Shi Yutong said, "My father..."

"Don't worry. I have ordered my men to fetch Minister Lin from Qingye City. Soon, you will be able to meet him in the county!"

Shi Yutong smiled.

This maiden was the daughter of Minister Lin and was formally betrothed to Fang Yuan. Her name was Lin Leiyue.

Shi Yutong calmly analysed the factions within the sect, as if she wanted Lin Leiyue to quickly understand the situation, "With Song Zhong as such, Elder Yan's faction would not dare to raise the matter up. According to what I know, the Zhou Family is not totally annihilated.I just have to wait for them to bring up the matter before I uphold justice!"

"It is just that..."

Lin Leiyue appeared to be hesitant.

"Do you think that I am unreasonable?"

Shi Yutong laughed. She glanced at Leiyue as if she knew what she was thinking.

"Leiyue would not dare to think so!"

Lin Leiyue apologized with a bow.

"This is what I have to teach you today. Balance!"

Shi Yutong's tone grew serious, "As the Sect Head, it is important to understand and balance the power and authority of those beneath you! Previously, Elder Yan's faction has many who are untamed. We can use the current situation and kill two birds with one stone. We will use force to overcome force and help Elder Han. By doing so, I will act as a mediator and hold the power to decide their fate. This is of paramount importance. Do you understand what I am talking about?"

"What master is saying that we should not readily take sides and instead act as a mediator?"

Lin Leiyue blinked her eyes.

"Not bad!"

Shi Yutong nodded her head, "Silly girl, you are indeed witty. You need to understand that in a powerful organization, there will be fights between the factions. As the Head, you will need to achieve balance and equilibrium, forcing the factions to rely on us. By doing so, it will be easy to assume command of them..."

If Leiyue was just an ordinary disciple, Shi Yutong would not say such words to her. However, Shi Yutong was training Leiyue to become the next Sect Head and as such, kept nothing from her.

"Thank you master for your pointer!"

Lin Leiyue understood very clearly that, to her master, the Zhou Family was nothing. It would just be luck that brought them to the county. If they could not reach the county, it would just mean that they were unlucky.

Since Shi Yutong had already decided to act, Song Zhong would not come to a good end.

As the Wuzong of the Spirit Returning Sect, Shi Yutong naturally had the grandeur and the confidence.

"Hehe... It is funny that that Song Zhong's son, Song Yujie, still wanted to ask for your hand in marriage? That is crossing the line and being too greedy...."

Shi Yutong glanced at Lin Leiyue and poked fun at her, "Our Yue'Er is such an outstanding beauty, how many guys are going to fall in love with you in the future?"


Lin Leiyue flushed and stomped her foot, "Even you are making fun of me!"

"You always understand where your priorities lie. I am not worried about you!"

Shi Yutong said solemnly yet gently.

Lin Leiyue trained with her in a high-level inner technique which required pure yin.She had many suitors within and outside the sect. However, these people only did so to increase their social status. Both the master and disciple knew the reason behind so.

"The world is vast! What you saw previously was only the tip of an iceberg..."

Shi Yutong said solemnly, "Leiyue, you were born with opened meridians which, together with your Spiritual Moon Body, makes you best suited for my 'Bright Moon Formula'. You have the potential to greatly surpass me and eventually reached the true Cultivation World..."

"The true...Cultivation World!"

Lin Leiyue muttered. Her eyes were yearning.

Her master's friend, who was an alchemy master, whom they visited opened her eyes to the world.

The alchemy masters, which were rumoured to be even rarer than the spiritual knights and the magical knights, possessed a set of skills where they were able to use their alchemy flames within their bodies, combined with spiritual ingredients to form spiritual pills that were able to work all kinds of wonders.

These spiritual pills did not have harmful side-effects and its effects were miraculous, as such, each type of pills was highly sought after by martial artists who were willing to fight for them.

For example, the 'Frozen Moon Pill' that her master got for her, was compatible with her body and allowed her to improve her martial arts skills by leaps and bounds. It would also increase the chance of success for her in the future when she attempted to break through the 3 Perilous Gates!

Before she witnessed it with her own eyes, Lin Leiyue would never imagine such a thing actually existed!

It was only natural that the alchemy masters were powerful members of the society where they were well-received. No one dared to offend them given their skills.

For example, the alchemy master that she visited had a Wu Zong that acted as a bodyguard. If it was not for the friendship that the alchemy master had with Shi Yutong, the alchemy master would not have stepped in to help Lin Leiyue.

This alchemy master was only a small part of the higher-levelled cultivation world!

Lin Leiyue was overwhelmed by her emotions when she thought of these.

Even though she was a lady, she dreamt to reach the pinnacle.

"I will not disappoint my master!"

Lin Leiyue bowed with firm resolution.

"Haha...That's good!"

Shi Yutong helped her up with both hands, and said, "Now, you just have to train hard. With the aid of the pill, you would be able to swiftly overcome the Pain Gate and increase your inner power. After that, I will make you a the successor of the sect. No one will dare to say a thing!"

'Brother Fang...'

Lin Leiyue thought of the ordinary youth that lived in the secluded valley when she heard this.

At that time, her master cancelled the wedding without understanding the details, and Lin Leiyue was in no position to resist.

If she was given another chance, would she have challenged the decision now that she had made up her mind?

Lin Leiyue's heart was in a mess. This was the first time she was perplexed...


"We have reached Qinghe County!"

Not far away, a carriage pulled by an ox drew closer. Fang Yuan gazed out at the city wall and smiled.

This was the first time that he had come to a big city and as such, he was excited.

"Cough cough..."

Zhou Wenwu insisted on accompanying Fang Yuan despite his illness. His face was an unnatural shade of red. "Once we reach the territory of the sect, not even Song Zhong would be able to do a thing. However, he would certainly arrange for brutes to stop me at the city gate..."

There were many routes along the way. As long as they were willing to detour, it was easy to avoid being blocked unless Song Zhong was the head of the Spirit Returning Sect.

However, if he had guessed that Zhou Wenwu was making his way to Qinghe County, it would be easy to just wait for him there.

"Brother Fang, do you have any idea?"

Zhou Wenwu looked expectedly at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan would not let anyone call him 'Master' on the journey as it would bring attention to himself.

Furthermore, his age was similar to Zhou Wenwu and after a few small talks, the two became closer and used it as an opportunity to change the way they addressed each other.

"I do not have a plan. However, I have a stupid idea!"

Fang Yuan's lips curled into a smile, "We just choose a door and barge in. It is that simple!"

"I see..."

Zhou Wenwu would never imagine that Fang Yuan's idea was to use simple brute force to barge in.

"This problem was caused by Song Zhong himself. Unless his faction would make a grave error and send people to stop us?"

Fang Yuan spread his arms, "This county has four gates, and as long as we are not too unlucky, we have low chance of meeting him unless he can split his body..."

He would be able to deal with the road blockers single-handedly if they were Song Zhong's disciples.

"What if..."

Zhou Wenwu was hesitant. He did not want to jeopardise the revenge now that it was within his grasp.

"If we really clash with Song Zhong, we can only duel with him. The members of the Spirit Returning Sect would come if there was a big commotion right?"

Fang Yuan glanced at Zhou Wenwu.

If they did not even know how to make use of such a wonderful opportunity, Song Zhong would be able to exterminate Zhou Tong's faction.

"That's right! We shall do as you say!"

Zhou Wenwu gritted his teeth.

He had nothing to be afraid of if an outsider like Fang Yuan would dare to do such a thing.

Little did he know that Fang Yuan dared to do so due to the fact that he was highly skilled in martial arts.

In the event that they met Song Zhong, he just had to use Zhou Wenwu as a shield and escape.

Song Zhong had no idea that he was the killer and would not chase him like a mad dog.

Furthermore, if Zhou Wenwu was killed by Song Zhong in front of everybody, it would further condemn Song Zhong!

"It is best for an outsider not to meddle in a battle between factions…...If I take part in and did not handle the conflict well enough, I would likely be attacked by both sides or be used by them as a pawn!"

Having the experience from another world, Fang Yuan's heart was clear like a mirror, "Whatever the case, once this is done, I must quickly escape and leave this place as far as possible."