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Chapter 34: Four Seas Court

Chapter 34: Four Seas Court

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"Please halt, this is a routine check!"

West Gate, Qinghe County.

Numerous martial artists clad in Spirit Returning Sect's robes were scrutinizing the many who were passing by the gate, and they paid special attention to the large carts passing by. Bribery did not work, and they create chaos in the vicinity.

An ox carriage slowly passed by, and as Zhou Wenwu observed the scene, he became increasingly nervous.

He thought that he could not hide from the strict checks, and would be forced to fight his way out.

Luckily for him, he realised that Song Zhong was not around, and heaved a sigh of relief.

By fearing the Spirit Returning Sect's reputation, the people entering the county did not dare to disobey. Many women were pulled out from their carriages, embarrassed. Their bodyguards were agitated.

Even though the checks were slow, the queue was still moving, and not long after, it was Fang Yuan's turn.

"Is it your wife or your daughter in the cart? Get her out and let me see!"

A perverted Sect member came forward and prepared to open the curtains.


Fang Yuan looked into the cart, as though the whole thing was a joke.

"What are you laughing at?"

He could sense that the Sect member was already wielding a knife.

"You are with Song Zhong? You don't even know your own death, what an idiot!"

Fang Yuan shook his head, the fingers on his right hand opened and quick as a lightning, he struck.

"Kacha! Crack!"

A distinct sound followed as the Sect member held onto his forearm, and with agony written on his face, he fell to the ground.

"Eagle Claw Technique?"

The few Spirit Returning Sect members in the vicinity looked at each other, and under the command of a young man clad in a green robe, they rushed forward, "Together!"


Fang Yuan took a deep breath and his skin starting to turn greenish-black. He did not run but took a step forward to counter-attack.

After avoiding the sword, he felt no pain when fists and kicks landed on his body, and even so for blunt weapons, the most he felt was a slight itch.

On the contrary, his claws struck out and every Sect member fell to the ground, wailing in pain.

This scene created even more chaos at the gates, and reinforcements came.

"Zhou Wenwu, now it's your time to perform!"

Fang Yuan scoffed, spun around, headed into the city and disappeared.

"I am the son of Spirit Returning Sect's deacon, Zhou Tong!"

Zhou Wenwu stood out and raised an iron token. "With the Sect's token as proof, I am here to report Elder Song, for killing my entire family of 73! May the Sect uphold justice for me!"

His last few words were loud and could be heard by all, and the Sect members changed their expression after hearing him.

Even though Song Zhong might be powerful, he could not do whatever he wanted in Qinghe County, and now that Zhou Wenwu said his piece, the Sect would definitely do something.

"This is really Zhou Wenwu!"

Not long after, a group of Sect members hurriedly brought an old man to the gate, looked at Zhou Wenwu and comforted him, "Do not worry, for the Spirit Returning Sect will not let his murderer off the hook!"

He stared at Song Zhong's followers who were laid on the ground and waved his hand. "Capture them!"

Many disciples rushed forward and used thick ropes to tie them up.

"Uncle Xue, I hope you will uphold justice for me!"

Zhou Wenwu let his emotions run wild, as tears welled up in his eyes.

However, the truth was that he felt vengeful deep within him.

The Sect would have known what had actually happened at Qingye City. All other elders had condoned Song Zhong's followers to wreck havoc, but all of them did nothing to blown things out of proportion, and therefore pressure the Sect Master.

However, the Sect Master remained calm despite the chaos.

It was as though the entire Sect swallowed her!

"Oh, where is the warrior that escorted you?"

Elder Xue felt Zhou Wenwu's pulse and appeared curious.

"Brother Fang? I think he left by himself..."

Zhou Wenwu knew that Fang Yuan did not want to get involved in the situation and so he said, "Where is the Sect Master? I want to see her right away!"

"This of course, but before that, may I introduce you to the area's Elder, Elder Han! He has waited for you for quite a while already!"

Elder Xue grabbed Zhou Wenwu's arm, and with his strength, Zhou Wenwu had no chance of escaping, even if he wasn't injured.


Zhou Wenwu agreed, albeit unwillingly.


Within the crowd, Fang Yuan witnessed the scene and dispersed with the crowd.

"Indeed…...The Spirit Returning Sect's internal conflicts are at its peak now, and Zhou Wenwu might be made use of by the elders!"

He did not want things to end up this way, and therefore created the chaos to attract attention, and took his leave.

Even Zhou Wenwu, their descendent had such treatment. What would he as an outsider receive?

"This was, however, Song Zhong's fault, and if he was dealt with directly, it could save me a lot of trouble..."

At a dark corner, Fang Yuan changed his appearance and walked down the streets of the county without fear.

The chaos at the gate did not last long, and within the city, not many knew about it, and therefore business remained as usual.

Compared to Qingye City, there were many more skilled martial artists, and even the women here were equipped with knives, which caught Fang Yuan's attention.

Of course, there were those delicate ladies who never left their house, but if all women picked up martial arts, there would definitely be a handful that would have the potential for martial arts.

A prime example would be the Wu Zong martial artist from the Spirit Returning Sect, a lady well-known in Qinghe County.

"This visit to the county was primarily to send this ticking time-bomb, Zhou Wenwu here, as well as to bring back more spiritual plants and more information regarding the spiritual land..."

It was rare for Fang Yuan to leave the secluded valley, and now that he arrived at the county, he did not want to leave empty-handed.

He also wanted to find out what happened to Song Zhong.

"It is hard to obtain spiritual plants, and even harder to find out the secrets of the spiritual land, but there must be someone who knows about it..."

He scanned his surroundings, and saw a large building and a street market, with many people around, as though business was blooming.

"Four Seas Court?"

Fang Yuan mumbled to himself before entering the doorway.

"What would you like, young master?"

The moment he took a step in, a waiter approached Fang Yuan with a smile and did not look down on Fang Yuan because of his clothing.

"I am not from this place. What do you usually sell here?"

Fang Yuan examined the place and was filled with curiosity.

"Master, you have a good taste! Here at Four Seas Court, we are the biggest retailer in Qinghe County! From provisions to martial artist manuals and weapons, there's nothing we don't sell, and nothing we don't buy!"

The waiter proudly answered him.


Fang Yuan raised his eyebrows and knew that the waiter was not lying. The Four Seas Court was likely to have official backing, or they might even belong to the Spirit Returning Sect!

Otherwise, who other than the Spirit Returning Sect's own people, would dare to say such big words?

"Are you sure you sell all sorts of things?"

"Master, you must be kidding. There are so many types of treasure out there in the world, and if you are talking about the treasures in the legends, then we really don't have it, but within Qinghe County, if we don't have it, then nowhere else would have it!"

The waiter smiled and rebutted.

"That's true..."

Fang Yuan listened and had slight hopes. "I want to buy some spiritual plants, do you sell them here?"

"Spiritual plants?"

The waiter scoffed, "This stuff ain't cheap!"


Fang Yuan was surprised, "You really do have it here?"

Within Spirit Returning Sect, there seemed to be a small piece of spiritual land specially used to cultivate spiritual plants. Therefore, if some spiritual plants did get traded here it would not be surprising.

After all, Minister Lin did get his hands on a bottle of Vermillion Jade Rice, so this Four Seas Court should not disappoint him.

"Does master really want to buy spiritual plants?"

There was suspicion all over the waiter's face.

"Don't worry, are you afraid that I might not be able to afford it?"

Fang Yuan looked at him, smiled, and whipped out a piece of golden leaf. "Bring me there!"

For this journey, Fang Yuan brought out all the valuables he had within the valley, in case of emergencies. After all, buying spiritual plants and information on spiritual lands would require him to fork out a large sum of money.


The waiter's eyes glittered. "Master, this way please!"

Within the Four Seas Court, there were many compartments, and after passing through a curtain, there was no more noise from the outside world.

"Room A13!"

The waiter brought Fang Yuan to a big room, took a bow and left.

Not long after, two young ladies appeared, invited Fang Yuan to take a seat and prepared tea and fruits.

"This level of service is a whole new level?"

Fang Yuan found it amusing. At this point, he saw an old man entered the room, looking like a minister. He greeted Fang Yuan and asked, "I am Old Qian, manager of Four Seas Court. Are you looking for spiritual plants?"

"Indeed, what do we have here? We can discuss the price!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand and appeared rich.

On the contrary, he had the jitters as he wasn't sure if he had enough valuables to exchange for the spiritual plants.

"Spiritual plants are after all not a rare item, and the Court has sold many of it. But there are only a few who managed to cultivate them, and many rich families have become poor because of this. Young master, you must consider carefully!"

Old Qian seemed to be giving advice. "However, only spiritual lands can cultivate spiritual plants in large scale, and in the entire Qinghe County, the only spiritual land lies within Spirit Returning Sect, and so the others..."

He shook his head, and his expression showed it all.

"But if one spends time and money, and puts in all the effort to take care of it, then there might be a slight chance that it would germinate. Otherwise, how did the rare spiritual plants appear in the wild?"

Fang Yuan, an expert in botany, had personal experience in growing spiritual plants, and with the experience, he could reply without hesitation.