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Chapter 45: Infiltrate

Chapter 45: Infiltrate

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In the early morning, Fang Yuan put on rough clothing and tended to his garden leisurely.

No one would imagine that beneath this garden, there were 2 martial artist's bodies used as fertilizer!

"What about the Guo Family?"

Fang Yuan thought as he dug the ground.

The two men were not his match and were easily defeated. After another round of beating and using of drugs to threaten them, the two men spilt everything out.

The Guo Family was different from well-known Zhang Family. The Guo family was relatively unknown except for being a tyrant in a local village. They were able to bring down many from the Zhou Family due to their ruthlessness and their martial arts skills..."

Not even the Lin Family would provoke such a rabid family.

Fang Yuan was unhappy.

"Perhaps I should also discourage people from coming to me"

Fang Yuan thought.

He had been in the limelight previously. Now, everyone in the Qingye City knew about a Doctor Fang who could work miracles and was highly skilled in martial arts.

Fang Yuan wondered if he would still be able to tend to his field if people were to keep paying him visits to further their own agendas. He would also not be able to tend to his field if the Guo Family kept snooping around.

Fang Yuan took no notice of such a small family even if they had individuals that were highly skilled, as it was not an issue.

They did not cause much trouble when Zhou Tong was in charge which proved that they were nothing to be afraid of.

Of course, Fang Yuan felt that it was best to improve himself so as to have more confidence.

Fang Yuan blinked and the stats window appeared before his eyes:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 3.5

Spirit: 3.4

Magic: 2.2

Age: 18

Cultivation: [Martial Artist (6th Gate)]

Technique: [Black Sand Palm (Grade 5)], [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 6)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 2)], [Botany (Level 3)]"


"Ever since I obtained inner power, it has stimulated my spirit and essence to rise significantly. Could my solid foundation be the reason for the massive increase in their stats?"

Fang Yuan was vaguely suspicious. A normal 6th Gate Martial Artist would not be able to improve as much as him.

As for the increase in magic, it could be attributed solely to the effects of the Questioning Heart Tea.

Fang Yuan shared the tea with the Flower Fox Ferret once a day. While the effect of the tea was not as great as when he first drank the tea, he was satisfied with the constant increase in magic.

Overcoming the Shock Gate, the 7th Gate of the 12 Golden Gates, would test the magical energy of the martial artist.

At his current standard, he was 60% to 70% confident of overcoming the Shock Gate if he practised his Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique enough!

Given such a success rate, it would shock many. Even Wu Zong Shi Yutong would be tongue-tied.

"Flower Fox Ferret, go and fetch the Still Fire Liquid!"

After much consideration, Fang Yuan fetched a few bamboo canteens.

The Flower Fox Ferret received the bamboo canteens and vanished in a puff of smoke. It was very different from the past.

"The Flower Fox Ferret's powers have been steadily increasing as well. It is hardly afraid of the realgar powder now..."

Fang Yuan was astonished after witnessing the sight.

A main component of the Still Fire Liquid was the realgar powder, which used to be the bane of the Flower Fox Ferret. After the Flower Fox Ferret was retrained, it no longer feared the realgar powder and just disliked the smell of it.

After realizing, Fang Yuan experimented multiple times and came to a conclusion that the weakness of the Flower Fox Ferret was slowly diminishing.

"That's right... the spiritual beast needs to grow and might eventually enter the realm of Wu Zong. How could such a big weakness remain?"

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin and guessed that it was either the effect of the spiritual rice and tea or the growth of the Flower Fox Ferret that resulted in the change.

There was not enough information to arrive at a definite conclusion.


Not long after, the Flower Fox Ferret returned. It looked expectantly at Fang Yuan.

"You are getting more and more proficient... I know I know, you will get your spiritual tea today..."

Fang Yuan looked at the Flower Fox Ferret and the image of the Flower Fox Ferret passing away one day appeared in his mind. He could not help but feel sad at the thought.

"There is still one more thing!"

He stroked the back of the Flower Fox Ferret, his eyes cold, "I will be going out tonight. I need you to look after the house. Kill any intruders on sight!"


Qingye City.

It was a dark and windy night. The crescent moon was covered by a cloud and the horizon was grey and hazy.

"What a fitting night to kill a person!"

Fang Yuan raced off. His speed matched that of a speeding horse and in no time, he arrived at Qingye City.

The city gate was already closed. Fang Yuan could not help but laugh as he looked at the towering, mouldy city wall. He took out a long rope and a few nails and arrived at a corner of the city wall.

"Eagle Claw!"

Power surged into both his hands and he gained enormous strength. He gripped the stone wall and started to climb. Every now and then, he would hammer the nails into the cracks of the wall. These nails acted as footholds for him to climb up further.

When he was halfway up, Fang Yuan threw the rope up. The rope latched onto the stone.


With a hard pull, Fang Yuan landed lightly at the top of the city wall and vanished into the darkness without anyone noticing him.

"Sigh...At my current skill level, I still require the aid of tools. When I have mastered the Lightness Skill, this city wall would be nothing..."

Fang Yuan thought as he swiftly descended from the wall.

He was dressed in black attire and blended in with the darkness. As such, he went unnoticed by the drowsy soldiers guarding the gates.

"Guo Family...Guo Family..."

He knew where the Guo residence was as he had previously come to the city before. He stealthily made his way to the place.

Guo Residence.

The Guo family recently acquired their wealth and as such, their big house still preserved many characteristics that are similar to that found in villages. The house was heavily guarded by servants who were well-built. Even though it was the middle of the night, there were patrols with hounds patrolling the residence.

The Guo Family was first in Qingye City in terms of military might and martial arts skills.

Fang Yuan was unsure if it was the mannerism of the Guo Family or if the Guo Family had too many enemies to warrant such a level of security.

No matter how well-guarded the residence was, the walls of the residence were significantly lower than that of the city wall. Fang Yuan looked for an opening and leapt over the wall.


Behind the wall was a garden. Fang Yuan landed on the grass which rustled.

He turned and swiftly ran towards the rocks.

"Woof Woof!"

Two well-built servants were patrolling the area with a large hound not far away.

The hound had silky black fur and bloodshot eyes. Its teeth were white and sharp. It stopped in its tracks, looked at the place where Fang Yuan landed and turned to look at the rocks.

"What's wrong, Blackie?"

One of the servants was curious. He released the leash and allowed the hound to move forward.

The hound ran towards the corner of the wall and sniffed the ground before it ran towards the rocks.

The two servants looked at each other, both on alert. One of them reached towards his waist while the other gripped the gong.

"Good beast!"

Fang Yuan saw the hound approaching from his hiding spot. He focused his inner strength in his eyes and glared at the black hound.

In the study of martial arts, there was a saying where those highly-skilled were able to make their enemies cower just by glaring at them without leaving a finger.

Given his current level, Fang Yuan was nowhere near the capabilities of those in the legend. However, his magical energy was higher than that of a normal person and he was up against a simple-minded beast. Hence, he was able to handle the hound.


The black hound shivered as it felt terrified like a lone horse in the wilderness stalked by a predator.

It whimpered before turning around and scampered away from the rocks.

"What's wrong?"

The two servants were confused.

"Could it be that the hound is still hungry? Or that it is lusty? "

The other servant relaxed and joked.

"What lusty? Did you think that everyone is like you, always looking for prostitutes in the street...my Blackie is..."

The servant chided. He stroked the black hound's head and said, "Let's go, our shift is almost over. Let's return to our room, drink some wine and eat some meat..."

"I agree!"

The other servant nodded his head. Both of them walked off.

Fang Yuan waited for the sound of the footsteps to disappear before entering the inner area of the residence.

The courtyard was large and there were many buildings. The residence was built like a maze. Fang Yuan silently cursed himself for making a blunder as he did not gather sufficient information about the residence.

"Most residences are similar. Behind the living room would be the master bedroom..."

Fang Yuan scaled the wall and was elated when he saw a few lights.

Lighting up the lamps were costly. Only the owner could afford to light up the lamps to discuss matters.

As Fang Yuan edged closer, he realized that the security in that area was tighter and knew that he had arrived at the correct place.

An orange light lit up the surrounding. Two shadows could be seen from within the room.

"Father, I was incapable. The seventh and the eighteenth disciples have not returned!"

In the study room, the head of the Guo Family, Guo Jing was grovelling on the ground.

If an outsider were to see this scene, they would be shocked.

When did the hot-tempered and unreasonable head of the Guo Family become more docile and timid than a young rabbit?


Seated cross-legged on the mat was an old man with white hair and bright eyes. The old man turned his head in such an imposing manner that the room felt like it was struck by lightning. Guo Jing could not help but shrink away.

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