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Chapter 46: Hiding

Chapter 46: Hiding

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"What happened, tell me about it!"

Old Master Guo had a loud voice and was very much louder than the average person.

"Yes, Father!"

Guo Jing stood up and bowed. "The only child left of the Zhou Family, Zhou Wenwu, returned to the city. I was worried and therefore sent both my nephews to investigate and stalk him... At first, they relayed a message back to inform us that everything was normal, but when they entered the mountains and head towards the secluded valley, there was no further news."

"The mountains? Secluded valley?"

Old Master Guo looked down, and then said, "The doctor who could work miracles? Fang… Fang…"

"Fang Yuan!"

Guo Jing felt unjust. After all, he lost two martial artists, which was a big deal to the Guo Family, not to mention the kinship they once had.

"After the incident, our people observed Zhou Wenwu returning from the secluded valley, but could not obtain information regarding our 2 brothers, I'm afraid... They're in trouble!"


Old Master Guo raged, and Guo Jing became confused, for he did not know if Old Master was angry at him, Fang Yuan, or his 2 useless grandsons.

"Did those two... ever get involved in any trouble?"

After calming down, Old Master Guo used a soothing voice, as he looked extremely serious.

"Never in their lives!"

Guo Jing shook his head. "This is a grave matter. In the entire household, only you and I know about this, not even the best second brother can know about it!"


Old Master Guo nodded his head but looked lost for the moment. "Since I was 18, I was tasked to infiltrate this place and stay hidden. That was 60 years ago, and finally came the long-awaited orders from the Master. It was the real Master's intention to make this family influential, so as to cover up the activities that we do, and it cannot be taken lightly! As long as we succeed this time, all our disciples will be able to come out of hiding and find the real Master..."

"I understand this!"

Guo Jing nodded his head as the eavesdropping Fang Yuan was shocked.

"After hearing what both of them said, it seems that where the Guo Family came from elsewhere where they were a big power, and are now secretly inserted into Qingye City? No wonder they could become such an influential family from nothing in such a short while, like a burning fire!"

"I am sure that they must have a similar plan in other counties... This was very well thought-out and a very well-kept secret, it is..."

At that moment, it was as though he saw a large and invisible net covering the entire Qinghe County.

The many disciples they had were like many tiny nodes, lying low but would all strike when the command was given.

With that thought, he immediately held his breath, consolidated his magical energy, and focused his attention in the room.

Their conversation was distinctly heard from outside.

"My Father!"

Guo Jing sounded as though he suspected something. "The sect's order for us was to lay low, wasn't it? Why the change?"

"This matter..."

Old Master Guo remained composed. "I've got some insider information. It seems that there was a traitor within the sect who stole an important treasure. He escaped in the direction of Clear Spirit Mountain and was highly likely to reach our vicinity. We could use this opportunity to come out, make use of all the manpower we have and cover up for the highly skilled martial artists that the sect had sent to deal with him. After all, Qinghe County is still within the control of the Spirit Returning Sect, and Shi Yutong's sect is not one to be trifled with...."

"The only problem is... It has been such a long time since the traitor escaped, and he might have already been long gone. The only reason why the sect is doing this is because they have not resigned to fate..."

At this point, Old Master Guo had disappointment written on his face.

On the contrary, Guo Jing looked happy.

Regardless, the Guo Family could take advantage of the situation and make its mark!

"Traitor... treasure..."

"Such a coincidence?"

Fang Yuan became increasingly shocked as he heard on. For a moment he thought of Han Shou, who died under his poisonous palms, and the hidden treasure map within his boots.

The lines on the treasure map were similar to that of a talisman, and it seemed that many details were missing. After trying hard to gather more information about the treasure map, he became confused himself and decided to give up and shoved it into a corner.

Now it seemed that this item was extremely precious, and the treasure of this strong influence opposing the Spirit Returning Sect! It seemed that they were willing to give up anything for this treasure.

'What a pity, what use would an incomplete map be?'

Fang Yuan shook his head and heard Old Master Guo. "Hmm, secluded valley... Who was Fang Yuan? How dare he touch my people, does he think I'm a weakling? Although we have a short history here, for us to exert our influence, we need to show others that we can fight."

"The news of our two martial artists failing their mission had spread, and as for Fang Yuan, he is already a highly skilled martial artist!"

Guo Jing sounded serious. "Father, although you have trained secretly and are a Martial Artist of the 6th Gate, that young man is younger than you..."

If his father was in his younger days, Guo Jing wouldn't worry for him.

But now, he was close to 80. Even though his inner strength was astounding, how could he match another martial artist of same cultivation level as himself?

"I know, but the people in the Guo Family are not cowards!"

Old Master Guo waved his hand. "Personally lead a troop to the secluded valley and gather information regarding Little Seven and Little Eighteen. If they are alright then escort them back and forget about the incident, but if they have died... Retreat immediately!"

"Retreat immediately!"

"That's right, I will personally inform the Sect Head to inform him on the suspicious areas of the secluded valley!"

Old Master Guo smirked. "Who asked for the secluded valley to be so deeply hidden within the mountains, so mysterious? Even if the traitor came from there I wouldn't be surprised..."

Guo Jing was surprised.

Although he knew that this was not true and even if the martial artists from the sect knew about this, they would rather kill all those suspicious than let anyone live.

"What a great plan, Father!"

He looked joyful.

Suddenly, he noticed his father frowning, as though he was anxious.

"Pa! Pa!"

At this moment, there was an applause heard from outside, as a man in black entered the room and walked in. "Good plan! Indeed a perfect plan!"

"A martial artist skilled in inner force!?"

Old Master Guo stood up looking angry and pulled Guo Jing behind. "Careful, Guo Jing, I will deal with this!"

He looked at the man in black and was under stress. "May I know who you are, and why did you trespass the Guo Manor?"

"Old Dog, you shall die!"

Fang Yuan did not want to speak a word to the old man. He struck out his right hand and his index finger pointed forward like a sword.


His arm grew in size, and under his black outfit, his skin became black. Even the centre of his palm had a little black too.

Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique, Grade 6! And there's Black Sand Palm too!

Fang Yuan mustered all that he could in one move!

He had to do it. After all, this was the heart of the Guo Family, and Old Master Guo's last sentence was heard loudly, as he did it on purpose to demonstrate his inner force. Footsteps were already heard rushing towards the room.

Even though a martial artist skilled in inner force could easily take out those using inner power, facing a large number of them all at once could still exhaust him out.

Fang Yuan eyes were deadly.

At the moment Old Master Guo outlined the devious plan, he knew that the entire Guo Family had to be destroyed!

"Eagle Claw?!"

Old Master Guo was stressed out. He punched both fists in the air, and mustered all the strength he could, like a giant. "Giant Spiritual Strength!"


The fists and claws met, and Old Master Guo was forced a few steps back. He unknowingly imprinted his footprint into the ground, as his face reddened. He spat out a large mouthful of blood, but his injury could not compare to his shock. "[Martial Artist (6th Gate)]? How could you have such aggression?"


Fang Yuan's black outfit was torn, which exposed his pitch-black skin. He quickly recovered from the injury he sustained due to his impressive physical condition and did not even take a step back after the first exchange of fists. He attacked once again like an eagle; his strength on his claws came from his abdomen to his arm, then to his palm, then to his fingertips. A popping sound was heard every time his inner force passed through.


"Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique!? You are Fang..."

Old Master Guo was even more surprised, but he could not complete his sentence as he received another strike from his opponent.

"Hmph, Spiritual Giant Supporting the Heavens!"

He stretched out both palms and received Fang Yuan's claws that struck from above.


The man in black could gain the upper hand against Old Master Guo, and from how he was shaking from withstanding Fang Yuan's strikes, he was obviously on the brink of losing!

'Faster! Even faster!'

He clenched his fists and was sweating profusely. He could only wait for reinforcements to arrive.

"You're not too bad, being able to withstand three claws from me!"

Fang Yuan exclaimed and struck another claw out.


Old Master Guo became pale and exerted all his strength to hold on to the claws. He felt relieved as he saw his servants arriving to help him.

In a blink of an eye, one claw broke free and went straight for his throat.


A distinct sound was heard as the servants entered the room, as they witnessed the scene unfolding right in front of their eyes.

The pillar of support for the Guo Family, the all-mighty Old Master Guo held his neck, fell to the ground and remained motionless.


Guo Jing was angered. "I will kill you!"

"Then you shall die too!"

To remove weeds, you need to pluck them from the roots, and Fang Yuan understood this theory.

He rushed forward and struck out his claw at Guo Jing, who was attempting to hide among the crowd.

"I'll fight!"

Guo Jing swept his arms across. After all, he was an able [Martial Artist (5th Gate)].

Despite his attempts to summon forth his inner power, it crumbled upon clashing against Fang Yuan's inner strength.


Fang Yuan snapped his neck, not giving him any chances.

All the servants and even the descendants of the Guo Family took a few steps back, all afraid to make any eye contact with this man in black.

Fang Yuan let out a cold laughter, flipped over the manor's wall, and disappeared.

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