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Chapter 49: Spiritual Bamboo

Chapter 49: Spiritual Bamboo

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In the spiritual lands of the Green Peak.

Fang Yuan held a bamboo stalk that was jade-green and ran like the wind. Behind him was an army of spiritual birds and the Red-eyed White King Bird.

The Red-eyed White King Bird, King of Birds, directed most of its hatred towards the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, but Fang Yuan, the 'thief', did not escape its wrath either. White birds screamed in the air and prepared to attack.

"Damn it, my clothes…"

In order to protect the spiritual plants, Fang Yuan had to channel the power of the Iron Skin Technique, which protected him from the aggressive clawing and pecking of the birds. His clothes were torn such that he was almost naked.

Of course, his clothes were not his main concern, for the Iron Skin Technique was not able to keep the birds from tearing gashes into his skin every time they lunged.

"Are you not going to act now, Flower Fox Ferret?"

As he charged down from the Peak, Fang Yuan manoeuvred his body and ran towards the fog.


A bright light flashed.

A white figure flew past at the speed of lightning and had one of the spiritual birds by the neck. Following a loud snap, the bird's head tilted at an awkward angle. It was dead.

"Haha...well done!"

Grabbing this chance, Fang Yuan sped into the mist and sighed in relief.


The Flower Fox Ferret dropped the spiritual bird and frolicked beside the spiritual bamboo. It wagged its tail at Fang Yuan like a pug, as if it wanted his approval.

"Hehe...seems like you know the value of the spiritual bamboo too. In order to protect it, I have suffered many wounds...ouch…"

Fang Yuan inhaled a breath of cold air and used remnants of his clothing to bandage his wounds.

"It's fortunate that Master left me some anti-scarring ointment. Or else I'd be disfigured…"

He gritted his teeth as he tended to his injuries, all the while glaring at the carcass of the spiritual bird.

"Great...we'll have this bird for dinner…"

As Fang Yuan concealed himself in the thick fog and heard the shrieks of the giant birds from a distance, he counted his blessings.

"To think that the King of Red-eyed White Birds could be this ferocious. If the Black Eagle hadn't challenged it first, I probably wouldn't have escaped…"

"Black Eagle, rest in peace! I'll be leaving now!"

Grabbing the spiritual bamboo and the carcass of the spiritual bird, Fang Yuan disappeared quickly into the fog together with the Flower Fox Ferret.


The secluded valley.

Ever since Fang Yuan had demonstrated his power, no one had dared to trespass the mountains. Zhou Wenwu was also helping to keep an eye on the land. Everything was peaceful.

Fang Yuan entered the valley and ran straight to the gardens. He checked that the defence mechanisms and traps were in place before setting his heart at ease.

Although the gardens were located in a more secluded part of the valley, the variety of plants to be found there, including the spiritual rice and tea, were very valuable. Fang Yuan did not want to take any chances.

"In the future, when I move all these plants to the Green Peak, the valley will become just a living space. That would be the best arrangement. For now, I just have to be more careful, set traps and tell the Flower Fox Ferret to be on guard…"

Fang Yuan then left for the tea garden and patrolled the vicinity. He was reassured when he saw that the Questioning Heart tea tree was untouched, and he began to think.

He used to lead a simple life. Now that he had revealed his background, it would definitely attract unwanted attention and consequently trouble. Nevertheless, he had made significant gains in martial arts and had a formidable amount of inner energy. It would be enough for him to defend himself.

As long as the miraculous properties of the Questioning Heart Tea remained unknown, there would be no problems.

"But if these problems can be avoided, they should be avoided…"

Fang Yuan had a solemn look on his face and his thoughts moved quickly. "The best form of defence is still the Flower Fox Ferret. Or perhaps a few fatal traps in the vicinity of the gardens will do the trick, with poison in the mix, a poison as potent as the Pearl Tail Snake's...of course, in the legends, the spiritual knights could set up powerful formations and borrow the strengths of heaven and earth. I don't think it's possible for me to do all that...let's leave it for now…"

Fang Yuan had to make some decisions in preparation for his relocation to the Green Peak. Defence mechanisms were necessary.

"The best formations are still the ones described in the legends. Most of the conditions aren't fulfilled though. I'll have to look at the next best alternatives…"

With the Questioning Heart tea leaves, complemented by the Meditative Tea Ceremony, Fang Yuan's magical energy had increased by leaps and bounds. He had met the requirements of becoming a spiritual knight, an alchemy master and the like.

Too bad these beings were mythological. Even if Fang Yuan had wanted to join their ranks, he could not.


Fang Yuan was pleasantly surprised when he arrived at the Vermillion Jade Rice field.

In the field, shoots that bore a resemblance to red jade were growing strong with alarming momentum.

At the side, a row of emerald shoots had also emerged and were thriving.

"Emerald Grass! It really doesn't take a lot for this plant to prosper."

Fang Yuan squatted down and peered at the leaves of the Emerald Grass.

"Flower Fox Ferret, will you eat this?"


The Flower Fox Ferret looked conflicted and grabbed the spiritual bamboo at the side tightly with its claws.

It seemed like the Flower Fox Ferret preferred the bamboo to grass.

"Haha...you little clever thing!"

Fang Yuan gave a little smile.

"When the spiritual bamboos are grown, you'll have your share."

The bamboo was different from the other plants, for its growth was characterised by the branching out of its roots. If well taken care of, the bamboo plant would develop into a forest in a few years. It was one of the most valuable of the spiritual plants.

Otherwise, Fang Yuan would not be this excited to see the bamboo. He picked it without hesitation over the other treasures of the King of Red-eyed White Birds.

"Mm, here!"

Fang Yuan went around the garden and found a spot next to a hill of bluestone. He planted the spiritual bamboo there and then, and created a small irrigation ditch.


The leaves of the spiritual bamboo were toyed with by the wind. Little white flowers on its stem were on the verge of blooming.

"Seems like the bamboo is likely to survive…"

Fang Yuan washed his hands, satisfied. He also looked towards his stats window.

"[Botany (Level 3)] - You are an expert among botanists and possess unimaginable powers. The plants that you grow have a small chance of evolving special traits!"

Fang Yuan had already seen this small chance for himself.

In the past, in all the gardens, only one tea tree had gone through a mutation. It was pathetic.

But it was that one tea tree that produced the Questioning Heart Tea, and together with the Meditative Tea Ceremony, produced an incredible effect on one's magical energy. To Fang Yuan, it seemed like everything in life was predestined.

Now, Fang Yuan had other plans.

This spiritual bamboo, spiritual rice and spiritual grace, could all be grown in bulk. Cultivated in large amounts, Fang Yuan could trigger more mutating yields as long as his luck was not too bad.

Mutations on the spiritual plants, what would the yields be like?

Fang Yuan looked forward to seeing the results.

"It's just that...levelling up my skills are way harder than levelling up my techniques! My Black Sand Palm and Eagle Claw techniques can improve so much with only a day's worth of practice. I always hit a bottleneck when it comes to my skills. It seems like I have to fulfil a specific condition before I can move on to the next level…"

Fang Yuan looked at his [Botany] and [Medicine] stats with some regret.

These two skills currently had 99.9% worth of proficiency points. All that was left to level up was that tiny bit, and it was taking a long time.

This situation reminded Fang Yuan of the previous bottleneck.

Without the help of spiritual plants, his [Botany] would not have reached level 3.

"Unless...if I want to level up in [Medicine], I have to keep on healing patients, or devise cures to difficult diseases. And [Botany], does it require the cultivation of a higher grade spiritual plant?"

These skills did not immediately translate into fighting power, but it would provide invaluable assistance in many other areas. Fang Yuan thought very highly of them.

"Alright, tea time!"

After Fang Yuan was done, he clapped his hands and brought the Flower Fox Ferret to his abode.

One cup of Meditative tea, to cleanse the soul. To forget material possessions and the self.

Fang Yuan felt a clear aura diffuse into his body. His magical energy had begun to increase slowly, and he entered a state of semi-consciousness.



After he had settled into reality again, Fang Yuan got to his feet, rejuvenated. He suddenly realised that the Flower Fox Ferret had ran to him anxiously.

"Hmm, something is wrong…"

From what Fang Yuan knew of the Flower Fox Ferret, it always stayed inebriated longer than Fang Yuan after a tea session. This was the first time it had gotten up earlier.


Seeing that Fang Yuan was not really paying attention, the ferret became even more agitated and tugged on his pants, motioning for him to tag along.

"This...have you discovered something?"

Sensing that something was amiss, Fang Yuan followed the ferret out of the valley.

Having crossed a few rolling hills, Fang Yuan suddenly gave an exclamation. He knew what the Flower Fox Ferret had found.

Within his sight, was shrubbery that had been squashed by a gigantic and magnificent looking Black Eagle. There were huge gashes on its wings. The eagle had an electrifying look in its eyes and gave a defiant scream when it noticed Fang Yuan.

"The Black Eagle actually escaped…"

Fang Yuan was amazed and stepped forward tentatively.


The Black Eagle spread its wings and flapped mightily, only managing to raise a huge gust of wind before falling to the ground.

"This…what should we do? Kill it? Or ignore it?"

Fang Yuan gazed at the Black Eagle hesitantly.

But the Flower Fox Ferret jumped out hurriedly and clawed at the air.

"You want me to save it?"

Fang Yuan was not averse to saving the eagle. After all, he had ruined the plans of the eagle and had even dealt it a head injury. It would be appropriate if he made it up to the eagle.

"I could save it, but look at the state it is in...how do I do it?"

Fang Yuan stepped forward some more, and the eagle responded aggressively.


Flower Fox Ferret cocked its head and ran to the side of the Black Eagle. It then began to twitter patiently, as if it was doing some explaining to the Eagle.

Following the ferret's actions, the Black Eagle lowered its head. It was calming down.

Fang Yuan watched this happen with some amusement. He was impressed.

"Holy cr*p...you're a ferret. When did you learn to speak to birds?"

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