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Chapter 50: Healing

Chapter 50: Healing

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"Hey... Black Eagle, you should know that I'm here to save you. Regardless of what happened previously, we're even here alright..."

Although he knew that the black eagle could not understand human language, Fang Yuan was still relieved knowing that the Flower Fox Ferret could translate for him.

After saying a few words to the black eagle, he turned around and returned to the secluded valley. He came out with many bottles of medicine.


Seeing Fang Yuan approach it, the black eagle became increasingly anxious but was comforted by the Flower Fox Ferret.

'The eagle and ferret have so much chemistry...'

Witnessing this scene, Fang Yuan took a few steps forward and began to examine its injury.


Fang Yuan was shocked. "No wonder it's a spiritual beast. It's able to undergo self-healing, and the wounds have already begun to heal itself..."

This was good news for Fang Yuan, as it meant that he did not have to use too much of this precious ointment.


Fang Yuan took out bandages and medicine, tried to make himself look harmless and approached the black eagle. He was extremely focused and concentrated his inner force on his Iron Skin Technique to protect himself.

Even with the assurance of the Flower Fox Ferret, it was still hard to tame the black eagle. Wouldn't it be risky if it suddenly took a bite at Fang Yuan while he was treating it?

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Although the black eagle looked anxious, it tried to restrain itself and did not move.

"This injury..."

Fang Yuan noticed that its wound had already stopped bleeding, but broken bones and feathers were visible. They were in a gruesome mess with broken twigs and other plant matter. This would greatly hinder its path to recovery and the eagle would no longer be able to fly.

"The most important is to clear the foreign objects from the wound and correct the bone. It's going to be extremely difficult for the eagle to do it on its own, but if I were to help it..."

Fang Yuan stroked the wings of the black eagle.

The black feathers felt metallic to the touch, and it was a weird feeling.

"I'm going to start now, try to tolerate the pain!"

Fang Yuan focused, grabbed a tree branch and plucked it.


A bloody arrow flew towards Fang Yuan, and the black eagle uncontrollably attacked, as it prepared to peck at Fang Yuan.


The Flower Fox Ferret continuously tried to calm it down, and it took a while before the black eagle begun to regain its composure.

"It seems... It's unappreciative of my efforts!"

Fang Yuan let out a long breath and extended 2 fingers out. Using his Eagle Claw Technique, he channelled his energy to his fingers, momentarily turning them akin to metal pliers. Then, He removed a piece of shattered bone using his fingers and threw it aside.

He felt enlightened after studying the wound inflicted by the Red-eyed White Birds on this strong black eagle, and he felt as though he gained a deeper understanding of the strength of the Red-eyed White King Bird.

'It seems... To defeat the king bird is no easy feat.'

As he thought to himself, his hands were quick and in no time, he cleared the wound and applied medication to it.

"Up next is to straighten the bones..."

Fang Yuan shook his head. "Even though you are a mutated species and your rate of healing is incredibly fast, you still need to give your feathers time to regrow, and so you won't be able to fly for the time being..."

In fact, this was the greatest worry for the black eagle.

Even though it was a mutated spiritual bird, it still needed to eat to survive, and especially in large amounts to quicken the recovery process.

"Don't you worry, since I saved you now, I will take care of you all the way till you have recovered!"

Fang Yuan comforted the black eagle as his hands felt its bones. He mustered all his strength and corrected the position of the bones!


A distinct sound was heard.

The black eagle winced, flung the Flower Fox Ferret away and tried to peck Fang Yuan.

"I knew it!"

Fang Yuan laughed and was already prepared for the black eagle's reaction. He took a step back, and suddenly punched towards its head.


He landed a heavy fist on the forehead of the black eagle. Its eyes rolled, and it fainted on the spot.

"That's right... Finally, you're behaving!"

Fang Yuan wiped his hands. "I should have made you faint from the beginning!"


The Flower Fox Ferret was watching at the side, full of pity for the black eagle.

"It's done!"

After dealing with the black eagle, Fang Yuan told the Flower Fox Ferret, "Up next, we shall set up a campsite here, and deliver food here once in a few days, and there should be no problem..."

However, his expression suddenly changed.

He noticed that the 'Skill' portion of his stats window had changed.

The digit '2' behind [Medicine (Level 2)] became blurred, jumped and transformed to '3'!

'[Medicine (Level 3)]? I have finally broken through!'

Fang Yuan was pleasantly surprised. 'Healing this spiritual beast was a blessing in disguise...'

He looked at the description for [Medicine (Level 3)]:

"[Medicine (Level 3)] - You are a professional within experts, a doctor who can make miracles. Will have a multiplied effect when dealing with complicated medical conditions! (Effect does not only apply to humans)"

"Does not only apply to humans..."

Fang Yuan looked at the black eagle, confused. "Could it be that I mastered veterinary without a master?"

At this moment, there were more changes to his stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 3.5

Spirit: 3.4

Magic: 2.3

Age: 18

Cultivation: [Martial Artist (6th Gate)]

Technique: [Black Sand Palm (Grade 5)], [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 6)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 3)]"

"Very well, it seems that skills would be harder to improve as compared to techniques, as there would be a special condition to be met before attaining a new level..."

Fang Yuan stroked his chin, deep in his own thoughts.

"The greater my skills, the higher the multiplier effect in the system... It seems that my title as the doctor who can make miracles happen would spread far and wide?"

The proficiency points for [Medicine (Level 3)] became zero and naturally required numerous hands-on practice before being able to fill it up.

Furthermore, to break through the bottleneck, he might have to heal certain rare and complicated medical conditions. All these would require him to set up a medicinal hall and do charity work.

"The idea of running this seems probable..."

Fang Yuan looked in the direction of Qingye City and zoned out...


Time passed and many days flew by in a blink of an eye.

The chaos in the Guo Family begun to settle down.

However, there were still rumours of a doctor who could work miracles living in the secluded valley. He was known to have a weird temper and one should never offend him.

Those who were curious and wanted to see the secluded valley for themselves were stopped by the Zhou Family outside the valley, which made the secluded valley even more mysterious.

It was dawn.

Fang Yuan walked out of his pavilion, sowed seeds, plucked weeds, fertilized his plants... After a round of chores, he proceeded to carry on with his intense martial arts training.

"The Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique proficiency points have reached a maximum, and it's time to break through!"

After a session of training, Fang Yuan closed his eyes, concentrated his inner force, and spit out a bright white essence, like a sharp arrow ready to penetrate anything in its way.

"Hu... Out of the three Gates, Pain, Shock and Death, I can feel the Shock Gate now. Indeed, it's a test of one's magic points..."

His improvement in [Medicine] aided his progress in martial arts.

Fang Yuan understood that based on his magic points, he could undoubtedly break through the 7th Gate.

As for other martial artists, if they made any mistake while breaking the Gate, they would end up crazy and there would hardly be a cure for them.


A white flash flashed by as the Flower Fox Ferret appeared in front of Fang Yuan, trying to explain something.

"Something has happened to the black eagle?"

Fang Yuan thought to himself. "By now, it should have recovered and be able to fly, right?

The Flower Fox Ferret appeared surprised as though Fang Yuan guessed correctly.

It was reasonable for the Flower Fox Ferret to feel unjust. After all, all the food that was provided to the black eagle while it was recuperating was caught and delivered personally by the Flower Fox Ferret.

Now that it had recovered, it was sad to see it go without saying goodbye.

"Being a proud animal, since it allowed us to help it while it was injured, it would definitely remember our help and will reciprocate in the future..."

Fang Yuan stroked the Flower Fox Ferret. "You've come at the right time, let's drink tea!"


The Flower Fox Ferret became excited after hearing about the Questioning Heart Tea.

By living in the deep mountains and leading a carefree life, as well as understanding the different spiritual plants and spiritual objects, Fang Yuan felt at peace as his thoughts and his martial arts began to settle down.

In technical terms, it meant that his foundation was solid, and the previous rushed efforts did not leave any hidden dangers behind.

With this benefit, it would still be worth it even if his progress bar did not fill up.

After drinking tea, Fang Yuan left the flower Fox Ferret to look after the valley, while he carried a small medical box and walked out of the secluded valley.

In front of the valley, there was a flat land, and on the flat land were three straw pavilions. Next to the huts was a small pavilion.

Many people walked past but no one dared to take a break here.

In front, a plump minister was anxious. Even though the weather was rather cooling, he was sweating profusely like ants on a hot wok.

"Keke... Old Lin is an acquaintance of the doctor who lives in the secluded valley. Why not just enter the valley, I'm sure the doctor would not scold you..."

A few people were resting in the pavilion. The first was Zhou Wenwu. He had good relations with the Lin Family at first, but after the Song Zhong incident, the two families drifted apart, and now their conversation became sarcastic.

"Haha... How would I dare?"

Minister Lin laughed but was troubled. 'Young Master Fang improved tremendously, and there were rumours that not only his [Medicine] was good, his martial arts was even better. Even Song Zhong was no match for him, so why would he give me any face? Those who offend him would be in deep trouble, and if he refused to heal the person, I might even lose my life too, so this cannot be taken lightly!'

"Doctor Fang is here?"

Fang Yuan's silhouette began to appear, and this shocked everyone.

"Mmm, everyone, listen up. Is everyone clear on the rules? Three patients a day, and all will have to come up with payment to satisfy Doctor Fang first... If this cannot be done, please take your leave..."

After his speech, he did not care less about others and entered the hut.

Regardless how influential or powerful these masters or martial artists were, all of them appeared humble before the doctor who would save their lives, like obedient rabbits in a queue, and this included Minister Lin.

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