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Chapter 53: Urgent Matters

Chapter 53: Urgent Matters

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Autumn passed by slowly into the bitterly cold winter.

Snowflakes as large as goose feathers fell from the sky, blanketing the entire secluded valley in no time.

Fang Yuan opened the window and exhaled a mist of white air.

As he was an inner force expert, the temperature of the surroundings had little effect on his body. Even though he was wearing just a layer of thin clothing, he did not seem to feel cold at all.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Iron-tailed Black Eagle called out in mid-air before landing steadily on the snow. It clutched a carcass of a young deer in its talons and looked at Fang Yuan intently.

Iron-tailed Black Eagle's was already extremely pampered by the offerings of spiritual items and other foodstuffs that Fang Yuan fed it daily. It seemed as if Fang Yuan were to chase it away, it would not be willing to return to its previous harsh lifestyle in the wilderness.


Upon seeing good food, Flower Fox Ferret sped away, leaving shallow footprints in the snow that looked like plum flowers.


Iron-tailed Black Eagle cried out when it saw Fang Yuan walking out. Its message was crystal clear.

"Oh? There's someone familiar approaching?"

Through some interaction recently, Fang Yuan managed to grasp some of the more basic terms of the language used by these spiritual beasts. However, he has yet to fully master them. Nonetheless, he was still definitely confident of the few terms he used to communicate with the Iron-tailed Black Eagle.

"Keep out of sight in the meantime..."

As he tended to the small deer in preparation for his next meal, he spoke to Iron-tailed Black Eagle without turning his head, "Relax, there will be a portion of spiritual rice and barbequed meat for you today..."

"Chirp Chirp..."

With Fang Yuan's reassurance, Iron-tailed Black Eagle then flew away reluctantly, disappearing into a tiny black speck in the sky in no time.

This was Fang Yuan's secret weapon; he could not reveal it to anyone so easily.

As for the existence of Flower Fox Ferret, it was no longer a secret to those close to him. Instead, the knowledge of its existence seemed to intimidate them.

"Zhou Wenwu would like to meet you, sir!"

Before long, Fang Yuan strolled to the small hut along with the noise of the gong. Here, he saw Zhou Wenwu with a large and thick wolf skin cloak draped over him as he waited alone.

"My greetings!"

Seeing Fang Yuan appear, Zhou Wenwu's eyes lit up as he stepped forward and showed his respects.

"Erm...you're not a stranger, please follow me into the valley!"

This man's loyalty and integrity could be trusted to some extent. In fact, they were put the test before. They were also secretly manipulated by Fang Yuan and Fang Yuan treated him differently from others.

"Have you found out what's the mysterious force behind the Guo family?"

Fang Yuan flicked off the snowflakes that had fallen on his body and asked Zhou Wenwu casually.

Seeing that Fang Yuan was not affected by the cold at all, Zhou Wenwu was filled with admiration and envy for him. He replied, "I've found out already and I'm here to report my findings sir!"

"Very well, let's discuss it in the valley. What a great timing, the spiritual rice is also ready!"

Fang Yuan looked into Zhou Wenwu's eyes. Although Zhou Wenwu seemed pure and innocent, Fang Yuan had the feeling that Zhou Wenwu was intently sizing him up. Recognising this, he said, "Based on your martial prowess, you have already reached the 5th Gate. What you need to do now is to strengthen your foundations and break through the Pain Gate!"

"The more solid and firm your foundations are, the higher the chances of breaking through the 3 Perilous Gates. Even in the event you fail, the negative effects will not be as severe...Have you finished the Vermillion Jade Rice from the last time? Take along another batch with you this time then!"

"Thank you, sir!"

Zhou Wenwu was instantly delighted.

After all, to be able to consume spiritual rice daily to boost his martial prowess was a privilege not even the direct disciples of the Spirit Returning Sect could enjoy.

He would be stupid to betray Fang Yuan. Additionally, Fang Yuan had already emplaced traps on his body as preventive measures.

Even though he did not say it explicitly, Fang Yuan had an immense reputation for being a divine healer. Any doubts Zhou Wenwu had were erased instantly.

Even if Fang Yuan were to order him to fight against the Spirit Returning Sect, he would still do Fang Yuan's bidding no matter what.

Despite this, Fang Yuan still had some reservations about him.

At least he was still able to maintain his possession of the spiritual tea and Iron-tailed Black Eagle a secret.

"Greetings esteemed ferret!"

After stepping into the valley and seeing Flower Fox Ferret, he became extremely humbled.

At that point in time, he already knew that Flower Fox Ferret was the guardian spiritual beast of the valley and its specific role was to watch over the Vermillion Jade Rice.

It was this sort of valuable secret that was worthy of the guardianship of a spiritual beast.

Remembering when he first saw Flower Fox Ferret, it did not pay him any attention. It was hugging onto a large porcelain bowl and concentrated all its attention on voraciously consuming spiritual rice from it. This scene agitated Zhou Wenwu extremely.

It was too embarrassing and intolerable!

Not only was he unable to defeat Fang Yuan's pet spiritual animal, even what he was eating was inferior to the pet's. What sort of miserable and pathetic situation was he in?

'At least it isn't too bad… Fang Yuan still gave me some of the spiritual rice after all, even though it was not as much as the ferret's..."

At this point, Zhou Wenwu was minimally comforted that at least Fang Yuan treated him as well as his own pet. However, what Zhou Wenwu did not know was that Fang Yuan did not value the Vermillion Jade Rice as highly as he did.

"Have a seat!"

Entering the abode, Fang Yuan grabbed a cushion and poured a cup of clear tea. Even though it was just common tea, Zhou Wenwu felt as though he was pampered beyond measure by this mere gesture and was struck beyond words.

"Have you found out the backers of the Guo family?"

Fang Yuan shook off the snowflakes on his body and sat down.


As Zhou Wenwu mentioned this, he slapped himself on the face.

Even with Fang Yuan's prior cautioning and medical help to preserve his life, he still nearly lost his life to the Guo family.

"Ever since the failure last time, our sect repeatedly dispatched many groups of people led by elders to duel with the force behind the Guo family. After several intense duels, they finally found out that the force behind the Guo family was actually the Five Ghosts Sect!"

Zhou Wenwu said angrily.

"Five Ghosts Sect?!"

Fang Yuan frowned. It seemed that after all, he was not as familiar as the situation around him as he thought he was.

"This sect is extremely secretive and mysterious. They have always operated within Lieyang County. We also just found out that the ancestor of Guo family was actually a known disciple of the Five Ghost Sect...."

Zhou Wenwu sighed and continued saying, "The Five Ghost Sect is an extremely powerful sect in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture. It is almost as powerful as the Spirit Returning Sect. They are even more mysterious and brutal than the Spirit Returning Sect too. By activating their spies in the Guo family and even sending out experts this time, it seems like they are looking for something..."

"Oh? What are they looking for?"

Fang Yuan's heart skipped a beat and he enquired immediately.

"I am not too sure myself, but it definitely is a piece of treasure! It was stolen and taken away by a traitor, but a lot of time has passed since then. I'm afraid it's already lost..."

Zhou Wenwu shook his head and carried on saying, "The Spirit Returning Sect also suffered big losses. I also just heard that in this period of time, the Guo family have also suffered great losses. It also appears that the experts from the Five Ghosts Sect have realised that they are not gaining much from this area and are starting to pull out..."

"Pull out..."

Fang Yuan nodded his head and asked, "Is it because of the Spirit Returning Sect?"


Zhou Wenwu nodded his head and habitually replied in a slightly proud tone saying, "Their actions have already startled our leader. They are even preparing to send Elder Han down. No matter how proud and daring the Five Ghosts Sect are, Qingye City is after all the territory of our Spirit Returning Sect! Only that..."

Zhou Wenwu then began to hesitate and stuttered, "...the retreat of Five Ghosts Sect seems to be because they are consolidating their forces for some far more important reason back home...our sect leader has already ordered us to investigate and our confrontation with them might carry on!"

"So, it's like that..."

After hearing this, Fang Yuan remained silent for some time.

It was obvious that whatever the Spirit Returning Sect was doing at this point in time was to some extent also helping him to avert disaster.

Unless the Spirit Returning Sect drew away most of the attention of Five Ghosts Sect, the Five Ghosts Sect might even head straight to the valley.

Fang Yuan was however puzzled at their decision to withdraw their forces now.

Qingye City was the territory of the Spirit Returning Sect and furthermore, they had the support of the Wu Zong.

It seemed reasonable for them to withdraw the moment they captured the attention of Shi Yutong. However, from Zhou Wenwu's account, it appeared they had an ulterior motive.

"It seems like…I really have to leave this valley!"

Waving his hand, Fang Yuan gestured for Zhou Wenwu to leave him. After intense consideration, he finally made up his mind.

Fang Yuan began to ponder over this incomplete treasure map that had captured so much attention from the Five Ghosts Sect. There was probably a lot more to it.


Guo family.

Several horse carriages were already lined up neatly in formation ready to set off. Members of the Guo family were looking distraught and several women were sobbing. After all, they were leaving their home for good and they did not know when they would be returning.

"Hmph, all you know is how to cry! What a burdensome bunch!"

From the side, a few stern-looking riders atop massive horses clad in black shouted angrily, "Stop behaving this way and move faster!"

"Master, why do we have to save this household? After all, apart from the elders of the Guo family, what business do these commoners have with our sect?"

One of the disciples who had a skull embroidered on the front of his robes complained to an elder next to him.


The elder flew into a rage unexpectedly and said, "The elders of the Guo family sacrificed their lives for our sect and now in this conflict we caused more of their family to lose their lives. If we just abandon them like this, our other disciples will lose hope and confidence in us. You have to understand that it is precisely these commoners that form the roots of our sect..."

"Hmph, Spirit Returning Sect..."

The young martial artist scoffed, "Isn't it unnecessary for someone who is around 7th or 8th Gate to come along on this operation?"

"Hehe, if it was just inner force experts who came it would be easy..."

The elder shook his head and said, "It's just that I heard news that Elder Han was coming along with the reinforcements from the Spirit Returning Sect. He mastered the Yin and Yang energies twenty years ago and is already a martial artist of the 4 Heavenly Gates...I am reluctant to do so but I have to admit he is more superior than me!"

"This journey to Qingye City is really unpleasant..."

As if he was hit by some bad news, the young martial artist now looked down in distraught and said, "We have suffered too many losses...As for the Spirit Returning Sect disciples, despite suffering serious injuries, they could recover their old strength so easily so quickly..."

"Yeah, I have heard that there's a divine healer in this area. Apparently, he could even bring someone dead back to life. Rumours described him to be so divine and godly that it seemed ridiculous. But from the looks of it, there seems to be some truth in the rumours. Should there be a chance in the future I would like to meet this person..."

The elder tugged on his horse reins and left without turning back, saying, "For now, nothing is more important than our sect's issues. When you get out of Qinghe County, escort this group of people to Lieyang County with the rest of your seniors. I am making a move first!"

After completing his sentence, he set his horse into a full sprint and disappeared in no time without even turning back.

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