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Chapter 54: Attack

Chapter 54: Attack

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"Chang chang!"

"Chang chang!"

The ear-splitting sounds of a gong pierced the silence of the secluded valley.


Fang Yuan, who was in the midst of his training, frowned and looked towards what seemed to be a large crowd gathering outside the valley and remarked, "Why are there still such unruly people? They must be from the Spirit Returning Sect or the Five Ghosts Sect!"

It was evident that given his capabilities, there was no doubt that he was the leader of the Qingye City. Even in Qinghe County, many of the martial artists showed him a great deal of respect.

After all, in the world of martial arts, nobody could guarantee that they would not get ill or injured, and not require the services of the divine healer ever.

It was probably either of those two who dared to do something like this.

With this thought, Fang Yuan strolled out of the valley without delay.


"Elder Lu, you cannot barge into the valley!"

Zhou Wenwu stood his ground in front of the valley, speaking righteously, "These are the rules set by Divine Healer Fang. If you continue to blatantly disregard them and offend him, Elder Zhao's injuries might worsen..."

This group of people belonged to the Spirit Returning Sect. At the front of the group, two disciples were carrying a stretcher. An elderly man whose breathing was extremely weak laid on it.

"Phew, phew..."

Elder Lu clenched his fist and his eyes were bloodshot with rage. He barked, "What do you know? If Elder Zhao loses his life, you will not be able to answer for it!"

These words increased the already high tension.

Looking at Elder Zhao on the stretcher, Zhou Wenwu was in a dilemma.

For any sect, martial artists beneath the 5th Gate were insignificant. Once a martial artist broke through the 6th Gate and developed inner force, the martial artist would be immediately bestowed an elder position. This was the true mark of an elite martial artist.

Elder Zhao was well known in Qinghe County for his Great Sun Technique and Cloud Stepping Technique. Unfortunately, while he was rushing to another person's rescue, he bumped into Gui Wusheng from the Five Ghosts Sect. Gui Wusheng was an infamous villain who was an 8th Gate expert who had broken through the Death Gate. It was rumoured that he already mastered the Yin energy and entered the realms of the 4 Heavenly Gates too!

A short battle later, Elder Zhao had been injured. Thankfully Elder Lu came just in time, and Gui Wusheng seemed to be in a rush, otherwise, he probably would have lost his life there and then

It was no wonder Elder Zhao was in such a depressing condition.

"Move aside!"

As he shouted, Lu Zhisen's temper rose rapidly as he glared menacingly at those who stood in his way.

"No way!"

Zhou Wenwu broke out in cold sweat but he refused to budge, explaining, "Divine Healer Fang is an inner force expert that broke through the Pain Gate. Elder Lu, please show some respect!"

"Hmph, there are so many rumours going about to the point that it's hard to believe them anymore. Even if he is at the 6th Gate, what could someone that just broke through do against my iron pole?"

Lu Zhisen remarked arrogantly. He was also speaking his mind.

After all, fighting against a newly advanced [Martial Artist (6th Gate)] would definitely not be a problem for him, considering his vast amount of experience.

Standing away from Zhou Wenwu and Lu Zhisen, Lin Benchu and the head of the Zhang household watched nervously in silence with a group of disciples from the Spirit Returning Sect.

They were naturally inclined towards supporting Zhou Wenwu as Lu Zhisen was an elder infamous for his recklessness. However, they also did not dare to bear the brunt of Lu Zhisen's murderous rage, hence they looked to Zhou Wenwu with respect and awe.

"Saving this person's life is extremely important and urgent! Get out of my way!"

Having lost his patience, Lu Zhisen swung his hand at Zhou Wenwu.


Zhou Wenwu was hit by an enormous force which he could not resist even with his inner power of the 5th Gate. As a result, he was sent flying through the air.

Inner power indeed lost out when pitted against inner force.

Furthermore, Lu Zhisen did not expand all his power. Should he have used his weapon, Zhou Wenwu's brains would have been splattered on the ground.

Even so, Zhou Wenwu was sent soaring high into the sky.


After landing with a dull thud, he realised that he was not injured at all. He was forcefully grabbed up by the neck by Fang Yuan with only one hand.

"Erm? So you are the Divine Healer Fang Yuan?"

Looking at the youthful Fang Yuan emerge from the valley, Lu Zhisen felt an uneasiness in his heart.

Fang Yuan looked incredibly young. He looked like he was younger than 20 years of age. Yet when he responded earlier by nimbly catching Zhou Wenwu with ease, his skills seemed to suggest otherwise. This confused Lu Zhisen greatly.

"Yes I am..."

Fang Yuan released Zhou Wenwu and while looking at Lu Zhisen, shook his head and said, "You refused to abide by my rules and yet you still expect me to tend to your patient?"


Lu Zhisen's face flushed red with anger. Swinging out his right hand, he instantly grabbed a metal pole as thick as a teacup and threatened Fang Yuan, "You dare to refuse to treat my patient? Be careful of my Coiling Dragon Iron Pole..."

"Fu Ha ha ha!"

Seeing this, Fang Yuan could not resist breaking into laughter.

It was an entertaining sight watching Lu Zhisen's reckless and temperamental behavior.

Using force to threaten a doctor to tend to a patient? What's the difference between that and forcing a fengshui master to select a spot to bury one's ancestors? If Lu Zhisen intended to end his family line, he could continue trying his luck.

"Argh...This is pissing me off!"

Lu Zhisen's face was blood red and the veins on his forehead swelled up and protruded out. He slammed the iron pole on the ground and caused a tremor around him. Raising his immensely huge arm, he charged towards Fang Yuan.

"Hmm…6th Gate inner force?"

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed and opened his palm, spreading his fingers like an eagles claw, creating a swishing noise.

"Sssss pa!"

With a loud explosion in the air, Lu Zhisen staggered two steps backward. It was evident Fang Yuan inflicted some damage on him.

"Ah... Dragon Subduing Pole Technique!"

With his eyes reddening further and his body bursting with rage, Lu Zhisen was going to give everything he had. Swinging the iron pole in his hand, Lu Zhisen brought it down with immense force.

"Good move!"

Fang Yuan moved forward swiftly and twisted his Eagle Claw. When he reappeared, he broke through the shadows created by the movements of Lu Zhisen's pole technique, grabbed onto the pole and forced it downwards.


With a reverberating explosion, the Coiling Dragon Iron Pole deeply penetrated the soil, sending large amounts of soil particles into the air.

Lu Zhisen's face was now swollen and red. His nostrils were almost going to start bleeding. He grabbed the pole with two hands and mustered all his strength as he tried to yank it out of the ground. However, the pole did not seem to budge. It seemed as though the hand on top of the pole was like the Five Finger Mountain that physically repressed the Monkey God.

After the short exchange of blows, Lu Zhisen broke out in profuse perspiration. The colour drained from his face as he tried to catch his breath.

"So? Do you concede defeat?"

Fang Yuan asked with a smile. He was delighted with his own improvement.

"You...already broke through the Shock Gate?"

Lu Zhisen stuttered, but there was a degree of certainty in his voice.

In the earlier bout, Fang Yuan completely dominated the fight and displayed an impeccable character. Every move he made completely wowed the spectators. It was as though they were watching a renowned martial artist in action.

The intense concentration Fang Yuan had seemed unrivaled.

Lu Zhisen might have been a brute, but he was not stupid. He quickly got to his feet and respectfully apologised, "Sorry for offending you, I hope you would forgive me. Should you seek to dish out punishment, please just punish me!"

As Lu Zhisen conceded defeat, he remembered the brilliant and talented individual the elder accepted as a student.

In the past, the student improved at an incredible rate. But in comparison with Fang Yuan, it no longer seemed as impressive anymore.



Lin Yuanwai and the family head of the Zhang Family widened their mouths in disbelief. It was almost as if they were in a dream.

In just one bout, the fiery Elder Lu infamous for his reckless violence was brought to his knees.

Furthermore, he had a reputation for being a veteran expert martial artist who was gifted in strength, and unrivaled amongst 6th Gate martial artists.

Also, what did he just say? Shock Gate?

At that moment, everyone turned their gaze onto Fang Yuan. They now began to look at him in fear.

"If that's what you think, then so be it!"

Fang Yuan gave a vague answer, making it difficult for others to comprehend.

In reality, he had already broken through the Shock Gate long ago. Had he failed to break through this gate with the help of the Questioning Heart Tea, it would be ridiculous and embarrassing.

'Anyway, in terms of cultivation and combat power, considering I could defeat this person, it seems like my martial prowess has reached the highest levels at least in Qinghe County?'

Fang Yuan thought to himself and checked his stats window.

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 4.2

Spirit: 4.1

Magic: 3.0

Age: 19

Cultivation: [Martial Artist (7th Gate)]

Techniques: [Black Sand Palm (Grade 5)], [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 7)]

Skills: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 3)]"

'In the blink of an eye. a year has passed, and I came from being a nobody into a highly skilled martial artist with miraculous healing skills...'

Fang Yuan thought to himself as he was flushed with a sense of accomplishment.

This massive advancement made by Fang Yuan affected Minister Lin greatly.

Looking at Fang Yuan, Minister Lin could only feel repeated waves of regret hitting him from inside, as though his heart was attacked by a venomous snake. It was excruciating for him.

Even though Lin Leiyue had Shi Yutong's blessings and the future of their sect seemed bright, it now appeared to be merely a hopeful expectation.

In terms of true power, reputation and position, Fang Yuan was no less inferior than Lin Leiyue.

Why was he so blind and wasteful to let go of such a desirable candidate?

He could only regret as it was too late.

Looking at the very impressed family head of the Zhang Family and the smug looking Zhou Wenwu, he felt very annoyed.

It seemed as though they were all ready to send the women in their own families to sleep with Fang Yuan to win his favour.

"An accomplished martial artist at such a young age!"

Lu Zhisen silently sighed. Looking at the frail and weak Elder Zhao lying next to him, he swallowed his pride and grudgingly dropped to his knees and begged, "Please try to save him divine healer! Should you want to dish out punishment, please just punish me!"

Seeing Lu Zhisen fall to his knees, and even Fang Yuan was moved.

Even though Lu Zhisen was a boorish fellow, it appeared even he had a soft side.

"Please recover!"

Waving his hand, Lu Zhisen involuntarily stood up almost immediately.

Fang Yuan continued to speak, "I shall forgive and forget your earlier transgression with what you have just done...Are you aware of my rules?"

For every person the divine healer in the deep valley healed, he demanded either a spiritual object or anything else that was valuable as payment.

"Yes! Of course!"

Lu Zhisen respectfully presented a silk booklet and said, "I obtained half of these random records. The materials inside include records by several renowned elders, as well as various stories of spiritual knights. Please accept this as payment!"

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