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Chapter 56: Sparring

Chapter 56: Sparring

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As days and hours gradually passed, the whole Shaoyang City instead became more heavily guarded. With such a serious and solemn atmosphere, even the ordinary folks could feel it.

Every day, there would always be people coming from Lieyang County. Even martial artists from other counties flooded the city daily.

Needless to say, the people who couldn't be left unmentioned, were the disciples of Five Ghosts Sect, constantly fighting and killing on the streets and in the alleyways, almost as if there was no stop to the violence and mayhem.

Along with this, was news that a treasure had been spotted in Shaoyang City. The news spread far and wide, attracting even more warriors to come forth to the city.

"There's a treasure in Shaoyang City? Some claimed to have seen its shine, sparkling in the sky, lasting for many years?"

Fang Yuan was riding a green donkey; upon hearing the exaggerated rumors, he broke into laughter.

"Those rumors must be fake."

Traveling beside him was a man 7 feet tall, body bursting with masculinity, as muscular as a bull.

"This was personally said by brother, it cannot be any less true!"

This huge man was carrying an axe the size of a door, with an air of ferocity around him, he said, "It seems like you're a kindred spirit, why not come join us at Cow Head Mountain? We can eat huge blocks of meat, drink giant bowls of wine, talk about gold and silver, how enjoyable will that be, ha ha!"

"Oh no oh no, Brother Wang, I am honoured by your offer and hospitality, but my martial arts skills are not up to par, so I think I'll pass."

Fang Yuan discreetly rolled his eyes, unable to believe that this fool could be a mountain king.

He met this man on the road. After finding out that they both were heading to Shaoyang City, they had been traveling together ever since. His name, in particular, was very special. His surname was Wang and his first name was Fugui. The name Wang Fugui meant 'Rich King', and that already sounded like it belonged to a wealthy man.

From what Wang Fugui said, this Cow Head Mountain was also from Lieyang County and was supposedly very famous.

"Brother Wang, you're making the journey to Shaoyang City for the treasure too?"

Fang Yuan didn't want to talk about recruitment anymore and thus immediately changed the topic.

"We don't even know how the treasure looks like, even if we did, the experts will beat us to it, as if it's that easy to find it!"

A shrewd look flashed on Wang Fugui's face.

"Oh? I didn't think brother would be someone who understood the situation."

Fang Yuan was slightly surprised," Then why are you heading to Shaoyang City?"

"Ha ha..."

Wang Fugui waved his hands in excitement and said," Recently so many people are gathering in Shaoyang, and just as I was planning on gaining fame as a martial artist, I heard that Five Ghosts Sect has many senior martial artists here, even the junior ones are all here too! All I have to do is wait for a good opportunity to challenge them, beat them, and my name will spread throughout the lands. With such a good chance coming up, how could I miss it?"

"Oh I see!"

Fang Yuan cupped his hands together, at least he finally understood what the big fuss was about, and how it could still attract so many martial artists to come too.

People from the world of martial arts weren't passive and were not willing to miss out on any action if they heard of it. Needless to say, add on the promise of treasure, even while knowing that there might be danger, they would just walk straight up to face it without fear.

"Brother, even though your martial arts skills are bad, but your medical prowess is unmatchable! If you could join Cow Head Mountain, and work for Brother Wang, then 1 of the 5 important positions will be left for you!"

Ever since Wang Fugui personally saw Fang Yuan save a grandfather and grandson with medical techniques, he had been wowed and totally admired Fang Yuan's medical skills, wanting to recruit him into the group.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan had no interest in being a mountain thief, and thus there wasn't much Brother Wang could do.

"We've reached Shaoyang City!"

His eyes lighted up upon seeing the building in the distance.

"Oh? There are martial artists fighting..."

Wang Fugui saw that in front of the gates of the city there was a circle of sabre wielding martial artists. There seemed to be people fighting in the centre of the circle. Upon seeing that, Fugui excitedly said, "Everyone out of my way!", as he headed towards the circle.

He was huge, hence it was good to be allied with him.

Occasionally some martial artists flashed fierce looks, but upon seeing his body of steel, and the giant axe, they didn't dare to pass any comments. This allowed Fang Yuan to pass through easily.

As they entered the circle, it seemed like the battle was coming to an end.

The fight involved two martial artists, one old and one young. The old guy was graceful and had remarkable skills, but it was evident that he was already exhausted to his limit and was being forced to a corner by the younger guy.

"This youth had actually advanced to the 6th Gate, and became an inner force expert?"

Fang Yuan eyes flickered as he looked at the younger warrior.

He had nice eyebrows and a nice coloured skin. However, his face was extremely pale and he carried an aura of coldness. Wearing black, he was definitely a disciple of Five Ghosts Sect.

"Who's that?"

Fang Yuan saw Fugui's veins bulging in his neck, a look of eagerness on his face and was temporarily speechless.

"Ha Ha, looks like you're not from around here, you don't even know Ghost King!"

"Ghost King?"

Fang Yuan shrugged; he really haven't heard of this name before.

"This guy is one of the best disciples of Five Ghosts Sect! He was born gifted, at the age of 20 he obtained inner power and was able to break through the Pain Gate, being the first youth in Lieyang County to attain that!"

Wang Fugui's eyes never left the fight, and in acknowledgment he merely murmured.


Fang Yuan was rendered speechless upon hearing his response.

Excluding himself, from the last time they met, even Lin Leiyue was still a few steps away from breaking through the Pain Gate. If this youngster had really done it then he would have set a new record.

With regards to the difference in skill between Leiyue and this youngster, oh well, Leiyue would have to commit suicide out of embarrassment.

After all, Ghost King was a merciless evil demon who managed to break through all 7 Gates in a year.

Fang Yuan was an intellectual, but was indifferent when it came to battles.

"Ghost King's martial art is graceful and elegant, just like how a spider spins its web, slowly but surely forcing its prey into a corner. The old man is already completely exhausted, its best if he surrenders early lest he suffers even more internal injuries."

"Five Moons Palm!"

Ghost King gave a shout, his right hand turning pale beyond measure, completely drained of colour, as he gracefully slid past the old man's defences and pressed his hand on the old man's chest.


The old man's facial expression took a turn for the worse, as he rapidly staggered back, spitting out purplish black blood.

"Flying Crane has actually been defeated!"

"He is actually a renowned master of inner force in Lieyang County!"

"Seems like he's about to be replaced by the new generation of martial artists..."

"Ghost King's techniques are of such a high level, don't even talk about Lieyang County, even within Secluded Mountains Prefecture, I doubt there's many who can match up to him..."

"Hey! Everyone listen up!"

Ghost King eyed the whole circle and proudly said, "Shaoyang City is Five Ghosts Sect's territory, anyone who has any thoughts about competing with us better think twice, or you'll end up just like this old man!"

Upon finishing his sentence, he gave a cold smirk. Surprisingly, he and the other disciples did not enter the city. They all got on horses and rode off to an unknown destination.

Wang Fugui waited until they were gone before he indignantly said, "Hmph...that bold attitude of his."

"If I wish my name to be renowned throughout the lands, all I have to do is go up, challenge them and win, am I right?"

Fang Yuan's eyes were filled with ridicule.

Wang Fugui had natural strength and had trained in the brute strength of the Cow Devil Technique till the 5th Grade. Usually, there were few martial artists that could match up with someone like that, but it turned out that a master of inner power was one of those who could.

Wang Fugui's face broke into a smile and rubbed his head in glee but the moment he saw the Flying Crane walking away, all expressions vanished instantly.

Under the shine of the setting sun, the back of Flying Crane seemed like a defeated hero, causing a tinge of sadness to suddenly hit Fang Yuan.

It seemed like Ghost King's display of power was very effective, striking fear into the circle of martial artists that were watching the fight. Having been shocked by Ghost King's prowess, they suddenly became less rowdy and entered the city in a quiet and orderly manner.

"Let's go! I'll bring you to Fragrance Bar for a drink or two."

After entering the city, Wang Fugui shrugged off all past feelings of sadness and said," My drinking tolerance is unmatched in Cow Head Mountain, believe me, I'm not making it up!"

"Ha Ha...I have other matters to attend to, please excuse me!"

Although Fang Yuan wanted to personally see whether Fugui's claim was true, after considering his own alcohol tolerance, he knew he was only going to embarrass himself and thus left immediately.

"Oh? What matters are you referring to? Could you be going to meet some beautiful maiden?" Fugui teased.

Suddenly, a carriage stopped in front of them and it's doors swung open, revealing a young maiden. "Brother Fang Yuan? Please come in!"

"You see! I really have matters to attend to!"

Fang Yuan rubbed his nose as he entered the carriage.

Wang Fugui stood there in a daze, only regaining his senses after a moment. Slapping his forehead, he said, "It's ok, Brother Fang Yuan really has matters to attend to, he didn't hide anything from me..."

Suddenly, he had a fit of anger, and scolded, "Choosing women over me? How can he leave Fugui alone here by himself! Hmph...I'll go drink wine by myself then."

"Maiden Lin! What a coincidence!"

The carriage had little room, and the air was filled with a fragrant smell.

Sitting opposite Fang Yuan was Maiden Lin. She had a peculiar look on her face as she gazed at Fang Yuan, leaving him confounded as to why she had such an expression.

Little did he know that Maiden Lin had failed before due to his mistake, and was embarrassed really badly. But she chose not to tell him out of fear that the Spirit Returning Sect would come knocking at his door.

Upon hearing that Fang Yuan's greeting came with a hint of alienation, Maiden Lin's eyes flicked as she said delicately, "I heard that your medical skills have exceeded all expectations, and have surpassed even that of your mentor. I am in awe of your achievement, but I wonder, what brings you here? Surely you know that currently Shaoyang City is filled with danger?"

Fang Yuan curiously asked, "I've heard that there was a treasure in the city, and have decided to come take a look. As long as I don't get caught up in the hunt for the treasure there shouldn't be too much of a problem... Is that the reason why Maiden Lin is here too?"

Maiden Lin laughed, as she admitted, "This was supposed to be a secret but for some reason it has been leaked out to almost every city and county around here. Now the daily influx of warriors has increased to unbelievable amounts..."

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed, "Wasn't the rumour spread on purpose?"

Maiden Lin shook her head," Although taking advantage of the chaos to reap benefits will be good, but I definitely will not want to do it on such a large scale."

"If that's the case, this will be interesting..."

Fang Yuan rubbed his chin, deep in thought.

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