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Chapter 57: Suspicion

Chapter 57: Suspicion

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The horse carriage stopped at the back of the large mansion and immediately two martial artists dressed as servants stepped forward and respectfully drew back the curtains on the carriage.

"This place…seems to be the backyard of a house belonging to someone from the upper class…"

Upon hearing the muffled commotion from the front yard, Fang Yuan silently nodded.

Fang Yuan was already impressed when he saw the technique and skill behind the tricks done earlier. Seeing that of the Spirit Returning Sect, Fang Yuan was also convinced that the Spirit Returning Sect was indeed able to rival the veteran sects. Their influence in this area was no less remarkable.

"This is the secret base for our Spirit Returning Sect. Apart from the martial artists from our sect, Master Fang you are our first guest!"

Lin Leiyue broke into a gorgeous smile as she led the way in front.

After making their way through a few smaller doors, they arrived at a garden. The garden was intricately arranged and designed. Even though the cold winter had yet to pass, signs of life and growth were beginning to emerge.

Next to the clear green pond, a moustached martial artist was practising the Eagle Claw Technique.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Accompanying each strike the martial artist made, the force pushed the air around him along while creating subtle sound effects. It was as though a pond of still water was being disturbed.

"Old Yu!"

Lin Leiyue made what appeared to be a casual greeting. However, Fang Yuan narrowed his eyes to this.

Was not this the Cold Faced Iron Eagle Yu Qiuleng? The same person who followed Minister Lin into the mountain and then forced himself to break off his engagement?

In the beginning, Fang Yuan thought Yu Qiuleng's martial prowess were formidable. After watching Yu Qiuleng, he did not seem that powerful after all.

It even seemed like Yu Qiuleng's Eagle Claw Technique was inferior to Fang Yuan's.

"Erm, you are?"

Yu Qiuleng gently nodded in acknowledgement towards Lin Leiyue. Looking at Fang Yuan, Yu Qiuleng felt a tingling sense of familiarity. Frowning his eyebrows, his eyes glistened all of a sudden as he remembered, "The guy from Qingye city?!"

At this moment, a tingle of hostility crept appeared on his face as he thought, "How dare he still pester Maiden Lin?!"

"It's a misunderstanding Old Yu!"

Upon seeing this, Lin Leiyue hurriedly explained, "I merely bumped into Master Fang along the way. Furthermore, he is an accomplished martial artist and is famous in Qingye city for his medical prowess…"

"Hmph, it might just be a scam…"

Yu Qiuleng dismissively snorted. Even though he has heard some rumours, he stubbornly refused to believe that this teenager from the mountains could accomplish so much. He might have killed Song Zhong and Elder Zhong, but it might be because they were already in a precarious position and Fang Yuan probably killed them by pulling off a trick or two.

At this point in time, Fang Yuan was not displaying his martial prowess, and based on what Yu Qiuleng could see through his naked eye, he could not discern that Fang Yuan's capabilities were as good as what was being said.

"Oh? Looks like you do not like me very much?"

Fang Yuan laughed harmlessly, but there was a slight hint of anxiety in his eyes.

"Sir, reporting!"

At this moment, a disciple of the Spirit Returning Sect sprinted towards them with a messenger bird in hand, "We have just received Elder Han's message. He had already found the tracks of the elders from Five Ghosts Sect outside the city. Elder Han ordered us to reinforce them immediately!"

"This matter is of utmost importance, we will move off right now!"

Upon saying this, Lin Leiyue shot a pleading glance at Fang Yuan.

Seeing this, Fang Yuan decided not to mention the next training session he was thinking of suggesting.

Anyway, having seen Yu Qiuleng's pitch black face, he knew there would be trouble for him, so there was no hurry.

When an honourable man seeks revenge, waiting ten years to do so was not considered a long time. Even though he was not an honourable man, he could still wait a few days.

"Very sorry Master Fang, our sect needs to attend to a pressing matter!"

Lin Leiyue looked at Fang Yuan apologetically.

"Oh, it's alright, I shall take my leave then…"

Fang Yuan turned and prepared to leave.

"Do not let him leave!"

At this moment, Yu Qiuleng, who was remaining quiet, remarked, "This man has heard the secrets of our sects, we cannot let him spread them"

Yu Qiuleng was originally intending to kill Fang Yuan to prevent him from leaking the sect's secrets.

However, as the Spirit Returning Sect was a proper and respectable sect, and with so many junior disciples present, he could not surface his suggestion.

"Master Fang, are you willing to follow Lin Leiyue?"

Instantly reacting, Lin Leiyue remarked "What a coincidence! Isn't this why I came?"

Fang Yuan chuckled as this was also on his mind.

"Alright, let's delay no further, we shall move out this instant! There is no need to leave anyone here anymore!"

Being a decisive person, Lin Leiyue left instantly. In no time, a group of people hurriedly exited the mansion and rushed towards a location in the mountains.


"Click Clack!"

The horses they rode took them at a blistering speed.

"Maiden Lin, can you tell me, what is the treasure you were talking about?"

Amidst the galloping of the horses, Fang Yuan's voice resonated clearly in Yu Qiuleng's ears. Fang Yuan's question alarmed Yu Qiuleng.

"Given what has occurred, Leiyue has nothing to hide. The treasure is said to be a piece of Yin Yang Jade!"

Ignoring the cautionary cough from Yu Qiuleng who was beside her, Liu Leiyue replied immediately.

"Yin Yang Jade?"

Fang Yuan was slightly confused. After a moment, he remembered reading about it in a journal somewhere. His eyes brightened as he thought, "Isn't Yin Yang Jade the item stated in legends that could merge the Yin and Yang energies and accelerate a martial artist's advancement in skills?"

After the 8 Gates of the path of a martial artist, it was the 4 Heavenly Gates!

Discounting the Earth and Heaven Gate, the Yin Gate and Yang Gate at the start precisely required the merging of the Yin and Yang energies!

This Yin Yang Jade was a famous treasure of generations. It was said that the jade was a natural gem which contained yin and yang energy and could immensely improve foundations of the martial artist. It was said that it could also break through the Yin and Yang Gates. It was indeed a much sought-after treasure.

A martial artist from the 4 Heavenly Gates could easily be one of the top five martial artists regardless whether he was in the Spirit Returning Sect or the Five Ghosts Sect!

This explained the importance placed on this treasure and the elaborate actions taken by the two big sects as well as many other martial artists to try to attain it.

"Obtaining this Yin Yang Jade is equivalent to reserving a spot in the ranks of highly powerful martial artists at 4 Heavenly Gates in the future…"

Fang Yuan nodded and glanced at Lin Leiyue.

It was obvious that this operation taken by the Spirit Returning Sect to obtain this treasure was most likely for Lin Leiyue.

However, Lin Leiyue was still injured which made Fang Yuan slightly unsure about who the treasure was for. He was even more incognisant if the person responsible for this was actually him.

'It is easy to defeat your external enemies, but difficult to overcome your inner demons!'

Being aware of Fang Yuan's gaze, appearing to be slightly embarrassed, Lin Leiyue lowered her head. She was however thinking, "To defeat my inner demons and take down my enemy's strong points, it was originally sufficient for any of the elders to defeat Brother Fang in front of me. However, Elder Han's report came all of a sudden and I was unable to adapt my plan in time. Fortunately Elder Han is present, it might even be easier to accomplish the mission!"

Elder Yan and Elder Han were the left and right pillars of the Spirit Returning Sect. Both were top martial artists of the 4 Heavenly Gates!

"The Little Frost Mountain is right here!"

A junior disciple who arrived at the entrance to the mountain dismounted immediately. He summoned a messenger bird and nodded at Lin Leiyue.

"Dismount and enter the mountain!"

Lin Leiyue did not hesitate. Her will at this point in time was indomitable.


Yu Qiuleng took the initiative and led the way. At the same time, he shot a provoking glare at Fang Yuan.

After all, in the dense and old forests in this mountain, an "accident" would, after all, be quite a common occurrence.

Although it seemed like nothing would happen at that point in time, should they get into a fight with the people from the Sect of the Five Ghosts, some fratricide might be inevitable.

However, after entering the mountain, Fang Yuan's behaviour caused Yu Qiuleng to view him in a different light.

The path was filled with multiple boulders and blocked by thorny plants…

In the true old forests in the deep mountains, there was not even a path to follow. Even for veteran martial artists, it was extremely difficult for them to navigate.

The people brought out by the Spirit Returning Sect were all respectable martial artists who could still manage the difficulty of the path. Yu Qiuleng was trying his best to conceal his discomfort as he waited to ridicule any mistake made by Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was still patient and uncomplaining. He did not seem to slow down by the natural obstacles and looked more at ease and comfortable in his surroundings than Yu Qiuleng. As he moved swiftly through the obstacles, he casually enquired, "Do the communication methods used by your sect still work in an area like this? Also, are there any more instructions given by Elder Han?"

"The methods of our sect are impeccable!"

Yu Qiuleng replied grudgingly.

He was shocked at Fang Yuan's bravery as well as his remarkable Lightness Skill. However, even then Yu Qiuleng convinced himself that Fang Yuan's ability was only limited to his slightly superior Lightness Skill.

It must be acknowledged, that once someone has made up his mind about a certain issue, it would be extremely difficult to convince him otherwise.

"Rustle rustle…"

Suddenly, everyone emerged from the dense jungle into a clearing.

They saw a valley ahead of them and messenger bird circling in the air, emitting ear piercing cries.

"Elder Han is right in the valley, follow me to see him!"

Yu Qiuleng took the lead and entered without hesitation.

Fang Yuan surveyed the hills on both sides and tensed up his brows. He touched an object in his robes, took a deep breath and entered the valley.

"Where is Elder Han?"

After walking a few metres, Lin Leiyue surveyed the thin fog around them. She instantly asked, "Why have we not sent out a message? This area gives me a bad feeling. We cannot be careless, let's retreat from this valley!"


Just as Yu Qiuleng was about to speak, the swooshing of arrows flying continuously sounded.

Arrows flew from the opposite end.


Some disciples who were hit dropped to the floor instantly. They died almost immediately after exclaiming and black blood flowed from their wounds.

"It's a trap!"

Lin Leiyue drew her long sword and ordered, "Retreat!"

Fortunately for them, they did not enter too deep into the valley and were thus not fully entrapped. After an exhausting escape, they found they had lost half of their original manpower.

"The arrow tips are poisoned!"

Thinking about the earlier scenes, Yu Qiuleng broke out in cold sweat.

Had he continued to advance into the valley, they would have been attacked from all sides. Under the shower of that many arrows, their martial prowess did not matter as they would all be killed by the sheer number of poisoned arrows.

"It's a surprise you are able to discover my location, no doubt you are a talented disciple of the Spirit Returning Sect!"

A feminine looking young man, accompanied by an applauding bunch of disciples from the Five Ghosts Sect, emerged arrogantly and slowly from the valley.

"Caw caw!"

The circling messenger bird automatically landed on his arm obediently. This caused colour of Yu Qiuleng's face to become worse than that of a corpse. "How is this possible?"

"Haha... Let me reveal to you, as long as it's not a spiritual beast, it cannot resist the influence of the Temptation Pellet!"

Fang Yuan met this young man before. He was Lin Huang.

At that moment, Lin Huang drew out a pink pellet and fed it to the messenger bird. He shook his head in disappointment and said, "Had you guys entered the trap fully, all of you would have been dead and I would not need to do anything. Now I must come out of the valley to ensure my job is done. Tell me… the method by which you all would like to die by?"

Lin Huang visually surveyed the body language of Yu Qiuleng and Lin Leiyue. Initially slightly aggressive, Lin Huang became calmer but began to verbally provoke them, "Isn't this legendary psychic who is also the beloved student of Shi Yutong? Hehe... If I capture you, wouldn't this make the Spirit Returning Sect beg?"

"Dream on!"

Yu Qiuleng let out a thunderous roar and launched himself at Lin Huang with the immense energy of a hawk.

It was clear to him that in their unfavourable situation, the only way to turn the odds around was to bring the fight to Lin Huang himself.

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