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Chapter 59: Gui Wusheng

Chapter 59: Gui Wusheng

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The silence was deafening!

Not a single person made a sound. It was as if they were choked by a noose.

What happened just now?

The rising star of the Five Ghosts Sect, Lin Huang, a Martial Artist (Grade 6), was struck by Fang Yuan's Eagle Claw. It was uncertain if he lived.

An elder of the Sect, who was more highly-skilled, was similarly struck down like a fly.

"Could it be that he is the old monster in disguise?"

Even Lin Leiyue was shocked and looked at Fang Yuan differently.

"Yin Wujiu?!"

She stepped forward and exclaimed again.

"Yin Wujiu? Who is that?"

Fang Yuan asked.

Lin Leiyue looked on in horror, "He is an elder of the Five Ghosts Sect and was fellow disciples with Gui Wusheng. He had long surpassed the 7 gates but was unable to break through the Death Gate. He is extremely cruel and legend has it that he single-handedly kill all his enemies, leaving no one behind..."

"Given his character and martial arts skill, I am afraid he would never be able to break through the Death Gate. It would be the correct decision not to attempt it..."

Fang Yuan shook his head.

The Death Gate was the last of the Three Perilous Gates. Failure to break through the gate would result in death! There was no doubt that most highly-skilled practitioners were stuck at this gate.

After all, who would dare to gamble their life?

"Gui Wusheng... This name sounds familiar..."

Fang Yuan furrowed his brows.

"Gui Wusheng is even more skilled than his junior. He was a martial artist that had broken through the Death Gate. He is the leader of the group of Five Ghosts Sect's martial artists in Qingye City and ranked top 5 in the Five Ghosts Sect!"

Lin Leiyue wanted to roll her eyes. She explained.

"This man's Ghostly Dark Claw is very powerful!"

Upon hearing this, Fang Yuan remembered that the elder of the Spirit Returning Sect that he had treated was wounded by Gui Wusheng.

"Luckily, it is not Gui Wusheng leading the troops, if not..."

Lin Leiyue shooked her head.

"Haha...cough cough..."

At this time, Yin Wujiu, who was collapsed on the floor, laughed and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, "My senior...would not forgive you!"

"Cut the crap!"

Fang Yuan use his left hand and pressed against the old man's skull, "Where is the Yin Yang Jade? What is the Five Ghosts Sect up to?"


Yin Wujiu lost his courage as he felt the Eagle Claw's strength increasing.

While Fang Yuan was a free-lance martial artist who did not belong to a particular sect, he was still rather carefree and cavalier. Furthermore, given his age, the typical hot-hotheadedness of a young man like him meant that he could kill Yin Wujiu if he were provoked into a fit of rage. Even if people attempted to avenge him, it would not bring Yin Wujiu back to life.

"This matter had always been anchored by my senior. I am not too sure..."

Yun Yujie laughed bitterly, "All I know is that the Yin Yang Jade does exist...furthermore..."


A loud explosion echoed in the valley.


Fang Yuan lifted his head, "A highly-skilled opponent?!"

A man's shadow appeared in the ravine.

His beard was white and his eyes were like that of a hawk's. As he walked, the surrounding fog warped around him.

"Gui...Gui Wusheng!"

Lin Leiyue's face turned deathly pale.

The martial arts techniques of the Five Ghosts Sect were mostly Yin in nature. Long-term practitioners often suffered negative side effects to their appearances, causing some to look like to zombies.

However, looking at Gui Wusheng's robust features, it was obvious that he had overcome the restraints and reverted those negative side effects.

"He had definitely broken through the Death Gate and is only one step away from the 4 Heavenly Gates!"

The immense pressure caused Lin Leiyue to retreat. She looked at Fang Yuan's unyielding posture and feared for him.


Yin Wujiu's voice was fearful instead of grateful when he saw Gui Wuzheng.


Gui Wusheng exclaimed, "Useless fellow! If I had not come forward, would you even betray our master?"

"Cough cough..."

Fang Yuan coughed, "Are the two of you done?"

"Unbelievable...It is truly unbelievable..."

Gui Wusheng examined Fang Yuan and said, "To think that a young lad of your calibre is here in my valley! It looked like I did not make a wasted trip here!"

"You overestimate me!"

Fang Yuan concentrated and realized the gap in power between Gui Wusheng and him.

While the Death Gate might appear to be insurmountable, it was still possible to break through it.

Furthermore, his stats were increasing at a rate that Gui Wusheng could not match due to his consumption of spiritual rice every day.

He also had a few tricks up his sleeves. As such, he did not fear Gui Wusheng.

Gui Wusheng was even more intrigued when he saw how composed Fang Yuan was. He exclaimed, "Good! You are able to keep your composure in front of me. That is hard to find. Which sect are you from? If you are not from any sect, why not join the Five Ghosts Sect? I can guarantee that you would be treated similarly to me!"

He was experienced and recognized that Fang Yuan did not belong to any sect.

Lin Leiyue's heart fell when she heard what Gui Wusheng said.

"Enter the Five Ghosts Sect?"

Fang Yuan appeared to seriously consider the offer before shaking his head, "Sorry, I am not interested. It would be kind of you if you would tell me the location of the Yin Yang Jade. I would be so grateful..."

"Sigh... What a shame!"

Gui Wusheng sighed with his hands placed behind his back.

"Oh? Why is that so?"

Having undergone 10-odd years of being nurtured by Master Wenxin, Fang Yuan had long treated him as a teacher and a father. There was no way Fang Yuan would destroy that relationship by joining another sect.

"It is a shame that you have to die today even though you are young and talented!"

Gui Wusheng's face was sinister, "Die!"


His words overflowed with power. It was as if there was the clap of thunder directly beside his opponent's ears.

Lin Leiyue paled. Fresh blood trickled from her ears.

"What a technique! If Fang Yuan was complacent, he would not live!"

Lin Leiyue immediately turned her attention to the scene as soon as she regained her senses. What she saw surprised her.

It was impossible to follow the fight with the naked eye. All she could see were flashes of two shadows fighting each other.

"The Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique?"

Gui Wusheng gazed at Fang Yuan's torn sleeves and cuts on the arms, his face turned dark.

The technique Gui Wusheng had just used was capable of disabling a Martial Artist (7th Gate) momentarily and could ensure a swift victory by following up with a decisive strike. It was not easy even for a Martial Artist (7th Gate) to counter it. Gui Wusheng had once used this tactic to kill a Martial Artist ( 7th Gate).

He was therefore shocked when he saw that Fang Yuan was unaffected by the technique and even engaged him in battle immediately. Furthermore, Fang Yuan's Iron Skin Technique was perfect. There was no way Gui Wusheng could kill him in a single strike.

"Not bad! This is indeed the Iron Skin!"

Fang Yuan let out a deep breath. He looked at his surroundings and realized that the disciples of the Spirit Returning Sect and the Five Ghosts Sect had not recovered.

Gui Wusheng's technique was a psychological attack which tested one's magical energy!

Fang Yuan was not afraid of any martial artist in this aspect. His vigorous magical energy allowed him to instantly recover from Gui Wusheng's technique.

He would have been able to put Gui Wusheng at a severe disadvantage if he had learnt the methods to counter the attack on magical energy.

As it was, Gui Wusheng was shocked.

He looked at Fang Yuan's youthful face and could only think of 1 word: Monster. It would be best to get rid of those talented enemies as soon as possible.

Gui Wusheng did not hesitate any longer. In a flash, he created multiple shadow clones and rushed forward. Throwing his palms outwards, he conjured a whole sky full of black blood-thirsty bats.

"18 Black Bats Palm!"

Yin Wujiu let out a surprised gasp as he recognized that this was Gui Wusheng's trump card. He could not believe it.

He would never imagine that his senior, who had broken through 8 Gates, would use such a technique and all his energy against the youth facing him.

"Good move!"

Fang Yuan shouted. His Iron Skin technique formed an armour-like protection beneath his skin and acted as another layer of protection.

His arms had turned black with the sheen of metal. His palms started to emit the poison of the Pearl Tail Snake!

"Gui Wusheng had forced him to give his all with his relentless attacks!"

"Eagle Air Strike!"


Lin Leiyue stumbled back a few steps amidst the strong gust. She was already in a daze.

From her perspective, she saw a majestic eagle charging straight into the wall of ravenous bats and took them head-on.

This level of battle had greatly outstripped her capabilities as well as that of the disciples in the Spirit Returning Sect.

Even those highly-skilled martial artists from the Five Ghosts Sect could be killed by the ghost bats if they were to enter the battle.

As such, all they could do was to watch the two high-leveled martial artists battle as they moved deeper into the dense forest.

"What should we do....without the head of the sect?"

A disciple of the Spirit Returning Sect asked as he looked at the wake of destruction caused by Fang Yuan and Gui Wusheng.


Lin Leiyue looked on.

At the moment, Lin Huang was unconscious. With Yin Wujiu heavily wounded, the Five Ghosts Sect no longer had any skilled masters. The sect's power and influence were greatly diminished.

Her side was the same with Yu Qiuleng gravely wounded.

She secretly rejoiced that she brought Fang Yuan along which had prevented the downfall of her fellow disciples in the sect.


Lin Leiyue walked away before suddenly turning around and drawing her sword, "Kill!"


A disciple of the Five Ghosts Sect who did not manage to dodge in time had his throat slit open and he toppled over.

"If we are leaving, we might as well kill Lin Huang and Yin Wujiu!"

The remaining disciples of the Spirit Returning Sect and the Five Ghosts Sect plunged into battle following Lin Leiyue's outcry...

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