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Chapter 60: Winning

Chapter 60: Winning

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A few screams were heard along the main road.

"Aahh, my face. Don't hit my face! Aahh!!"

"Stop hitting, I will give you all the money!"

"You are a good man so please spare me! Spare me please!"


These few rookies who had just integrated into the world of martial arts were bruised badly. The few of them handed over everything that they had.

"Isn't this better now? This whole area belongs to me…."

Wang Fugui happily showed his superiority and punched the young martial artist who talked back to him previously. He then took a gold and silver-thread pouch from him and stopped as his was satisfied with what he had gotten. He then said, "You all are considered lucky today. If you all were at my Bull's Head Mountain, you few weaklings would have lost a few of your own….Now get out of here!"

He lifted his leg and kicked an unlucky one who fled the slowest. That unlucky one rolled and crawled and was wishing so badly that he should have been born without his legs.

"Tut Tut….."

After they fled, Wang Fugui counted how much he had gotten and was satisfied. "There are so many easy targets right here….Plus, many of them are rich. Unfortunately, I can't relocate my home to this place…."

"Hehe! I can buy myself a few drinks at the brothel again today!"

Wang Fugui played with the coin pouch and wondered, "Not really sure where Brother Fang Yuan is now…."

However, when he was on his way back home, he saw a group of martial artists running towards him angrily. The ones leading the group were the few young ones he bullied just now.

"That's him, the tanned one. Don't let him escape!"

The few bruised young ones looked at him and their eyes were filled with anger.

"Woah, time to run!"

Wang Fugui immediately ran in the opposite direction and retreated into a nearby jungle under the hot pursuit of the group of martial artists.

Even though their lightness skill were not that great, they were all trained in martial arts and had a great amount of physical strength. Hence, it didn't take a long time for them to catch up in the jungle.


Wang Fugui cursed while he escaped frantically. "If I was near the Bull's Head Mountain now, they would have lost me....and I could even request a group of men to help me. This place here is so deserted and it is difficult to even find one who can lend a helping hand right now…. Damn….."

He cursed halfway and stopped suddenly with his eyes wide open.

Two people appeared right in front of him with a speed that was not easily distinguished by a naked eye. The two swiftly cleared the nearby trees to make a pathway.

"This is not good!"

Looking at how powerful those two were, Wang Fugui gave a weird cry and rolled clumsily out of the way.

"Kill him!"

"Don't let that evil thief get away!"

While Wang Fugui managed to dodge out of the way, the group who were chasing him ran straight into the danger he dodged to avoid.

"Whiz! Whiz!"

Silhouette sped past with immense forces!

A few screams were then heard. Many of the martial artists were sent flying about as they spat out blood from their pale faces.

"Aahh…. Old Zhong is seriously injured!"

"Even a [Martial Artist (6th Gate)] with inner power is also badly injured…."

"Please spare us! Please spare us!"

"Don't come any further…..Aahh…."


No matter how much they pleaded for mercy, the silhouettes ruthlessly ignored their desperate pleas and finished them off gruesomely.

Their deaths were considered to be of slightly useful as it slowed down the two silhouettes. One of them was a white-haired old man who was exhausted. He stepped on one of the heads of the dead martial artists and propelled himself off the ground. The force from this pushed the head down into the chest of the dead body.

"Gui Wusheng…..don't you dare to escape!"

Then came the voice of a young man. A pair of arms reached out ferociously for the figure in front. It seemed as if though the pursuer was very determined to rip the person in front to shreds.

"This figure…..this voice….Why do both features seem so similar to Brother Fang Yuan's?"

Wang Fugui spat out the grass that went into his mouth and stared on in awe.

At that moment, one of the survivors from behind exclaimed.

"Hold on a second! Gui Wusheng! Could he be that famous elder from the Five Ghosts Sect and who was an expert in Death Gate?!"

"Look at how murderous he is, who else could it be other than him? He looks like he has broken through the 4 Heavenly Gates….."

"But it looked like he was at a disadvantage…..my goodness. I wonder who was the one that was chasing him?"

A few of the young martial artists lost their limbs while some of them were still spitting out blood and in shock. A strong man carrying an axe came to them and mocked them. "I know the person who was chasing the old man. However, you all don't have to know as you all are going to be dead soon….."


"Black Sand Eagle Claw Palm!"

"Ghostly Dark Claw!"

In the mountains, the scenery objects on both sides were destroyed.

Fang Yuan's eyes focused and he fluttered forward suddenly. Once again, he duelled with Gui Wusheng.


It was incredibly powerful but it was not as destructive as before.

Both of them were now near their limits.

However, in actual fact, the opponent was an expert and he deliberately caused Fang Yuan to overexert much of his inner strength.

Just that every time this happened, Fang Yuan would swallow down a bamboo fruit quickly. His essence, spirit and magic would then recover immediately.

The spiritual bamboo fruit not only helped in the growth of spiritual beasts, it also helped in recovering one's essence, spirit and magic. This was one of the backup moves Fang Yuan prepared this time.

"This again!"

Gui Wusheng was extremely depressed to see his inner strength being exhausted and while Fang Yuan was recovering so quickly.

From the start, he was suppressing the cunning Fang Yuan. However, Fang Yuan was well trained in martial arts and was difficult to deal with. Fang Yuan also had the spiritual medicine which allowed him to recover quickly. Hence the fight dragged on and on for nearly 3 days!

Even though Gui Wusheng brought some pills as well, how could those pills be compared to the phoenix's bamboo fruit? The bamboo fruit was definitely way more superior.

In the beginning, it was Fang Yuan who was escaping from Gui Wusheng. Now, it was the other way round.

Also, if Fang Yuan managed to catch up this time, Gui Wusheng would be dead!

"What a cunning lad indeed. From the start, he pretended that he was not my enemy and led me into the mountains to prevent me from calling for help…...Luckily there are signs of human habitation here, which suggest that the city should be nearby..."

Even so, Gui Wusheng had to admit that he started to become fearful of Fang Yuan during the fight.

Fang Yuan couldn't be defeated easily and could recover so quickly. If he was not a monster then what was he?

Even if Gui Wusheng managed to escape today, it would be hard to say whether he would even want to take revenge on Fang Yuan in the future.


Fang Yuan's eyes focused.

His abundant magical energy allowed him to feel a drop in Gui Wusheng's vitality.

It was similar to a string breaking when stretched past its limit.

At that moment, Gui Wusheng was reaching near his limit. However he still had a glimpse of hope, but it was this hopeful thought that brought about his downfall.


Fang Yuan did not hesitate and shouted.


His voice was so loud like thunder and it almost deafened Gui Wusheng's ears.

"Aahh…..my Paralysing Scream!"

Gui Wusheng was shocked and couldn't avoid what was going to happen.

"Eagle Claw Palm!"

At that moment, Fang Yuan immediately caught up with him and took a shot. Fang Yuan broke all his limbs!


Gui Wusheng fell to the ground softly and was in shock.

"Haha…..I've finally won!"

With his wisdom in martial arts, he actually managed to defeat an expert in Death Gate. Fang Yuan was very impressed with himself and was at a loss for words. He couldn't wait to cry into the air and rejoice.

"How is this possible….how could you have known my secret technique?"

When he was conscious again, this was the first sentence he said.

"Your secret technique…..involves the display of your magical energy isn't it? It wasn't that difficult, was it?"

Fang Yuan went forward and punched his lower abdomen. Fang Yuan then gave him a few slaps, causing Gui Wusheng to be injured badly in the face. The force of these blows knocked out some of his teeth into a bloody mess.

There was no other way. In his dream world, things like 'tearing tendons', 'committing suicide', 'poison in one's mouth' and many more left deep impressions on Fang Yuan.

Now, Gui Wusheng's limbs were broken, his martial arts abilities stripped off and his teeth knocked out. If he could still commit suicide in this short period of time, Fang Yuan would really be impressed by him.

"Oh….I…..understand now. You…..are naturally born with stronger magical energy…."

Gui Wusheng couldn't speak properly but he managed to express what he meant clearly. "This is heaven's will! Heaven's will!"

"Whatever you say!"

Fang Yuan then impolitely searched Gui Wusheng's body for something of value to keep.

There were many bottles and cans on his body and most of them contained things like poisonous powder, medicine, flammable items and coins.

Fang Yuan smelled a few medicine bottles and threw them away.

Gui Wusheng didn't even poison him. Plus, Fang Yuan was highly skilled in medicine and had Yama's Order with him to remove any kind of poison. Hence, the poison made by Gui Wusheng was nothing

in his eyes.

However, Fang Yuan's eyes glittered when he opened a wooden box.

Inside the box was a piece of jade. The piece of jade was clear and shiny. There were faint black and red textures inside it and the textures seemed to be moving, making it special.

"Is this the Yin Yang Jade?!"

Fang Yuan murmured and couldn't believe his eyes. How could he able to get hold of such treasure in a farce?

Clearly, he wasn't prepared to receive anything good, was it? This was simply like a gift straight from heaven and coincidentally, it landed on him.

"Something is not right. What is actually going on?"

Fang Yuan, of course, couldn't believe that he would be so lucky. He immediately grabbed Gui Wusheng by his collar and questioned him.

"Haha…..you really think I will tell you?"

Life was slowly fading from Gui Wusheng's eyes.

Fang Yuan kept silent for a while and slowly said, "You may not know yet that I am Fang Yuan and I live in the secluded valley!"

Gui Wusheng's expression changed upon hearing what Fang Yuan said.

No matter how ignorant he was, he heard about the famous doctor in Qingye City.

"As a doctor myself, I have many ways to make people speak. I do not wish to test these methods one by one on you….Plus, you do have relatives, friends and disciples don't you?"

Fang Yuan said in a deep voice.

"You….are a member of the martial arts world and how could you go against the principle of not hurting one's family….."

Gui Wusheng struggled and said.

"Who told you that I was a member of the martial arts world?"

Fang Yuan glanced at him and gave a jocose look.

Gui Wusheng remained silent and Fang Yuan saw through him. Gui Wusheng was pretending to be sanctimonious but he was actually indifferent from any other people. He could do anything if he forced himself to do so.

After a long period of silence, he finally admitted defeat. "This Yin Yang Jade was actually a treasure of the Five Ghosts Sect…."

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