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Chapter 61: Emerge

Chapter 61: Emerge

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"This Yin Yang Jade came from the Five Ghosts Sect?"

Fang Yuan was shocked. "Is the news about the treasure fake too? Just to create chaos?"

"That's right!"

Gui Wusheng nodded and appeared lost.

"To create confusion, you guys can even use the Yin Yang Jade as bait..."

Fang Yuan took in a deep breath.

To hide from the many martial artists, sacrifice would be required, and this was the sole purpose of the Yin Yang Jade.

With a [Martial Artist (8th Gate)] and a well thought-out plan, the Yin Yang Jade was safe. Unfortunately, they encountered Fang Yuan…..

"Good! However, the focus is not on the Yin Yang Jade..."

Fang Yuan threw the jade up in the air and became serious. "That what is your real motive?"

"Our real motive..."

Gui Wusheng became expressionless but slowly began to describe. "It is a treasure map! Or should I say, an incomplete scrap... Our Sect once received a copy, but it was lost. This is the second copy!"


Luori City.

This city was at the extreme North of Lieyang County, and even further North of Shaoyang City. There was a ridge of mountains outside the city, called Xuanyan. Legend has it that there was fire everywhere and was extremely dangerous.

It was noon, and farmers were ploughing on their farms, businessman working in their shops. Often kids could be seen playing by the river, and it was a lively sight to behold.


Just before the gates to the city were closed, a person in a cloak hurriedly rushed to enter Luori City.

"This place... Is indeed different from Shaoyang City!"

This cloaked person was Fang Yuan.

After Gui Wusheng's tip-off, he hurriedly killed him and rushed to Luori City.

Compared to Shaoyang City, which was filled with martial artists, Luori City was more lively. The villagers were carefree, and no one would have thought that under this peace was a big mystery.

'Even if I said it out, no one would believe that most of the Sect masters of Five Ghosts Sect actually live here...'

Even though it was quieter than Shaoyang City, Fang Yuan could feel an immense pressure as he entered Luori City.

This wasn't a real feeling, but more of his imagination. It made him realise that this place was ten times more dangerous than Shaoyang City! A hundred times!

"I still cannot fight and win any Martial artist of 4 Heavenly Gates..."

Fang Yuan knew his own capabilities. He could easily defeat any [Martial Artist (7th Gate)], or be on par with a [Martial Artist (8th Gate)].

If he made use of his external martial arts techniques, he might get a chance at winning. However, against the martial artists of 4 Heavenly Gates who trained and fused their Yin and Yang, he would stand no chance.

Furthermore, the Sect Leader of Five Ghosts Sect was similar to Shi Yutong and had already attained Wu Zong!

"At the moment, I can only hope for an internal conflict for myself to reap the benefits afterwards... Hopefully, the news that I let out would be useful!"

In such a dangerous position, he could only keep reminding himself not to be too stubborn.

If he succeeded, that would be best, but if he did not, it was still alright, as staying alive was the most important.

Even if he did not get anything, in the end, he still would have the Yin Yang Jade as a consolation prize.

"I am about to break through the Death Gate, and by then the Yin Yang Jade would be useful in aiding me in my journey to become a martial artist of 4 Heavenly Gates!"

Fang Yuan thought for a while, walked along the streets and entered a hostel.

"It seems that Spirit Returning Sect is not foolish. Elder Han was lured to Shaoyang City, Shi Yutong couldn't locate him... If they received my anonymous letter they would surely come and fight over it... I shall be the coward to watch the fight by the side!"

After deciding, he booked a small room. Every day, it seemed that he was quietly practising his martial arts, but in actual fact, he was observing the movement within Luori City.

After all, he had already decided not to appear. If there was no response from the Spirit Returning Sect, or if the news came late, then he could only accept it.


"The Five Ghosts Sect Sect Master being sceptical, did not really describe the real treasure map to Gui Wusheng. He only instructed him to spread the fake news. Only a few martial artists of 4 Heavenly Gates know the truth..."

Fang Yuan was practising his martial arts peacefully in the small room. White smoke rose from his head like fog, and it appeared like clouds were forming.

"[Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 7)] progress is filled, and now I just need to find an opportunity to break through the Death Gate..."

Breaking through the 8th Gate was extremely decisive. If breaking through failed, he would die, and there would be no second chance!

Although he was confident in his own foundation, Fang Yuan wanted to condition his body to the best it could be while breaking through.


His ears stood up as he heard the loud rumble.

"Hmm? They've started fighting already?"

Fang Yuan leapt over the wall and saw a bright crimson flash from within the city. Shoutings were heard and shadows flying around. He was happy to witness this scene.

With his abilities, it was impossible to stalk the Five Ghosts Sect and ambush them, but it would be a totally different story if the Spirit Returning Sect were to do it.

Without consideration, Fang Yuan jumped down and made his way towards the crimson flash.

"Ping! Ping!"

The nearer he approached, the louder the rumbling became, as though thunder roared ten times simultaneously.

A chaos of this scale would surely attract the attention of the soldiers and martial artists. However, no one dared to take another step towards them, and the whole mess was a good opportunity for Fang Yuan.

As he came closer, he realised that it wasn't a fight within the Five Ghosts Sect's compound, but in a rich businessman's manor.

At this moment, numerous shadows flew across the roof, and every action they took was full of strength.

"From the Spirit Returning Sect? All the way here?"

In the scene was a duo in black, surrounding an old lady clad in silver clothing.

Although these 3 people appeared lifeless, their moves were deadly and they appeared powerful. Even Fang Yuan himself was afraid to join the fight.

"Martial artists of the 4 Heavenly Gates!"

Fang Yuan hid to the side and stared at the old lady, shocked.

Even though all of them were martial artists of 4 Heavenly Gates, the old lady could sweep her crutch and pressure the other two. She was extremely strong.


Out of a sudden, the old lady shrieked, and the lion head on her crutch pounced forward, breaking through the defence of one of the elders, as it touched his chest.


The two elders retreated quickly, and the one which was touched by the old lady began to spit out blood.

"Good! Good! Good!"

The younger brother clenched his teeth, his eyes seeking revenge. "Elder Yan... Lady Yan! Today's score will be settled, and we the Ghost Brothers will remember it for life!

Together with his brother, one was Yin and one was Yang, but against this Lady Yan, they realised that she already broke through 11 Gates, and have already fused her Yin and Yang to become an elemental energy martial artist!

At this stage, the only thing she needed to do was to train and get ready to break through Heaven Gate!

[Martial Artist (11th Gate)] are not to be belittled as they harnessed elemental force. It was therefore not so surprising to see her fend of two opponents by herself.


Lady Yan kept her crutch, coughed a few times, hunched her back and lost all her craziness previously during the fight. "Cough... As I get older, my memory would fail me... Two of you, did you see me leave anything behind? Do a good deed and pass it to me, and I will offer tea, apologise and leave immediately, how does that sound?"

"What thing? We didn't see anything!"

The Ghost Brothers appeared shocked and denied.

"Heh... I have not told you what is it, so why are you so quick to turn me down?"

Lady Yan shook her head, rolled her eyes and looked at the two of them. "What a pity, Yin Shizhong, Brother Yin is not here. He should have lured Elder Han away by now, right? Two of you cannot hold me back!

The Ghost Brothers looked aghast, but could not deny that she was stating the truth.

At this moment, Fang Yuan was hiding in the shadows.His hair stood on its ends as he became increasingly anxious. He took a deep breath and concealed himself even more.

"They cannot block you, but how about me?"

Behind Lady Yan was a fearless and cold-blooded voice. It was as though every word of his could freeze one's blood.

While the voice was heard, Lady Yan immediately swung her crutch backwards with immense strength.


The lion on the crutch opened its jaws and spewed crimson fire, accompanied with black smoke.

After striking, Lady Yan struck forward again, caught her footing and turned around.

Where she once stood was empty, and only the remnants of the raging fire were left behind, which stunned her.

"Very impressive, I've heard about stories of Lady Yan's 'Flaming Lion Crutch'. It was designed by Carpenter Lu, sturdy and able to spew poisonous fire from the top of the crutch. It is ranked 87th in the secluded mountains unique weapon ranking, and I've finally seen it for myself today..."

The voice came from behind Lady Yan. Although it sounded normal, it was a praise.

"Five... Ghosts... Sect... Master!"

Lady Yan turned pale and stuttered while saying out the name she feared most.

Only someone who had broken through the Heaven Gate attained Wu Zong and able to harness elemental force would be able to toy around with her!

"This is... Wu Zong?"

Fang Yuan shuddered and did not dare to look at the Five Ghosts Sect Sect Master.

After all, based on rumours, the Wu Zong martial artist is extremely sensitive and would be able to sense when someone is looking at him. He then would feel the urge to kill those within 35 yards.

"Keke! Why would Sect Master find trouble with Lady Yan? If you have any vengeance, just deal with me!"

At this moment, accompanying bell ringing, Shi Yutong appeared and seemed welcoming. "I had a few suspicions when I heard about the news, but after seeing Sect Master here, I have no more doubts!"

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