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Chapter 63: Reveal

Chapter 63: Reveal

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"This is…."

Fang Yuan retreated but the Bloody Python was coming straight at him and an explosion was heard


In this very short period of time, he could only execute the inner strength of the Iron Skin Technique to defend himself. A bright red light flashed across him.


Fang Yuan's expression changed and could only feel intense pain on both of his hands. A powerful and corrosive energy broke through his defence and was spreading across his arms.

He was suffering till now as his inner strength of the [Eagle Claw Technique (Grade 7)] was deflected easily by that energy. This situation was similar to when a martial artist who was trained in inner power duelled with an expert in inner force.


He rolled and landed on the ground. He was in shock and said, "Is this…..the elemental force? So the rumour of a well trained spiritual knight having the ability to leverage the power of nature is true!!"


The explosion of the blood-coloured python caused the bodies of the martial artists who were defeated to disappear.

Fang Yuan survived as he managed to escape far away from the explosion. Plus, he was only badly injured, which meant he still had a chance of survival.

The mysterious man in black was surprised after seeing this. "You are lucky. Others who have tasted my bloody elemental force in normal circumstances would not have to think about surviving."

Looking at Fang Yuan who was unconscious, he moved 2 steps forward and a bloody bright light appeared on his right hand. It seemed that he wanted to end Fang Yuan's life.


At that moment, a shout was heard from the magma lake and it sounded urgent.

"Damn it! Can't even hold it longer, what a useless guy!"

The man in black changed his expression and abandoned Fang Yuan and galloped away.

"My Bloody Python will strike in all directions!"

The Bloody Python was executed along with a roar and it became more powerful and concentrated. It also gave out a noxious rotting smell.

"Spiritual knight? ....No! Another spiritual disciple that has not been promoted? So he is your backup?"

Shi Yutong said in a clear and loud voice which could be heard from far away.

'Shi Yutong was so capable that she could make the head of the Five Ghosts Sect use his backup move on her…..but his backup move is indeed incredible….."

There was a breeze and Fang Yuan who was 'badly injured' got up and frowned. He focused his inner forcefully on healing his injuries.

Previously, he was pretending to be unconscious actually. If the mysterious spiritual knight had decided to kill him, he would have fought for his life.

Luckily for him, Shi Yutong's skill was way superior and could manage to suppress the head of the Five Ghosts Sect and distract him, allowing Fang Yuan to escape and survive.

"But what about these injuries due to the elemental force….."

Fang Yuan was expressionless. He looked at his arm and frowned.

When he was attacked by the Bloody Python, his clothing on both of his arms was broken into pieces and this caused his exposed arm to be burnt. The wounds on his arm were so bad that he could see the bones of his arm.

Even his inner force couldn't help to heal his injuries fast enough and suppress it from spreading.

"This bloody elemental force acts like a poison? It is indeed powerful!"

He could feel intense pain and numbness from his injuries. Fang Yuan knew that if he still didn't receive any medical attention yet, his injuries would worsen and spread. By then, he would have to amputate both of his arms and his life would also be in danger!

"Since it is poison and the injuries are due to elemental force, normal pills shouldn't work….."

He frowned and took out two bamboo fruits with much difficulty. He swallowed them and thought about the Yama's Order he had with him. He then drank the whole bottle of Yama's Order as well.

"Hoo hoo!"

The bamboo fruit was indeed a powerful spiritual object. Once the fruit entered his stomach, Fang Yuan could feel a clear stream gurgling through his arms and his arms felt less painful.

"Luckily…..I have the bamboo fruit with me still. If not, with these injuries, I would really be in big trouble!"

Fang Yuan bandaged his wounds and lurked towards the magma lake to see what was going on.


The tremendous force from the one of the duelist's palm technique caused sound effects which sounded like the howling of the wind.

He could see the duel between Shi Yutong and head of the Five Ghosts Sect. Their moves were very fast and fluid. There were no explosions although there were loud noises created during the duel.

That mysterious disciple beside the both of them was circling 9 Bloody Pythons and murmuring incantations. This caused the Bloody Pythons to flank Shi Yutong constantly.

Shi Yutong was actually fearful of such spiritual attacks and it gave the head of the Five Ghosts Sect a chance for a breather when he was almost going to be defeated. Now, he had a chance to gain the upper hand.

As time passed, the three of them were fully focused on the fight and completely unaware of their surroundings.

"Haha….that is unfortunate!"

Fang Yuan felt regretful when he saw what happened.

Victory was about to land in on one of the party's hand. If he was an expert in 4 Heavenly Gates, he would be able to change the verdict of the duel.

However, he was just a [Martial Artist (7th Gate)] and he was injured. If he was to join in the battle now, he would definitely not survived through it.

"Patience! Patience!"

He advised himself silently and hid somewhere even deeper.

After all, he wasn't here to obtain something of value and since now he knew how powerful the spiritual knight was, it was not a good time for him to attack.

"Both Wu Zong and the spiritual knight are trained in elemental force. However, both would produce different effects….."

This battle was actually a good chance for him to learn and improve further.

"The spiritual knight is more focused on the conversion of his elemental force into spells…..On the other hand, Wu Zong also has elemental energy but one will use it to condition his or her body. Therefore, both have different uses!"

"However, according to what Shi Yutong said, the man in black has not been promoted to become a spiritual knight, but he is powerful enough to duel with Wu Zong….."

"However, Shi Yutong is highly skilled and was scheming. How could she land herself in such a disadvantageous situation?"


Fang Yuan pondered over his thoughts and focused on hiding himself.

"I cannot give her any more chances as she is waiting for me to be lured out of the city and there will definitely be traps…..Blood Killer!!!"

The head of the Five Ghosts Sect shouted and his eyes were filled with anger. He seemed to have a secret technique and his energy surged. "Five Ghosts Soul Capturing Technique!"

He stretched his fingers and visible black smokes could be seen. It then became like a ferocious looking ghost which pounced forward.

"Wu! Wu!"

"Jie jie!"



At that moment, there were many ghostly screams heard and 5 streaks of black smokes transformed into a giant ghostly claw. The claw fiercely clamped down like the Five Fingers Mountain.

"He released his elemental force to form that?"

Shi Yutong let out a surprised scream and she transformed into 9 silhouettes suddenly which darted off in all directions.

"Come down now!"

The head of the Five Ghosts Sect gave a ferocious look and pulled back both of his hands.

His Ghostly Claw tore through the silhouettes and left Shi Yutong in her original spot.

Shi Yutong's moves were impressive but the Ghostly Claw was much more superior!

"What are you waiting for?!"

After such a move, the sect head of the Five Ghosts Sect was already panting. He could not move to sustain his Ghostly Claw and could only shout in despair.

"Haha! Well done!"

Presented with this golden opportunity, the Blood Killer would not let it slip.

He used his Ghostly Claw to suppress Shi Yutong and the 9 Bloody Pythons were attacking her at the same time. "9 Bloody Pythons, you shall explode!!!!!!!!!!"


As compared to how the Bloody Pythons attacked Fang Yuan previously, the Bloody Pythons revealed their tongues this time and made hissing sounds. Their scales were revealed clearly and they were indeed powerful.

Seeing that the Bloody Pythons were charging towards Shi Yutong, the head of the Five Ghosts Sect was elated.

"Whiz whiz!"

At that moment, there was a sudden change!

A few emerald flashes struck the pythons' heads.

"Puff! Puff!"

The heads of the pythons exploded one by one like explosives and blood splashed everywhere.

Suddenly, there was a sound of a flute coming from far and the notes from it were incredibly lively. Fang Yuan could feel the notes invigorating him as if he was in a different setting, filled with blooming flowers in spring.

"Sorry that I came late, please forgive me!"

From the sound of the flute, the head of the Five Ghosts Sect retreated and spat out a mouthful of blood. His Five Ghosts Soul Capturing Technique was then lifted.

A clear and spiritual female voice was heard along with the sound of the flute.

After the sound, a beam of emerald green light struck right beside the Blood Killer.

"Aahh...elemental blood defence!"

He shouted and a pool of blood appeared on his body. However, he couldn't avoid what was about to happen as the beam of the emerald green light struck through his body, leaving a bloody hole.

"A flute? A woman?!"

The Blood Killer covered his chest and seemed to have recalled something scary. He immediately escaped without hesitation!

Before he left, he gave a ferocious look and patted the head of the Five Ghosts Sect's back. He then placed a violet pill on the head of the Five Ghosts Sect's Yuzhen acupuncture point.

"Blood Killer….you?"

Seeing that his ally betrayed him, the head of the Five Ghosts Sect was in shock and wasn't ready to defend himself.

The pill that was placed by the Blood Killer was especially mysterious. The pill went through his skin and he could feel its effect instantly.

"Hoo! Hoo!"

The head of the Five Ghosts Sect kept panting and his face was blushing. Many of his veins started hideously to pop out like worms beneath his skin.

Suddenly, he shouted and pounced right at Shi Yutong like a crazy man.

The Blood Killer then managed to escape with this opportunity.


"Crazy Blood Pill?"

At that moment, a lady arrived at the scene. She was dressed in a green gown, wore a golden bangle on her head and had an emerald-coloured belt at her waist. She was beautiful.

Seeing that the head of the Five Ghosts Sect had become crazy, she joined in the battle. Both the lady and Shi Yutong managed to suppress him.

"Fortunately, you came just in time to help me. Otherwise, I would be in big trouble…..Why did you let the Blood Killer off?"

Shi Yutong asked.

The lady in green then answered with a laugh. "You overestimate me. Even though Blood Killer had not been promoted to become the spiritual knight, but right after he had seen my secret technique, he thought I was way more superior and thus he fled…."

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