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Chapter 64: Resistance

Chapter 64: Resistance

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"Seeing how things are, it seems that both Shi Yutong and the Five Ghosts Sect have their own ideas on how to defeat each other, and both had managed to get assistance..."

At the sound of the flute, the Blood Killer escaped and Fang Yuan managed to retreat as well.

"The only difference is that Shi Yutong's reinforcement came from outside the city, and only arrived after Lady Yan was discovered, and therefore Shi Yutong was forced to reveal herself to lure the head of Five Ghosts Sect out of the city...."

"Shi Yutong's skill was above that of the head of the Five Ghosts Sect, and her assistant could scare away the Blood Killer. She was totally in control of the situation, and they had no chance of retaliating!"

"Lieyang County will be very different from this day onwards..."

Fang Yuan witnessed how the Blood Killer betrayed head of the Five Ghosts Sect and used him as a bait for him to escape, and knew that the head of the Five Ghosts Sect was unlikely to walk out alive under the attack of Shi Yutong and her strong assistant.

The Five Ghost Sect would crumble without their head, and other sects would take advantage of them once they were at their downfall.



Fang Yuan flew into the woods, his eyes filled with fury.

"The Blood Killer is only strong in his spiritual spells. As for his martial arts cultivation, he is only equivalent to that of a [Martial Artist (5th Gate)]... Furthermore, he was hurt by the emerald flashes..."

"And as for me? I've recovered from eating the bamboo fruit, and although my external wounds look terrifying, my internal wounds have already recovered quite a bit, and I can even fight!"

Fang Yuan was unwilling to risk his life for a treasure map he knew little about.

But it's different about the Blood Killer!

This person was a spiritual knight! ... Alright, according to Shi Yutong he was a spiritual knight-to-be, and badly hurt too. This was attractive to Fang Yuan, who wanted to observe spiritual spells in action.

With the intention to stalk the Blood Killer, the Blood Killer could not run away from Fang Yuan.

Indeed, after an hour, the Blood Killer stopped near a mountain spring to take a rest.

The bandage over his wound on his chest was red. He twitched and felt suspicious. "The spiritual weapon does not seem to be the widely-known Spiritual Emerald Silk! If the Spiritual Emerald Silk attacked me personally, I would never have the chance to escape... Could it be that someone is tricking me?"

After thinking, he felt extremely regretful.

He knew that with him and the head of the Five Ghosts Sect teaming up, they would just be able to take down Shi Yutong, but the moment her ally arrived, even if it was a young disciple, they would have won. This was the main reason why he escaped without a doubt.

The only thing was that betraying the head of the Five Ghosts Sect was akin to burning a bridge, and felt that it was a pity.

"Curse you! After I have officially become a spiritual knight, I will peel all your skins alive to vent out my anger and take my revenge..."

Blood Killer sighed, bent down and drank the spring water.

After quenching his thirst, he opened his robes, looked at the blood-red bandage, clenched his teeth and tore it apart.


As the bandage fell apart, blood spurt out of the wound.


He bit his teeth and was sweating profusely. His right arm was shivering as he retrieved a dark-green bottle from his pocket. He scattered some white powder onto his wound and began to bandage it.

Fang Yuan came out of hiding and took a few steps forward.

"Who's that?"

As the Blood Killer looked up, his eyes revealed an emerald flash, as though he was an injured wolf.

'I was discovered?'

Fang Yuan changed his mind, stood up and acted as though he was afraid. "Don't... Don't kill me..."


Blood Killer noticed his rotting arm and was perplexed. "You were that martial artist, but why are you still alive? How is this possible?"

He knew Fang Yuan was a [Martial Artist (6th/7th Gate)] and therefore was not on guard. Unknowingly, he took a few steps towards him as though he was a weak martial artist who was easily affected by his blood elemental force. He was suspicious as to how Fang Yuan survived his attack.

"This is the moment!"

Fang Yuan stood his ground and struck.


He rushed forward and felt the air rush over his claws, as he made an eagle's cry. He appeared next to the Blood Killer as his claws emerged, with a black spot on his palm; the poison from the mutated Pearl Tail Snake harnessed in his palms.


Even though he was injured, he remained calm as he looked at Fang Yuan attacking him, as though he was extremely confident.

"Mind Calming Spell!"

He bit his tongue and spit out blood towards Fang Yuan, and shouted.


A weird vibration was felt as it travelled onto Fang Yuan's body.

Fang Yuan was shocked, and at the moment his stood at where he was, maintaining his pouncing posture.

"Hehe... This Mind Calming Spell is indeed useful when dealing with normal people... Cough Cough..."

After two coughs, he examined Fang Yuan. "This person could survive my Bloody Python attack, it seems he is somewhat special. He would be a good ingredient for me to make a blood corpse... And while I am injured, I will need protection..."


He took two steps forward, and in his right hand was a dark-red pill. Mischief filled his eyes, as he exclaimed, "From today onwards, I am your master, and now, eat this!"

Blood Killer ordered and stretched his right hand out.

But at that moment, his expression changed.

Fang Yuan's expressionless face changed to one of mocking.

'This isn't possible, how can a normal human being who is not of Wu Zong level be able to escape my Mind Calming Spell... Could it be...'

Wild thoughts ran through his mind, quick as lightning.

There were very close to each other and it would be useless if any one of them tried to defend himself.

This golden opportunity was one that Fang Yuan wouldn't give up.


He focused his inner force and his words were loud as thunder. It was something he picked up from Gui Wusheng, and the Blood Killer was stunned for the moment.

His right hand struck out like lightning and formed an eagle's claw. He hooked on to the throat of Blood Killer, pulled with his might and a distinct fracture sound could be heard.

"Eagle Claw Technique! Black Sand Palm!"

After the first move, Fang Yuan continuously struck at the Blood Killer like raindrops, every move aiming at the Blood Killer's vulnerable spot.

After all, he was a cunning person and Fang Yuan was afraid to let him survive.

Fang Yuan was fortunate to be lucky.

Blood Killer's corpse landed on the ground, like a doll being abused.


Fang Yuan heaved a sigh of relieve after witnessing his death but was afraid of the trouble which might come along.

To deal with a spiritual disciple was indeed not an easy task.

Even when he was injured, he could conjure up spells. If not for Fang Yuan's remarkable magic abilities, he would have been trapped and made his slave.

On hindsight, it was rather scary.

"However... Even though the elemental energy of the spiritual disciple is similar to that of Wu Zong, it was extremely different... Just now, it felt as though he had used up all his energy and had little strength left."

With combat experience, Fang Yuan realised a little secret of the spiritual disciple. "After all, their defence is average. Take for instance this Blood Killer. Without the help of the sect head of the Five Ghosts Sect's, he was no match for Shi Yutong... Only after attaining the level of a spiritual knight will be able to match up to a Wu Zong, or even surpass them..."

After thinking, he took a few steps forward and felt satisfied.

It was a good feeling to kill someone and take their treasure.

A spiritual knight would be scheming and Fang Yuan had to take precautions. He picked up a tree branch, carefully peeled open Blood Killer's clothing and found a cloth bag.

A few bottles within the bag were damaged from the fight, and the medicine powder was mixed together. Spiritual pills would be rendered useless by now as they were destroyed. Fang Yuan did not dare to touch any medicine or poison from the bag.

Other than these, there were other miscellaneous objects and a few taels of silver, which made him feel like it was not worth it.

"This can't be... I took such a risk to kill this spiritual disciple, and this is all I get?"

Looking at the rotten corpse, Fang Yuan remained speechless and even felt like whipping the corpse.

The good thing was that he wasn't such an extremist, and after rummaging through his belongings one more time, he stood up and sighed. "Ah... It seems that there is really nothing, I guess luck is not on my side!"

He remained silent as he looked at Blood Killer's corpse.

"You attempted to kill me first, and therefore it is only normal that you are killed by me. Just because you are a magical person, I will... dig a grave for you, so that you will not be eaten by wild beasts!"

Using his inner strength, it was effortless for him to dig a large hole in a short amount of time.

"Rest in peace!"

Fang Yuan struck his palm out and shoved the corpse and his belongings into the hole, and was about to cover the grave up.

At this moment, a jade-coloured object was revealed from the corpse, which stopped Fang Yuan in his tracks.

"Wait a minute... What is this?"

He grabbed a tree branch and flicked his arm out of the grave. The jade piece was clearly visible just beside the bone.

"What the..."

Fang Yuan spent a long time to separate the jade from the bone and appeared shocked. "This person is crazy, why would he hide this in his own body..."

If he didn't strike that many palms and claws on the Blood Killer till he was disfigured, he would not have discovered this piece of jade.

"What does this count as? Retribution? Since he could have hidden this piece of jadeite in his body, who is to say that there is no second piece, third piece... Even after his death, he is still asking to be tortured?"

He became speechless and vexed.

After a short while, he looked at the 2 looted objects that were washed and went into deep thought.

Because of the discovery of the jade, he had to force himself to do a thorough search on the corpse. His unintended move unknowingly brought him rewards.

Fang Yuan remained speechless as he looked at the loot.

"Treasure map... broken pieces..."

This treasure map was discovered in the Blood Killer's clothing, sewed in between the cloth. As for the corpse? After an intense search, Fang Yuan found nothing and proceed to bury him.

What appeared in front of Fang Yuan was an incomplete treasure map, similar to the one Han Shou had!

"This piece is the missing part of the treasure map, just lacking a corner! Who would've known that the Five Ghosts Sect had already obtained the treasure map and passed to the Blood Killer for safekeeping..."

This incredible encounter and miraculous turn of events left Fang Yuan speechless.

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