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Chapter 68: Flame Jade

Chapter 68: Flame Jade

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"Although I can't learn the Blood Magic Technique, the description of the uses of magical energy is still useful, maybe I can learn from it..."

After unveiling the secrets of the jadeite, he focused his energy on understanding the Blood Magic Technique.

Based on his prediction and the inscriptions on the jadeite, Fang Yuan was sure that the Blood Magic Technique was not a widely circulated technique among the spiritual knight community; it was merely a technique for those who wanted to hastily improve their skill through other means possible.

"In this Focused Magic Returning Scroll, there are only two steps. The first is to focus one's Blood Elemental Force and become a spiritual disciple. The second step would be to break through and become a spiritual knight..."

Thinking of the scroll's description, Fang Yuan shook his head.

Compared to the 12 Golden Gates, the cultivation method of the spiritual knights only consists of one step. If one did not have immense potential, it would be impossible.

"As for the training methods of elemental force, some of it might be relevant for me..."

Once a martial artist fused his Yin and Yang, and then through the Earth and Heaven, he would have formed elemental force.

The Blood Magic Technique's description of harnessing the elemental force was entirely relevant and could be followed to the tee.

After all, Fang Yuan had enough magic, comparable to that of a spiritual disciple.

The Blood Magic Technique was not something suitable for him, and if he wasn't desperate enough, he wouldn't try to learn it.

"However, as for elemental force... It is something of a higher tier than inner force. It is sometimes called Heaven and Earth's spiritual force, and its potential is immense and cannot be fathomed..."

Fang Yuan had witnessed a battle between Wu Zongs and a spiritual disciple and was extremely looking forward to attaining a whole new level as what he saw.

"Based on my potential, it should be possible for me to start gathering my elemental force!"

This was the final conclusion he ended up with after reading about the Blood Magic Technique and based on his own martial arts experience.

Although he could not adopt the training methods of the spiritual disciple wholesale, he could adapt it to his own training to expedite his progress.

After all, the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique could only break through 12 Gates, but to break through Wu Zong it was impossible.

In addition, the Spirit Returning Heart Manual that Fang Yuan had was also incomplete, and it was the important parts that were missing.

He had to plan for his future.

"Of course, I must not neglect my Meditative Tea Ceremony... especially the cultivation of the mind."

The only useful power would be power that one could control. Fang Yuan did not want to lose control of his mind, especially when getting involved with this type of magic technique. Even though he was only adapting from it, he still had to take precautions.


The next few days were devoted to understanding the Blood Magic Technique.

This technique was a spiritual knight technique which required a deep understanding of it. Even though he was only adapting from it, he had to understand the entire technique, which led to him even sacrificing his sleep and meals, which showed the extent he devoted to understanding the technique. He had no further energy to find trouble for others.

"The 12 Golden Gates is merely a process to harness elemental energy. For a martial artist with average potential, he would have to take it step by step. As for the spiritual knights who have higher potential, they would ultimately end up on the same path... In theory, if I focused my elemental energy, I could instantly become Wu Zong! What a pity... The 3 Yins and 7 Yangs sacrifice as described in the Blood Magic Technique is full of implications, and other problems may surface, I cannot practice it..."

As he was farming he was mulling over this problem.

"As of now I have accumulated enough Yin, and I just need to wait for the right moment to break through into the 9th Gate and become a martial artist of the 4 Heavenly Gates..."

If this news spread, the entire Qinghe County would be in shock!

After all, what was the whole concept of the 4 Heavenly Gates? Within the Spirit Returning Sect or the Five Ghosts Sect, he would be top 5! It was no longer the majority of the martial artists, but the pinnacle!

If Secluded Mountain Prefecture knew about it, they would take Fang Yuan as the most talented young man in the martial arts world. Lin Huang or Lin Leiyue wouldn't even be considered.

Even as such, Fang Yuan didn't care much.

In his mind, he had a crazy plan.

"What's so great about breaking through the 9th Gate? 10th Gate, the Yang Gate, and 11th Gate the Earth Gate are all actually pathways to harness the elemental force, or should I say, the seeds to elemental force! Although I have no intention to learn the Blood Magic Technique, with the assistance of the Yin Yang Jade to fuse my Yin and Yang, it would be possible to obtain elemental force and attain the next level, the Earth Gate!"

Fang Yuan's eyes was filled with passion.

To focus his elemental energy and break through Wu Zong was too large a step. Furthermore, he had little information and fully based his assumptions on what was written on the Blood Magic Technique manual, and he wasn't convinced.

It would be different at the Earth Gate!

This Gate required the fusion of Yin and Yang to produce the seeds of elemental force. This would fulfil a large requirement to break through the Earth Gate.

With the Yin Yang Jade, he had enough knowledge of the Yin and Yang.

The most important was that he had the guidance of the Blood Magic Technique, and had no qualms about focusing his elemental force, so what considerations would he have in harnessing the seeds of the elemental force?

"If the plan works, I can break both the 10th Gate and the Earth Gate one after another!"

"If my guess is correct, the breaking through of the Heaven Gate is actually breaking through the control of Mind Palace! One's magical energy would be surge, and when a martial artist reaches this stage, even if he loses focus he would recover in no time. He would have the chance to break through to Wu Zong and have the chance to harness elemental force... This is no problem to me!"

Fang Yuan heaved a long sigh.

To him, understanding the 12 Golden Gates were as simple as flipping his palm to look at his fingerprints, and he had no other doubts.


He was stunned for a moment and looked at the farm.

After a downpour, the Vermilion Jade Rice seedlings began to sprout furiously in neat rows.

There was a particular patch which seemed empty, and it was as though the spiritual plants were dead.

Not just the Vermilion Jade Rice, but even the Emerald Grass had signs of withering.

"Could it be..."

Fang Yuan wasn't disappointed; instead, he was rather excited about it as he rushed forward to examine it up close.

Indeed, in the middle of the barren patch were flame-like seedlings standing out, extremely eye-catching.

Fang Yuan examined it further and realised that it was shorter than the average seedling. It was a deep orange, with a streak of gold in the middle. The colour was extremely vibrant, like a flame.

Comparing the Vermilion Jade Rice to it would be like comparing the eyeball of a fish to a pearl. They were of a totally different level.


Fang Yuan smiled as he saw the seedlings before him, and not long later, he could no longer contain his laughter and started to burst out laughing.

"Indeed... It's a spiritual plant evolving a special trait! Level up!"

The Vermilion Jade Rice was a spiritual plant to begin with, and what entails after evolving the second time? Fang Yuan looked forward to it.

After all, this was still spiritual rice!

It was different from the bamboo fruit and other spiritual medicine. This was milder in magical energy and could be produced in masses and consumed daily!

This would be a priceless treasure for those big sects!

"Hmm, this seedling evolved from the Vermilion Jade Rice and is even better than it, I shall name it 'Flame Jade Rice'!"

After a long period of examination, Fang Yuan stood up, swept the dirt away and looked around at the withered plants, looking helpless. "After evolving, the spiritual plant would steal the elemental energy from its surroundings. Both the Vermilion Jade Rice and Emerald Grass failed to survive..."

His thoughts linked to the bamboo fruit that he was holding in his hands all along.

It would not grow if it was planted here. Ultimately, the Flame Jade Rice was just a little better than the Vermilion Jade Rice.

What made Fang Yuan speechless was the fact that only one of the many evolved!

How many grains would there be? And how many batches did he plant already?

He might not even be able to harvest a bowl of Flame Jade Rice! Therefore, the priority now was for him to focus his efforts to let it grow, replant all the harvest and after a few seasons, only then would he start to consume it.

"Ultimately, it would be a gain, just that the starting would be a little troublesome..."

Fang Yuan bit his teeth and looked around. "Hmm... Given the surroundings of the secluded valley, it is impossible to plant the Flame Jade Rice in large scales!"

Unknowingly, he looked towards the mountainous ridges of the Clear Spirit Mountain.


"I want to meditate and break through gates, I wouldn't be too worried if both you are guarding the secluded valley!"

After a good meal of Vermilion Jade Rice, Fang Yuan called to the Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle. "There is one thing you two should take note. Do not harm the spiritual bamboo, spiritual tea, spiritual rice, and especially the Flame Jade Rice! Remember, if you want to have a taste of it in the future, you need to listen to me!"

It was rare that he was fierce to the two spiritual beasts.

The two spiritual beasts were not stupid and knew that they should not jeopardise their long-term benefits just for short-term satisfaction.

Fang Yuan closed the curtains and cleared his mind.

This was the state of mind that he achieved through years of cultivation under the Meditative Tea Ceremony. Within seconds, all cluttered thoughts were cleared and peace was restored in his mind.

After these few months of cultivation and training, he knew that his foundation was stable. Although he felt nothing, he knew that the previous time he ate the spiritual bamboo, his elemental energy had improved.

At the 8th Gate, his abdomen was filled with Yin, and this was the perfect opportunity to break through!

Fang Yuan sat down as he tried to feel for the spiritual feeling. Within his body, the Yin energy swirled within him, as it began to fuse with his inner force. They were now a single entity.


Unknowingly, it was daybreak and the sunlight peered through his curtains.


Fang Yuan, who was sitting down on the ground, let out a long sigh.


A white flash as agile as an arrow shot out, and all around him, he felt cold, which lowered the temperature in the entire room.

"After fusing my Yin, would there be any changes to my stats window?"

Fang Yuan mumbled to himself, stood up, and felt newfound strength within him as he nodded his head. "The 9th Gate, completed!"