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Chapter 73: Arson

Chapter 73: Arson

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A dark cloud rolled across the sky and covered the light from the moon.

Under the hazy starlight, a small lake could be seen. The water in the lake took on a dark colour in the nighttime. In the centre of the lake was a tower surrounded by water. The only way to reach that tower was via a wooden bridge that was connected to the bank of the lake.

"The Martial Arts Court of the Spirit Returning Sect?"

Fang Yuan had yearned to be here for a very long time. However, it was heavily guarded. Even though they had previously agreed to let him peruse the manuals, they had only opened up the most common collection for him.

"This place is surrounded by water...It is obvious that they are afraid of a fire that might destroy the treasures found in this place..."

"It appears as if the pair of wild mandarin ducks did not lie to me, this is a crucial location for the Spirit Returning Sect..."

Fang Yuan smirked.

The Martial Arts Court were heavily-guarded with countless of traps. Disarming the traps would waste too much time.

As his opponents were most afraid of a fire breaking out, he would achieve the intended effect by setting the place on fire.


"Crackle Crackle!"

Not long after, a small fire was formed outside the martial art court and started to grow. Soon, the raging flames started to engulf the whole court.

"Hmmm? A fire? Hurry, sound the alarm and get the buckets!"


The window shattered and a person bolted out. He bellowed and directed to a few disciples who were guarding the martial arts court to extinguish the fire.


The few disciples replied as they scrambled for the buckets. The person looked at the growing fire, his face displaying anxiety, "Damn... smoke and fire are prohibited in this place, which of these disciples were careless?"

No one had dared to attack the property of the Spirit Returning Sect first. As such, they were not vigilant.

"It is lucky that the fire is not too big and only a few walls are burnt. The situation is under control!"

In a moment of anxiety, the person pushed away a few disciples in front of him and arrived at the side of the lake. "Move!"

He was surprisingly strong. With a flick of his wrist, a long and black whip appeared. It was like a snake and wove around the buckets, linking the buckets together and submerged them into the lake.


Using the whip, he lifted the buckets into the air and emptied the content onto the fire. The fire became smaller. "

"The elder is amazing!"

"His skills with the whip is of another world!"

A few disciples gazed in awe and loudly praised him.


The elder flicked the whip once again, causing the buckets to submerge in the lake. He gathered his energy to put out the fire.

At this moment, the surface of the lake burst open, revealing a shadow which leaps forward!


The elder was shocked. He did not expect to face an ambush below the surface of the lake!

At this moment, the whip was still connected to the bucket and he was unable to use it. He could only loosen his grip on the whip and with both palms pushing forward, generated a wall of energy with a resounding crash! He was a Martial Artist (7th Gate) and highly-skilled in inner power!

While not many had heard of him, he was the guardian of the Martial Arts Court and practised his skills daily. Although he only knew a few techniques, he was cast in a new light.


The shadow in front of him did not dodge and instead struck out with his palm, his palm appeared to be slightly caved in and had a black sheen to it.


As their palms clashed, the guardian felt an incredibly strong inner power that chilled him to his bones. He could feel his inner power diminishing as realization dawn upon him, "You are...!"

He was wounded as his inner power was countered. His face turned black as he was struck by the poison of the Pearl Tail Snake.

"Bang bang!"

The shadow continuously struck the guardian and left a palm print on the guardian's head.


The guardian toppled over with no pulse and breath!

In a matter of seconds, this trump card of the Spirit Returning Sect, one of the martial artist who had broken through the Death Gate, lost his life!

The disciples shrieked before tossing aside their pails and ran away.

Other than running away, they had no other options. This was no longer about fighting to survive.

"Splash! Splash!"

The wooden bridge was too narrow. In their attempt to escape, they shoved each other. Some of them even jumped in the lake and swam for the shore.

"Bong! Bong!"

The sound of the gong broke the crisp silence.

"Someone had invaded the sect and set the Martial Arts Court on fire!"

"Hurry! Notify all the elders and the protectors!"

"Guard the place and do not panic!"


As the Martial Arts Courts were being engulfed by the fire, the whole Spirit Returning Sect was moving and acting fast.

A group of disciples, under the leadership of Lady Yan had already surrounded the lake.

Lady Yan had an electrifying gaze. She waved her walking stick and charged into the lake. She was highly skilled in the Lightness Skill and could even tread water!

"Who dares to insult my Spirit Returning Sect?!"

She looked at the Martial Arts Court that was engulfed by the flames with a pained look. She fixed her eyes on Fang Yuan and glared at him, "Scoundrel!"


She waved her walking stick and rushed towards Fang Yuan.

At the banks, many elders and deacons were headed for the centre of the lake.


Fang Yuan laughed before turning around to run, "Old woman, I can't believe you are not dead!"

He kicked in the direction of the old lady.


The wooden boards were lifted off the ground and caught fire. They were sent hurtling towards the old lady.

"Come if you dare!"

Fang Yuan laughed and ran.

"Get out of the way!"

As Fang Yuan was escaping, his palms turned black.

At his current level, the Black Sand Palm was lethal. An ordinary elder who had broken through the 6th or 7th Gate would be heavily wounded if he was struck by the technique. Even the wind generated from it was laced with poison which caused the surrounding low-skilled disciples to collapse onto the floor.

He had already gone easy on them and had only used the technique at a level that was comparable to that of a martial artist that had broken through the 8th Gate. The results would be even more devastating if he had not held back.


Fang Yuan did not engage in any battle and instead headed towards the outer boundaries.

"Cough cough... I will never let you escape!"

Even though the Lady Yan had already broken through the Earth Gate (11th Gate), she was heavily wounded and could only fight at a skill level that was comparable to that of a martial artist (9th Gate). Seeing Fang Yuan as such, she became enraged.

The scoundrel would not be so presumptuous if Shi Yutong was present!

"We had been too careless. To think that people would not dare to come here and cause trouble given the Sect's reputation!"

Lady Yan silently cursed herself. Her hatred for Fang Yuan increased.

"Black Sand Palm? The power of the 8th Gate? Do you really think that no one in the Sect could stand up to you?"

Lady Yan let out a cry as she saw that Fang Yuan was escaping. How could she let him go? She leapt forward and with a shriek that resounded in the place, said: "Elder of the Southern Palace, Elder Di, follow me!"


These two elders were the closest to breaking through the Death Gate amongst the elders protecting the place. With the aid of these two elders, Lady Yan was confident of taking down Fang Yuan despite not being able to utilize her full strength!

"Haha….Old lady, come if you dare!"

Fang Yuan taunted. They chased relentlessly and in no time, arrived outside the county.

"Tsk tsk...No wonder you are from such a big sect. Wasn't that the Lightness Skill?"

Fang Yuan wanted to go easy on them and allow them to catch up. However, he soon realized that no matter how fast he ran, the distance between them kept shrinking.

Under the moonlight, Lady Yan and the two elders appeared to be gliding gracefully through the grass and at the same time, fast as lightning.

"Scoundrel, where are you running to?"

Lady Yan glided forward. With a wave of her left hand, the Lion Head walking stick flew towards Fang Yuan's back.


Fang Yuan slipped and missed a few steps.


Lady Yan smiled and her arms suddenly extended.

"Back Piercing Hand!"


The lion head opened its mouth and spat out a ring of fire towards Fang Yuan's back.


The ring of fire exploded mid-air and charred the ground.


The two elders at the back stopped. "Lady Yan's Lion Head walking stick is indeed impressive!"


Lady Yan grasped her stick, her face red. She coughed violently before saying, "The man is not dead yet!"


The two elders were shocked. They suddenly felt a gust of strong wind.


The aura of an eagle hunting its prey could be felt amidst the strong gust of wind. The Iron-tailed Black Eagle flew towards them, the claws outstretched.


At this moment, the ground cracked open and Fang Yuan emerged from the crack. His hands were formed into the claws. He did not hold back the inner power of the 9th Gate.

He could not be bothered anymore and struck with all his might!

The two elders let out a gasp. They managed to fend off the attack of the Iron-tailed Black Eagle but Fang Yuan's eagle claw managed to get past their defense and grabbed their throat. They could only let out a small sound.

"Lady Yan, you are next!"

Fang Yuan turned and spoke calmly.

"A martial artist who is of the level of the 4 Heavenly Gate...Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique...and this beast?"

Lady Yan coughed, her eyes confused, "Who are you?"

"Who I am is of no importance. What is important is that I hope you would be able to last longer!"

Fang Yuan gazed coldly.

Lady Yan was an expert who had broken through the Earth Gate. Her technique that she used previously was impressive. If Fang Yuan had not seen the technique, he would have been at a severe disadvantage.

He had no intention of killing his opponent.

After all, such a good test subject was hard to come by!