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Chapter 74: Concealment

Chapter 74: Concealment

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It was dawn.

Elder Han and Lu Zhisen came to the secluded valley and saw Doctor Fang who was dressed in white robes.

"How are you feeling, Elder Han?"

Fang Yuan asked gently, his actions were calm like the spring breeze; no one could associate him with the murderer and arsonist in the Spirit Returning Sect the night before.

"Fortunate to have been healed by Doctor Fang, I am recovering well!"

Elder Han smiled, and the precautionary attitude he had before was gone.

Fang Yuan had other thoughts of his own. If Elder Han knew that he was the one behind all that happened in the Spirit Returning Sect the night before, he wasn't sure if he would be as calm as he was right now.

Of course, he did not know what happened and had to act like it.

After all, even a Wu Zong martial artist would not be able to traverse from Qingye City to the Spirit Returning Sect and back in a night, not to mention accomplish so many things- unless he had a flying spiritual beast.

"The previous time I have undergone the Golden Needle Acupoint Piercing, I slept until midnight and was a little worried..."

As Elder Han mentioned it, he took notice of Fang Yuan's expression.


What kind of person was Fang Yuan? He did not twitch a muscle, and explained, "This was because your injury was too serious, and I would require the body to enter a deep sleep for it to slowly recover. It is akin to learning martial arts the slow way, the same idea... I believe Elder Han knows this better than me!"

"That's right!"

Elder Han froze, then slowly nodded his head.

He did not like the experience of fainting and letting someone else have full control over his body.

However, if he wanted to recover, he had to listen to this doctor and did not have another choice.

"Mm, I'll leave it in your hands, Doctor!"

He gulped his medicinal soup, stripped and laid on the bed.


Fang Yuan took out his golden needle, pierced several acupoints in quick succession, and Elder Han subconsciously fell into deep sleep.

"I hate distractions while I am doing my thing..."

Fang Yuan said, without even turning his head.

"Ah... I'm sorry! I will leave now!"

Lu Zhisen scratched his head, chuckled and left the room.

Even though this was not an instruction from Elder Han, he had no other choice but to do so as Fang Yuan had requested for it.


In the room, Fang Yuan waved his needle around. He was not attempting to heal Elder Han, but rather, to seal and experiment on him.

'A martial artist of the 4 Heavenly Gates has a very different circulatory system, especially its ability to fuse and form a miniature elemental force in a Martial Artist (11th Gate)...'

Fang Yuan placed his right palm on Elder Han's abdomen, focused his magical energy through his Mind Palace and reached into the depths of his elemental energy.

'Even though it is just a miniature elemental energy, it is still the fusion of Yin and Yang. Its strength comes from the Earth and Heavens and should not be belittled. Be it yesterday's Lady Yan, or today's Elder Han, if not for their serious injuries, I would be no match for them...'

After testing it out, he had a deeper understanding of elemental energy.

'Elder Han's seeds of his elemental force seems to be a little weaker than that of Lady Yan's, but it's just nice for me...'

After a few rounds of experimenting, Fang Yuan stopped, looked at the helpless Elder Han, and his thought ran wild. 'Both Elder Yan and Elder Han are dealt with. Could they call the Heavenly Gods to help them? I'm not sure if that's enough, why not add in a Shi Yutong...'

Just last night, he lured Lady Yan out of the city, and with the help of the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, attacked her. It was a big loss for the Sect, and even Lady Yan was captured.

She was a highly skilled martial artist within the Earth Gate, and what Fang Yuan wanted to study was her own miniature elemental force in her diaphragm, which was why he spared her life. However, to her, this would not be a good thing.

'Hmm... 2 test subjects, so now I can compare them. I would run some small tests and keep a daily log for Elder Han, and as for Lady Yan, I would do the more destructive research on her, that's right!'

Fang Yuan was pleased, and in his eyes, Elder Han was merely a lab rat.


The sun rose.

Unknowingly, a day has passed.

Lu Zhisen was flustered. "Why did he take so long? It wasn't this long the previous time..."

He looked at the secluded valley and could tell that there was something secretive about it. Looking at the Straw Pavilion, he did not dare to take a step forward, and his mind started to run wild. "If anything happens to Elder Han, what would I do?"

Anxious, he became increasingly nervous.

Just as he was about to break the rule and enter the hut, the door opened and Fang Yuan appeared.

"What are you trying to do?"

He realised that Lu Zhisen had the posture as though he was about to charge in, and casually asked.

"Haha... Haha... Nothing much! I just wanted to check on your progress, and checking if you require any of my assistance..."

Lu Zhisen scratched his head and looked earnest.

"It's fine. Bring him back, and return in half a month's time!"

Fang Yuan waved, stood at the side and revealed a pathway.

"Half a month? Didn't you say 7 days the previous time?"

Lu Zhisen enquired.

"What is it? Any objections?"

Fang Yuan stared at him.

Facing the doctor, Lu Zhisen was embarrassed. He was no match for Fang Yuan and could only silently carry Elder Han away, as though he was escaping.

'Seeing his expression, it seems that he is worried that I might harm Elder Han... In fact, he guessed it...."

Fang Yuan witnessed them leaving, touched his chin and smiled.

After they returned, they would get the news of the chaos in Spirit Returning Sect, and would no longer have the effort to guard against him anymore.


"Iron-tailed Black Eagle, let's go!"

Back to the secluded valley, Fang Yuan rode the black eagle to a mountain cave.

As someone who had foresight, he had done preparations.

This mountain cave was halfway to the peak of the mountain and was Master Wenxin's temporary abode when he came here to pluck mountain herbs. There was even a water vat and a few dry rations. The location was very good and the cave was rather hidden.

Once Fang Yuan become influential enough, he would tidy this place up as his second base.

And as for the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, it originally had to travel long distances to reach the secluded valley, but now, the journey was just the bat of an eyelid.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Accompanying the bird's chirping, the Iron-tailed Black Eagle landed on the ground, and Fang Yuan leapt onto it.

Removing the vegetation cover, a mountain cave was revealed. It was formed naturally and seemed like the nest of a wild animal; something was different as he approached the cave.

The ground was flat and dry; there was no moss or weeds growing on the rocks. It was barren and was even a little reflective.

Fang Yuan lit a fire torch, appeared emotionless and walked to the end of the cave; a scene appeared.

On the ground was a layer of dried grass, and surrounding it a large water vat, a few dry rations hidden under a few rocks, as though one was afraid that other animals might eat it. The entire place seemed worn-down, but to a person trapped in the mountains, hungry and thirsty, this was not a bad survival shelter.

"Lady Yan! What do you find of this place? Oh... I have forgotten that you are still asleep..."

At the end of the cave, there was a little crack and it was pitch-dark. One could squeeze through the crack, walk a few steps forward and arrive at a large hole in the floor.

On an emerald rock, Lady Yan's silhouette appeared, albeit drowsy and pale; it was obvious that she was ill.

Fang Yuan took out a pill, forced it down her, and took out his golden needle to perform acupoint piercing on her forehead.


After a short while, Lady Yan sighed and opened her eyes.

"You are... The big thief just now?!"

She sounded shocked as she saw Fang Yuan.

After all, no one could associate the evil and strong 4 Heavenly Gate martial artist last night to the young man in front of her.

"Indeed, it is me!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and did not deny it. He immediately noticed Lady Yan's look of despair.

"Mm, you are quite smart. You know that once I've shown you my face I will not allow you to leave this place..."

"A pity... Looking at the state you are in, it would be hard for you not to die!"

In order to hold this Earth Gate martial artist in captivity, Fang Yuan spent a lot of effort. He first sealed her inner force, and dislocated all her joints, in case she used her underhand means to escape. In this way, even if she was Wu Zong it would be hard for her to escape.

"Good move! Good move!"

Lady Yan was extremely experienced in the martial arts world and could guess her own predicament. "What feud does my Sect have with you? To deserve such treatment?"


Fang Yuan touched his chin. "There might be a feud. My name is Fang Yuan, does it ring a bell?"

"Fang Yuan? Fang Yuan!!!"

Lady Yan was suspicious of him and glared into his eyes. "It's you! How is this possible?"

She knew of Lin Leiyue's incident and was also aware that the young man from Qingye City was rather capable as he could subdue Song Zhong.

However, Song Zhong was only a Martial Artist (7th Gate)!

And Fang Yuan now? Obviously a martial artist of the 4 Heavenly Gates! And the large spiritual eagle too! Against both of them, even with the help of the 2 other Elders, they could put up a fight.

Lady Yan felt that even if she recovered and teamed up with the other 2 Elders, they would still be no match to Fang Yuan and his eagle!

He seemed younger than 20 years old?

With his potential, he wasn't just gifted anymore; he was a mutant!

"Master Fang... Regarding what happened that day, I don't want to mention it anymore. I only want to know if there is any chance of you reconciling with the Spirit Returning Sect."

Lady Yan struggled to talk, and her words were filled with hope.

Being at odds against a talented martial artist of limitless potential, she could see the downfall of the Spirit Returning Sect and therefore attempted to reconcile them, regardless of what conditions she might have to accept.

"No hope!"

Fang Yuan shook his head. "I guess you don't know the entire story?"

At this point, Lady Yan lost all hope…...