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Chapter 75: Breakthrough

Chapter 75: Breakthrough

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"Elemental force is the force of heaven and earth. When one activates his elemental force, he will be able to start afresh. This is the essence of strength and it changes unpredictably. It also acts as a solid foundation to build up to higher levels….."

Through his thorough research, Fang Yuan realised that the combination of Yin and Yang could produce the 'Miniature Elemental Force', which was unbelievably powerful.

Such a discovery shocked and overwhelmed him.

Furthermore, the 'Miniature Elemental Force' was able to surprise him even though it was way inferior as compared to the real elemental force.

"With my current foundations, it is impossible for me to master Wu Zong with my elemental force!"

"But it is possible for me to combine the Yin and Yang to form the Miniature Elemental Force to make a breakthrough!"

Back in the secluded valley.

Fang Yuan sat on a green rock while carrying the Yin Yang Jade and he appeared relaxed.


His 9th Gate Yin's inner force kept flowing out like a river and flowed into the Yin Yang Jade. A clear sound was heard.


The Yin Yang Jade shook and its inner part vibrated from the shock. The shock was subsequently absorbed.

With such a great infusion of Yin, the balance was tipped and caused the swirling in the Yin Yang Jade to be destroyed.


Fang Yuan opened his eyes widely.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

The swirl which combined both Yin and Yang suddenly exploded and the Yang kept expanding and compressing. Gradually, a new type of energy was formed.

The Yin Yang Jade was unique and tough, and Fang Yuan wanted to make use of these two advantages to compress the combined Yin and Yang into a single entity!

With the strong fusion from his inner force, the exploded swirl was compressed into a small dot. The dot solidified.

"Ha! Liquify the combination of Yin and Yang!"

Under the force of fusion by Fang Yuan, cracks formed on the surface of the Yin Yang Jade and the cracks were spreading throughout the entire piece like a spider web.


A constant swirling noise was heard from the Yin Yang Jade.

'Fortunately, I was using the Yin Yang Jade. If I was using my Dantian, it could have already been exploded."

Yin Yang Jade was unique and could accommodate both Yin and Yang. It was the best choice to use it to fuse both Yin and Yang into one.

If he were to perform the compression in his Dantian, he would have to worry about the consequences.

Of course, even if he used the Yin Yang Jade and failed, he would still be injured, but his injuries would be minimal.

"Hoo! Hoo!"

He concentrated his magical energy into the Yin Yang Jade and observed the movements made by both Yin and Yang.

With the concentration, the Yin and Yang inside the jade were quickly fused and it became more solidified than before. It gave out a red and black colour and there seemed to be a slight disturbance in it.


After a while, a crisp sound was heard.

Even though it sounded soft, Fang Yuan thought it sounded as if a silver bottle was broke through by a liquid.


Inside the Yin Yang Jade, a big amount of Yin and Yang was compressed into a dot. Finally, after a huge amount of compression, the dot started to fuse.

A new form of energy which was green in colour was formed through the magical energy. The energy looked as if it was in a liquid form and was strong. It managed to absorb both Yin and Yang into one form and Fang Yuan' inner force could feel some resistance from this new form of energy.


He opened his eyes widely and his inner force from his diaphragm went into the jade and fused constantly.

This Miniature Elemental Force was formed from his combination of Yin and Yang. Currently, the Miniature Elemental Force also absorbed a huge amount of his inner force. At the start, there was some resistance. As time passed, the level of resistance lowered.

Fang Yuan's expression was very serious. He used a bit of his inner force and allowed the Miniature Elemental Force to be transferred from the Yin Yang Jade to his arms.


He frowned as he felt as if his tendons had been cut.

"The force is indeed powerful…..If my condition of the body was not as strong and my tendons were not as tough, I would be feeling more than just pain now."

Fang Yuan thought about this silently.

This was perfectly normal as compared to the inner force from the 9th gate, the current Miniature Elemental Force gave a different feeling!

Such situation was similar to when a small river meets the ocean and become overwhelmed by the ocean.

Of course, Fang Yuan had already expected this to happen. Since he was able to hold on further still, he immediately used this new form of energy to fuse the remaining.


A period of time passed.

A white shadow appeared and it was the Flower Fox Ferret. It was shocked when it saw Fang Yuan.

After all, Fang Yuan's condition did not look well from the outside.

There was white smoke coming out from his head and his skin colour became blood red.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

As the Flower Fox Ferret grew more worried, two clear sounds came from Fang Yuan.

He opened his eyes and became composed.

"I have completed!"

Fang Yuan was satisfied as he could feel a constant flow of inner force around his body.


At that moment, the Yin Yang Jade which he was carrying in his hands became into a pile of white ash.

Fang Yuan remained silent upon seeing this.

This unique treasure was not able to endure his doings and became a pile of ash.

"Even though this jade did not have Yin and Yang, it was still a unique treasure….To other sects, this treasure would probably mean nothing to them as they didn't know about this trick, but it was not worth for the jade to..."

After all, one could use the Yin Yang Jade to make tremendous progress but it would still not be as fast as Fang Yuan's. Plus, the jade would not be destroyed when used in training.

Perhaps there could another chance in the near future to use it again for such purpose.

Even though he was reckless, he managed to exchange this piece of jade for progression. From the sect's perspective, this exchange would not be worth it, but to Fang Yuan, it was.

Fang Yuan clapped his hands and went to a peony tree while ignoring the Flower Fox Ferret's stare.

His eyes focused and he transferred his inner force to his fingers and then to a nearby plant.


There was a light sound in the air as the peony tree trembled a little. Its leaves gradually fell.

In actual fact, Fang Yuan's fingers were still a distance away from the peony tree.

"Wu Zong allows one to release his elemental force to the surroundings and it is magical! I have not achieved Wu Zong yet but with the Miniature Elemental Force, I am able to achieve a slight part of the skill….."

Next, Fang Yuan's limbs moved without his control and he shook his head. "I have gained too much energy and my physical and mental body have not gotten used to it...."

He looked at his stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 8.0

Spirit: 7.9

Magic: 4.0

Age: 19

Cultivation: [Martial Artist (11th Gate)]

Technique: [Black Sand Palm (Grade 5), [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 11)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 3)]"

"[Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 11)]; At this stage, one will be difficult to be dealt with as one will not be injured easily with the concentration of one's elemental force!"

"Energy…...This amount of energy is strong enough!"

Fang Yuan clenched his fists and could feel the immense power inside his body. He could not wait to find another expert to duel with.

If both Elder Yan and Elder Han attacked him together now, he would not be afraid.

In the entire Spirit Returning Sect, he only feared Shi Yutong.

"What would be the outcome if I fight against a Wu Zong now?"

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and recalled the day when he saw the duel between Wu Zong and the spiritual knight. There was a fast transfer of magical energy and when Fang Yuan recalled this scene, he shook his head.

"Not yet! I would probably end up escaping if I were to fight against them now. Of course….. if I considered the spiritual beasts I have and geographical location in my favour, I would still have the possibility of escaping!"

He must survive in order to be able to make his next move. Fang Yuan clearly knew this logic.

He was relieved at the result.

His skills had reached such a high level and he would have the ability to defend himself. Even if all the spiritual objects in the secluded valley had been discovered, he was confident in continuing what he used to do.


After the breakthrough, Fang Yuan was in a good mood and he went for a shower happily. He then changed into a new set of clothes and was about to make some tea when a noise came from outside.

"This is Zhou Wenwu, I am here to see Master Fang Yuan!"

Zhou Wenwu sounded shocked but Fang Yuan did not show any concern for it.

Ever since the Spirit Returning Sect was raided by a mysterious person, the Martial Arts Court had been burnt and the sect lost a few elders during the battle. Lady Yan was also missing and no one knew whether she was dead or alive. Qinghe County was in a chaos after the news of the Spirit Returning Sect being raided started to spread.

The most mainstream way of looking at things was that the raid was done by an expert from the Five Ghosts Sect as a form of seeking revenge.

Nobody linked the raid to Fang Yuan, who was living in the secluded valley and had been taking care of Elder Han's illness.

Everybody was panicking and Zhou Wenwu came to ask for help constantly. It was obvious that he was seeking for protection and to prove his loyalty for Fang Yuan, he would expose all kinds of secrets of the Spirit Returning Sect.

For example, Fang Yuan knew that ever since the raid, the Spirit Returning Sect recalled all the elders and disciples from all their controlled territories and was willing to give up some of the territories, hoping that the sect would get away from such incidents in future.

Lu Zhisen, who was in Qingye City, was ordered to return to the sect as soon as possible.

However, Elder Han chose to stay behind and no one knew the actual reason why he chose to stay behind. He claimed that he was seriously injured and with his current injuries, he would be useless anyway if he were to return to the sect to help. Fang Yuan guessed that this old man was probably too afraid to die now and would only go out for battle when he had fully recovered.

He was happy now and without the contributions of the two elders, he would not have been able to improve that fast.