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Chapter 81: Vigour of Style

Chapter 81: Vigour of Style

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"Master is not here, and the white ferret is no match for them. This group of people looks menacing, what should I do?"

Zhou Wenwu glanced anxiously at Elder Han.

Standing right in front of him was an old man who was dressed in feathered clothing. He was known as 'Old Crane' and was a famous doctor in the Secluded Mountains Prefecture.

The purpose of his visit was to embarrass Fang Yuan after receiving news that Fang Yuan was a well-known doctor in the secluded valley.

Even though Zhou Wenwu had got information that Old Crane was coming and immediately came back with backup, the sly Elder Han did not want to get himself involved, leaving Zhou Wenwu to deal with it.

"Hey! You are a stupid beast with no manners. You dare to hurt others, so there is no wrong in teaching you a lesson!"

One of the bodyguards of Old Crane then joked.

This bodyguard had an immense energy. He was good-looking, but his eyebrows made him looked evil.

Zhou Wenwu did not dare to say a word.

According to Elder Han, this bodyguard, Hu Yuxu, was a [Martial Artist (10th Gate)] who had the combination of Yin and Yang and was about to break through the 11th Gate.

If not for the Flower Fox Ferret, this bodyguard would have already trespassed the secluded valley.

However, the Flower Fox Ferret sustained slight injuries by the bodyguard's moves.

Hu Yuxu was afraid of the Flower Fox Ferret as it was incredibly quick and that he was also unfamiliar with the terrain in the secluded valley. Hence, he did not dare to trespass this area.

Little did he know that the Flower Fox Ferret had gone out with the Iron-tailed Black Eagle to find help; he thought the Flower Fox Ferret was probably hiding somewhere and setting up an ambush.

In fact, if Fang Yuan had not ordered the Iron-tailed Black Eagle not to appear in front of anyone, both the Flower Fox Ferret and the Iron-tailed Black Eagle would have been able to defeat Hu Yuxu together. However, it would be a different situation if the two spiritual beasts were to meet a few martial artists that were as skilful as Hu Yuxu at the same time.

"Since Fang Yuan is nowhere to be seen, shall I charge straight into the secluded valley to force him to come out?"

Hu Yuxu's eyes were filled with danger and he glanced at Old Crane.

He then saw Old Crane stroking his beard. He seemed to have no idea on what to do next.

He was extremely smart! Anyone who knew him would agree, as Hu Yuxu unknowingly looked at Old Crane and the men behind him.

Even though Old Crane brought quite a number of men with him this time, there were only two Martial Artist in the 4 Heavenly Gates who were truly capable.

One of them was Hu Yuxu, while the other was a middle-aged man, standing straight with his sword.

Even though the other man looked like he was in his thirties, his eyebrows were white and his eyes gave a weary look, showing that he was not young.

"So what do we do, Zhang Sheng?"

Hu Yuxu asked. If both of them were to join hands and attack, the Flower Fox Ferret would not be a problem for them.

After all, Zhang Sheng was very skilful and was an 11th Gate Martial Artist. In addition, he had a good reputation.

"I am only obliged to escort Old Crane, in the form of returning a favour!"

Zhang Sheng shook his head and said, "Since the owner is not here, wouldn't it be rude for us to trespass his area like that?"

"Very well!"

Elder Han overheard their conversation and nodded his head. "I have heard that Zhang Sheng from Cangshui County is not only highly skilled in martial arts, but also a righteous person with good character. Looks like that is true!"

Upon hearing this, Old Crane replied, "Elder Han, I have seen your injuries before. If you trust me, I will attend to you personally and guarantee that within 3 months, you will fully recover!"


Elder Han was shocked by his words.

To be honest, he had been treated by Fang Yuan for quite a long while already and has his suspicions. He felt that Fang Yuan was intentionally dragging the treatment, which irritated him a little.

If he had no other choice, he had to let Fang Yuan continue to treat him.

However, did Old Crane just assured him a full recovery in 3 months?

Elder Han looked down, deep in thought.

"Hu Yuxu, go and announce our arrival again. If Fang Yuan still doesn't appear, bring Ah Da and Ah Er in and invite him out!"

Old Crane said in a deep voice.

"Yes, Old Crane!"

Two martial artists appeared behind his back.They were both [Martial Artist (8th Gate)]. Both of them looked alike and were twins.

Both of them were different from Zhang Sheng. Zhang Sheng was repaying a favour to Old Crane, but these two brothers were just servants and following orders.

Upon hearing his order, Zhang Sheng looked worried. Elder Han flinched but did not stop them.

Zhou Wenwu was left alone to block the entrance of the valley and gave a helpless look.

He was not loyal to the point where he was willing to sacrifice his life for Fang Yuan. This was all he could do.

"Hehe…..a martial artist with inner power, and yet you dare to block me. I must say that you are very courageous indeed! Very courageous!"

Hu Yuxu stared at him and was full of mystery.

As he stared into Hu Yuxu's eyes, Zhou Wenwu started to have goosebumps all over. He trembled and felt a huge pressure coming, making him retreat and fumble over his steps.

"Very good, you are remarkably brave!"

At that moment, a gentle voice came from the valley inside. Zhou Wenwu immediately stood straight and said, "The doctor is here!"

"Gentlemen, you have come from far and been making things difficult for me. May I know why?"

Among the clear voice, a young man took only a few steps and arrived outside the secluded valley. Zhang Sheng's eyes glittered as he saw this.


Elder Han was also surprised when he saw Fang Yuan!

Fang Yuan had given him a mysterious vibe. He realised that it was not because of his medical skills, but his martial arts!

He also felt that even after fully recovering, he still might not be able to deal with Fang Yuan, which frightened him!

Previously, Fang Yuan didn't reveal his martial arts and looked harmless. As he revealed his Lightness skill, everyone was shocked!

"Zhou Wenwu, you have done a good job. You can leave now!"

Fang Yuan patted Zhou Wenwu's shoulders, flattering him with recognition of his good job.

If he wasn't busy hiding the Iron-tailed Black Eagle, he would have arrived earlier. However, he came at the right time as he could see Elder Han's heart waver, and witnessed Zhou Wenwu's determination at the same time. He realised that Zhou Wenwu was loyal enough to be worth training.

Even though Fang Yuan knew that Zhou Wenwu was forced to take action, it didn't matter! Regardless if he did it out of his own will, it didn't matter to Fang Yuan. What mattered was that at least he took action! That was commendable!

'Even a dog who is keeping guard has to be rewarded if it has done well. Not to mention…..Zhou Wenwu's martial arts is not strong enough and he has yet to attain the 6th Gate. He will still be defeated easily!'

Fang Yuan thought about helping Zhou Wenwu break through the 6th Gate, which was a piece of cake for him.

As the leader, he should help his men out as it would make them more loyal and obedient.

What about the possibility that Zhou Wenwu might betray Fang Yuan in the future? If he could maintain this speed for improvement, Zhou Wenwu actually would never be able to catch up with Fang Yuan and therefore would probably never betray Fang Yuan.

"So, you are the famous doctor in the secluded valley?"

Hu Yuxu looked at Fang Yuan with frivolous expression.

After all, with his experience, a doctor who was not at least 50 years old with a wealth of experience in medicine was not considered an expert.

Fang Yuan was young, and he was not a magical demon with healing prowess. Therefore, he must be a fraud!


Fang Yuan gave a mysterious look in his eyes, which frightened Hu Yuxu a little.

"An expert in the 10th Gate, Yang Gate?"

He murmured a few words, shocking Hu Yuxu. "Even though you are a 10th Gate Martial Artist, your energy and blood are damaged, which makes your foundation weak. You look sickly and I can see that there is an imbalance between the Yin and Yang in your body from the energy of your Mind Palace…..You are only comparable to an average 9th Gate Martial Artist. It appears that you made your breakthrough in the Yin and Yang energies via evil means? How many people have you harmed in the process?"


Hu Yuxu retreated and cold sweat started forming on his forehead.

The technique which he used was known as the Inverse Yin Elemental Technique. It was an evil technique but one would be able to progress and make a breakthrough of the Yin and Yang quickly.

He didn't expect that Fang Yuan could see through his method in one look.

Even though he was stealthy in his actions, many innocent people had suffered because of him. If they could relate all these incidents to him, his reputation would go all the way down. From the suspicious looks of Zhang Sheng and other martial artists, he knew that they already suspected that something was wrong with him!

"No wonder he couldn't take criticisms and could improve tremendously….."

"I had also heard that Hu Yuxu was lewd and had many mistresses….There were also rumours that he liked men as well..."

"I just recalled that Hu Yuxu disappearance would always coincide with the appearance of the pervert Flower Butterfly. Could he be….."

A few whisperings were heard, making Hu Yuxu disgusted.


He felt wronged and replied with a sense of justice. "I am using the Frozen Water Formula and it is not through evil means. Please stop accusing me!"

"Really? How unfortunate!"

Fang Yuan glanced at him with pity in his eyes. "Even though this evil technique allows one to progress quickly, there are various consequences! After all, you stole your Yin and Yang energies from others. From one hour before and after noon and midnight, do you feel that your Yin and Yang are unbalanced, causing you much pain from their clashes? How does it feel to be bipolar too?"

"Also, you will probably not be able to break through the Earth Gate in your entire lifetime. The things that I have just mentioned are not written down in that technique, isn't it? And did the doctor beside you remind you of this?"

"How….how did you know?"

Hu Yuxu's voice exclaimed in shock, as though someone had discovered his biggest secret.

As he spoke, he realised that he should not have said it.


Zhang Sheng exclaimed. "So you are this type of person. I feel ashamed to be on the same side as you! Hu Yuxu, I shall not hurt you today for Old Crane's sake. However, if I were to see you doing evil things again, I will not hesitate to stop you with no mercy! Mark my words!"


Hu Yuxu's expression changed. With a shout, he escaped!