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Chapter 82: Solution

Chapter 82: Solution

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The rest looked at Fang Yuan and was speechless.

Fang Yuan was able to discover such a big secret of a [Martial Artist (10th Gate)] just by looking at him for the first time, and even made him escape in embarrassment?

Shouldn't this sort of medical skill be at the peak of the 'looking' stage of the 4 diagnostic methods?

Among all the onlookers, Elder Han was the most embarrassed.

His heart previously wavered at the same time when Fang Yuan appeared, which caused him to be very embarrassed of himself in front of Fang Yuan.

'Without violence, he was able to defeat his enemy with just a few sentences. What potential!'

Elder Han became a little frightened when he thought about this. As he was thinking, Fang Yuan questioned Old Crane. "Are you also a doctor?"

"Correct. Old Crane is a well known and respected doctor in the Secluded Mountains Prefecture!"

Ah Da, on behalf of Old Crane, was trying to hint to Fang Yuan that Fang Yuan was just a young man and was still considered a junior when compared to Old Crane.

"Oh! Then may I ask you, Old Crane, if you noticed the abnormalities on Hu Yuxu's body?"

Fang Yuan continued to press on with his questions, as he reached a climax.


Old Crane hesitated in his answer.

If he said that he did not notice the abnormalities, wouldn't he be admitting that his medical skills were inferior to Fang Yuan's?

But if he could detect the abnormalities but intentionally hid it from Hu Yuxu, it would be even more terrible.

"Since you are a well-known doctor, you should be very sensitive to these details and should have already detected it, shouldn't you? Why are you still hanging around with such an evil person? Where is your medical ethics? Where has it gone to?"

Fang Yuan was harsh in his words. "Medical ethics are the most important for a doctor! If a doctor is talented but does not have the medical ethics, you will only bring suffering to others even if you are the most powerful doctor in the world!"


Old Crane, who previously looked like a superior doctor with his long beard, was now blushing in embarrassment; his fingers were trembling.

Indeed, the purpose of his visit was to actually embarrass Fang Yuan.

However, he didn't expect to meet such a cunning lad who didn't even question his medical skills, but his medical ethics!

In fact, this was what Fang Yuan wanted to achieve.

Fang Yuan had nothing to fear even if they were to question each other's medical skills. However, why should he follow his enemy's plan to put their medical skills against each other?

They could not blame Fang Yuan for tarnishing their reputation as they were the ones who had provoked Fang Yuan first!

"And for Elder Han, you agreed to help him? Mind if I ask you, what did you do? How dare you to brag without shame? How could you treat a patient's life so lightly? Doctors should have the care and concern for their patients just like how parents have for their children. Where is your care and concern for Elder Han? Or maybe you don't have it in the first place?"

Upon hearing what Fang Yuan said, Elder Han was even more embarrassed this time.

He was even more afraid than embarrassed actually.

Indeed, Old Crane simply glanced at Elder Han and estimated that Elder Han could recover fully under his treatment in 3 months. How confident was he about his estimation? After all, no doctors in the sect were able to treat Elder Han and Shi Yutong even had to ask the alchemy master for help.

"Doctor Fang, don't be angry!"

His life was still more important than his pride.

He was thick-skinned and replied, "I knew the principle of being faithful to one. How could I ask someone else to treat me halfway during my treatment under you? Not to mention whether Old Crane's medical skills were good or not, even if he was a powerful doctor, I would still want to be treated by you, Doctor Fang!"


"All of you!!"

His sentence was so harsh, making Old Crane furious and speechless. Suddenly, he spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted.

"Oh? This is bad!"

Fang Yuan saw what happened to Old Crane and shook his head. "Your medical ethics and tolerance are no good, how could you even become a doctor? Even I feel ashamed for you!"

Elder Han's eyelids twitched upon hearing what Fang Yuan said.

Old Crane thought he could embarrass Fang Yuan. Little did he know that he would lose even before the fight. Plus, his reputation was tarnished and he was deeply embarrassed. It would be very hard for him to face anyone now!


Zhang Sheng drew out his sword and raised his voice.

"We shall not discuss further regarding Old Crane's medical ethics. I am sorry that we have caused much disturbance and trouble in this visit. We shall take our leave!"

Knowing that their mission was a failure, Zhang Sheng did not say much and instructed Ah Da and Ah Er to carry the fainted Old Crane. All of them left in embarrassment.

"Zhang Sheng is a well known martial artist in Cangshui County. He had mastered the Tumultuous Nine Sword Technique and is also an 11th Gate Martial Artist 11th Gate....."

Elder Han said as he saw the group of them leaving.

"Oh? Are you suggesting that I should have attacked them? I am a doctor and not a fighter….."

Fang Yuan patted his chest and act as if he was very scared of them. "Elder Han, you are also an 11th Gate martial Artist. I shall leave it to you to help me and find a chance to humiliate them back?"

Elder Han shook his head with a forceful smile when he heard Fang Yuan's request.

Even if he were to recover fully from his injuries, he was still an elder of the Spirit Returning Sect and it was a serious consideration to provoke another [Martial Artist (11th Gate)].

He could only feel that Fang Yuan was too profound to be understood.

Fang Yuan laughed and consoled Zhou Wenwu with a few words.

In fact, he would likely be inferior to Old Crane if one was to compare both of their medical experiences and skills.

However, Fang Yuan's shocking magical energy aided him. Furthermore, he was a [Martial Artist (11th Gate)] and was extremely familiar with Yin and Yang. Thus, Hu Yuxu could not hide his secret from Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan not only verbally attacked them but also used an underhand method as well.

'The dao of spiritual knights is impressive indeed. With a little influence from a dream master and some combination with the Blood Magic Manual, in certain situations, it is even more useful than a 10th Gate martial artist.'

Fang Yuan nodded his head and was satisfied with how he handled the situation.

"Since the two of you are here already, why not just come in and have some tea!"

Without another word, he went back into the valley. "Also, Zhou Wenwu, I am lacking a few servants here. Please help me find some clever ones!"

"How could I disobey your orders?!"

Zhou Wenwu was happy as he knew he was even closer to Fang Yuan now, making Elder Han envious of him.

If the news of servants needed at Fang Yuan's place spread, the big families in Qingye City would not hesitate to send their children here as servants.

Fang Yuan of the secluded valley seemed to have become the strongest influence in Qingye City.

"Among these servants, there better be some farmers who have the experience of taking care of spiritual plants!"

There were no more secrets in the secluded valley. There were a few acres of Vermillion Jade Rice and a bamboo growing. There was not much left to be revealed as Fang Yuan had already shown off his abilities.

"Spiritual plants?"

Elder Han's expression changed as he heard what Fang Yuan said.

Fang Yuan restrained his expressions and said, "It was pure luck that the few acres of Vermillion Jade Rice were able to grow. I will have to thank your sect for giving me as a gift to plant it!

"Vermillion Jade Rice? And a few acres of it?"

Elder Han widened his eyes.

It was true that the Vermillion Jade Rice originated from the Spirit Returning Sect and many families in the county did plant it. It was difficult to grow them in small amounts as it could exhaust human and material resources easily. The land used to plant the spiritual plant would have to be changed every few years as the planting of spiritual plants would make the piece of land infertile in a few years.

How then was Fang Yuan able to grow a few acres of the Vermillion Jade Rice?

'Or maybe the spiritual land is right here?'

Elder Han's expression changed and observed the surroundings of the secluded valley carefully. He then shook his head and thought, 'No….the land here is probably very fertile, but it is astonishing to grow such a good amount of spiritual rice here!'

'Or maybe Fang Yuan has a secret method specifically for growing spiritual rice?'

Elder Han's suspicions of Fang Yuan grew and he glanced at Fang Yuan. A thought then came into his mind. 'What a coincidence he is opening up the secluded valley and hiring servants. It is a good time for me to investigate!'

This was one of Fang Yuan's purposes.

He sealed the secluded valley away from the public so others would try to guess the secrets of it.

Fang Yuan was taking this chance to reveal part of the secluded valley so as to clear some people's suspicions.

There was a big difference between a low-profile talent who could become powerful all of a sudden and another who had a poor background but rose up to become powerful by eating spiritual rice every day.

He wanted to divert the attention to the secluded valley so that they would overlook the secrets in the Clear Spirit Mountain.

When Elder Han saw that the few acres of the Vermillion Jade Rice grown here were in better condition as compared to the ones that were grown back in the sect, he could not believe his eyes.

"This is impossible! Impossible!!!"

He squatted and looked at the fertile land, as though he wanted to taste it.

Unfortunately for him, Fang Yuan had not added any spiritual fertiliser. Even if Elder Han had brought back a few samples of the soil to test, he could only conclude that the soil was normal and fertile.

After he sent a shocked Elder Han away, Fang Yuan asked Zhou Wenwu to stay behind.

"Yes, Master!"

Without the presence of any outsiders, Zhou Wenwu became slightly stiff.

"You have done well today!"

Fang Yuan sat down while crossing his knees and nodded his head. "However, your cultivation level is…..low!"

"That is because I am incapable!"

Zhou Wenwu blushed.

He had consumed the spiritual rice daily and his inner power had reached its peak level. However, he did not know what he was lacking and therefore could not make a breakthrough.

"The 6th Gate is also known as the Pain Gate. Breaking through this gate will be the defining moment for many martial artists. Once you make this breakthrough, your inner power will be converted to inner force!"

Fang Yuan glanced at Zhou Wenwu and said, "If you want to rebuild the Zhou family's name and reputation, being a 5th Gate martial artist is not enough!"

The current situation in Qingye City was different from before. An inner power martial artist would not be able to control a situation on his own. Similarly, Zhou Wenwu was not able to handle the situation on his own.

While perturbed, he was stunned when Fang Yuan served him a cup of tea. "Drink it!"


'If a martial artist wants to break through to attain the 6th Gate, one has to accumulate their Essence, Spirit, and especially one's magical energy. As one breaks through higher gates, the requirement of one's magical energy will also be higher…..'

Fang Yuan clearly knew that Zhou Wenwu's accumulation of his inner power had reached the peak level for a [Martial Artist (5th Gate)]. However, Zhou Wenwu was still young, and his magical energy was slightly low. Hence, he was stuck at the 5th Gate. He did not want to risk making a breakthrough as he would be seriously injured should he fail.

Fang Yuan's cup of tea would solve his problems.

Also, Zhou Wenwu was stuck at the 5th Gate for quite a while and there could be a possibility that he would make a breakthrough by chance. With this cup of tea which Fang Yuan could use against Zhou Wenwu, Zhou Wenwu would not say a single word.