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Chapter 86: Immortality

Chapter 86: Immortality

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"Hooo hooo..."

There was only the sound of the gentle breeze in the dead silence.

A few junior disciples of the Green Cloud Sect looked on and stuttered in disbelief.

"Senior Liu Zhou?"

"Ah! Senior Liu is dead..."

"How? Isn't Fang Yuan a useless bum?"

"Fang Yuan is no longer the useless bum we knew. He is now an undefeatable demon! His existence only brings disaster. We have to report this to the elders immediately!"

"Fang Yuan...we will have our revenge!"



Fang Yuan rushed forward and stepped onto the Gigantic Leaf Magic Equipment. With just a thought, he easily seized the rights to use it.

Looking around, Fang Yuan saw that apart from the few followers of the young master, there were still a few infamous and despicable ruffians left. Fang Yuan killed them without hesitation and took their valuable possessions before flying off on the Gigantic Leaf Magical Weapon.

"Liu Dan's reactions are too slow, and he doesn't seem experienced enough in wielding the weapon..."

Soaring high up in the sky with the weapon was an experience on a totally new level for Fang Yuan.

At this moment, Fang Yuan gazed at the bright and shiny flying sword and the magical robe he stripped off from Liu Dan's dead body. He was silent in thought.

Liu Zhou's magical power was in fact impressive, but he was not an experienced fighter. This was especially evident when he restricted himself when he concentrated on his magical power defending himself while also using the flying sword to cover himself. This proved to be too much for him to handle as he did not have enough energy left to use the Gigantic Leaf to flee in the end.

Otherwise, if Liu Zhou had taken the chance to attack Fang Yuan when he held the advantage, Fang Yuan would probably be unable to defeat him so easily.

"This magical weapon is indeed excellent... but what use does it have for me?"

Fang Yuan then experimented controlling the flying sword, causing him to smile happily with a childlike glee. After a while, he contentedly tossed it aside.

"So, what is the use of giving me a sacred weapon!? Even though I can use it against gods and deities, it has almost no use in the human world, how is it even useful to me?"

For a dream master to cultivate his abilities, he made use of the imaginary to supplement reality, displaying his powers.

Master Wenxin could actualise things in his dream world into reality. He could actualise spiritual lands, and even spiritual beasts and lands that were millions of years old. It was truly an amazing and unrivalled ability.

As for Fang Yuan, he could not even bring a single stalk of grass into the real world, much less immensely powerful spiritual equipment.

"Using the fake as a mean to cultivate in the real world, the more realistic the laws, the greater the likelihood of things inside being actualised!"

Fang Yuan muttered to himself, "If one were to construct an imaginary world based strictly on the laws of the real world, there is a possibility it might be beneficial for one's breakthrough in the future. But for now, my abilities are not at the level that can handle the mysteries behind this ..."

The set of skills Master Wenxin passed on to Fang Yuan had several levels. As of then, Fang Yuan only mastered the most basic of them and was already thoroughly impressed and in awe. He could not help but feel more excited about what was to come.


Just as the Great Leaf Magical Weapon shakily brought Fang Yuan out of Green Cloud Mountain, an explosion thundered out. Fang Yuan felt there was someone or something burning with fiery rage hot on his heels. A voice shouted out, "Thief, stop in your tracks!"

A tremendous spiritual force which contained demonic wind energy crashed into the Green Leaf Magical Equipment. This collision caused it to wobble unsteadily and with its internal system in disarray before it finally crashed to the ground.


As the magical Weapon crashed to the ground, Fang Yuan leapt up and nimbly landed on the canopy of an old tree by the side. Without looking at the collision, he turned his attention to the furious person charging towards him and thought, "An immortal cultivator from the demonic wind period? What is he here for?"

The main focus of the world was to cultivate to become an immortal.

After completing the 13 Tiers of Spirit Energy Training, one could explore the world and seek out a demonic wind energy that was suitable and absorb it. From there, the cultivator would have unimaginable abilities for the preparations to develop of the Golden Pill of Dao in the future.

The better the demonic energy, the more substantial and strong the Golden Pill would be. This would make the Golden Pill of Dao all the more worth looking forward to.

If one's pill was able to reach the Grade 1, one was almost guaranteed to shatter his pill to form an elemental infant, split and evolve his spiritual will, and eventually undergo heavenly tribulation.

"Roar roar!"

At this moment, Fang Yuan was chased by a great bluish-black ball of demonic wind energy. It took on the shapes of a dragon and tiger, creating a rancorous noise. This could thoroughly shake an immortal cultivator to his core.

"This is a Dragon Tiger Demonic Wind, which is the most inferior kind of demonic energy and it is extremely sparse. It looks like it is a deacon that as no hope of forming a pill in his lifetime..."

With just a glance, Fang Yuan figured out what that was.

Even then, as an immortal cultivator, it was not to be underestimated. It caught up with Fang Yuan in a blink of an eye and transformed into a ferocious and well-built middle-aged man. He looked similar to Liu Zhou, except that his bloodshot eyes were filled with rage it looked as though he could not wait to swallow Fang Yuan whole. He barked out, "You are the one who killed my nephew?"

"Who would have thought one could fly around in the Demonic Wind Stage in human form? This is so convenient!"

Looking at this man, Fang Yuan remarked eagerly.

In this short period of time, Fang Yuan's martial arts progress was also on a roll. He broke through several gates successfully and had already reached its full completion.

Although Fang Yuan did not take this middle-aged man seriously, the middle-aged man could no longer contain his anger and shouted,"A demon from another world?! Or are you an ancient demon from the Savage Period?"

"Up to you to decide!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand and the Sky Blade shot out. It charged towards the middle-aged man like a green sea dragon.

"Zhou'Er's Sky Blade?! To think that his imprints were removed so quickly?"

Upon seeing this, the middle-aged man exploded in anger. Without even using a weapon, he directly tapped his head and shouted, "Go!"

"Roar roar!"

With a thunderous roar, the demonic wind in the shape of the dragon tiger which was circling around him launched itself with lightning speed and trapped the Sky Blade within.

"I do not care what sort of demon you are! You killed my nephew, you will pay for it with your life!"

Seeing that the Dragon Tiger Demonic Wind had already countered Fang Yuan's flying sword, the middle-aged man's confidence was bolstered. He opened his mouth and shout out a small seal. The seal expanded rapidly in its path mid-air, turning into what looked like a small black hill.

"Dragon Tiger Seal, destroy!"

Pointing at Fang Yuan, the magical weapon which now looked like a small hill came crashing down instantly.


It caused a tremendous tremor in the ground and loose particles and debris flew up into the air. The trees toppled down one after another.

In just one strike, anything that was in the location where Fang Yuan once stood had sunk several metres deep into the ground. Nothing was spared.

"What a great magical weapon with remarkable power! It seems to match your demonic wind quite well?"

In a flash, Fang Yuan reappeared. He began laughing and applauding.

He deduced that this person's demonic wind was in fact very weak. But because he had the magical weapon, it made him rather formidable. This explained why he was courageous enough to chase after Fang Yuan.

"Erm? He's not dead?"

The middle-aged man was shocked. He just witnessed the area where Fang Yuan once stood got hit by his weapon on target. He had believed that there was no way Fang Yuan could have avoided that.

"You are no doubt extremely unpredictable, but your demonic wind abilities do not seem impressive, why should I fear you!"

Gritting his teeth, he made a gesture with hand and the two dragon and tiger demonic winds abandoned the flying sword and merged into the seal.

"Ow ow!"

"Roar roar!"

With this reinforcement, the seal's power increased tremendously. With the eyes of the two beasts shining menacingly, the seal headed straightforward Fang Yuan's head again.

As Fang Yuan contemplated his next move, he could already feel the sheer power of the force from the magical seal. It exerted a pulling force on him, restricting his movement.


The magical seal crashed on Fang Yuan's head, causing his body to be smashed into a bloody and gruesome mess.

Just as a smile appeared to take shape on the middle-aged man's face, it quickly turned into a contorted look of shock and disbelief.

In a flash, Fang Yuan was again standing at his original location, looking as though nothing happened to him at all.

"How is it possible?"

The middle-aged man's expression changed. With a wave of his hand, several shiny and eye-catching magical weapons appeared. Axes, pitchforks and so on now charged towards Fang Yuan.

"Ha! Holy Combination of Dragon and Tiger, Flooding Water and Burning Fire, Golden Winds and Smothering Earth! Activate!"

With this incantation, all these magical weapons dropped from the sky, evolving into many unthinkable forces and landing on Fang Yuan.



By this point in time, the hill had already endured several lethal, destructive and disastrous attacks. Not only was it completely overturned by the Dragon Tiger Seal and other magical weapons, it was devastated by the several spells shot out by the middle-aged man. There was almost no chance of survival for any orgasm living in it.

However, one could not say there was definitely no chance of survival because Fang Yuan stood perfectly unharmed in the centre of it.


Fang Yuan yawned restlessly and looked at the middle-aged man.

"No…...impossible! Even if you are an ancient demon, it is still impossible! This must be a trick! An illusion!"

As the middle-aged man muttered, he forcefully executed a few moves on himself to confirm that he was not hallucinating. With this confirmation, the blood drained from his face and with a shout of despair, he flew off without turning back.

Even though he had yet to avenge his nephew, Fang Yuan proved too formidable and intimidating for him.

"It was so boring to be attacked the whole time!"

Being on the receiving end of the middleman's offensive moves and being smashed to pieces so many times, Fang Yuan's anger had built up steadily. How could he let this man off easily?

"Now that he has escaped, how do I chase after him? Even though the Green Leaf Magical Weapon seems great, it definitely cannot outrun the Dragon Tiger Demonic Wind!"

Fang Yuan shut his eyes as he thought of a solution.

All of a sudden, the energy on his body began the breakthrough, even causing a large disturbance in the heaven and the earth. Small strings of demonic wind energy automatically appeared, and after he refined them, he entered the Demonic Wind Stage in that instant.

"Let's go!"

Riding on the demonic wind, Fang Yuan was flying in his human form. His speed increased tremendously and caught up in no time.

"This is...demonic wind? This creature has advanced into the demonic wind stage?"

The middle-aged man turned around. When he saw Fang Yuan, his felt as though his soul was sucked out from him. "Furthermore, it's the Dragon Tiger Demonic Wind? Holy, what has this world become? Could he accomplish this just by merging the demonic winds? Could he be the son of God?"

Thinking about how he sacrificed almost everything to search the whole world to master just a bit of the demonic wind, and the excruciating experience from it, immense rage and unfairness overwhelmed his heart. It could even almost swallow him whole.

"This creature is too terrifying, I cannot fight it!"

He already had no intention to avenge his nephew, all he thought of was to escape and hide from this creature for the rest of his life.

"Sou sou!"

Two lines of demonic winds cut through the sky, moving extremely quickly.

Suddenly, the sight of the buildings on the grounds of Green Cloud Sect came into sight. This caused a delightful smile to appear on the middle-aged man's face. He shouted, "Help me master!"

"You think just because you are back here you are safe?"

Fang Yuan momentarily entered a mysterious realm.

All that he had seen previously caused him to enter an advanced level of enlightenment. He suddenly widened his eyes and shouted, "Die!"

As he shouted, the middle-aged man in front of him's look of extreme delight changed drastically.

He instantly felt that he lost all his abilities and he was falling from the sky like a bird without wings. The look of pure terror plastered his face.


A pool of blood splattered on the boulder. This expert from the demonic wind stage fell to his death.