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Chapter 87: Extermination

Chapter 87: Extermination

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"That shout sounded like it was from Brother Liu!"

"He went off to kill Fang Yuan. Maybe he met Fang Yuan when he shouted?"

"Who dares to go against us, the Green Cloud Sect in Heaven's Element?"

"Sigh…..unfortunately Liu Zhou is dead. If not, he would be able to defeat the enemy!"


The long shout from the middle-aged man shook the entire Green Cloud House. A few flashes of light then appeared and thoughts ran wild. What everyone saw next was unbelievable.

"Oh my god! What have I seen?"

"Brother Liu fell to his death!"

"Are you kidding? How can a True Cultivator in the Demonic Wind Stage be able to fall to his death? There had been no such absurd accidents in the whole of the cultivation world!"

"But that person is really Brother Liu and looks like he has failed in his cultivation!"

"Could it be that we are under some illusion spell?"

A few other Demonic Wind Stage True Cultivators rubbed their eyes and couldn't believe what they had seen.

"Which powerful person dare to intrude Green Cloud House?"


3 giant streaks of light rose from within the Green Cloud House, revealing a white-haired old man accompanied by two middle-aged men who were in the Golden Pill Stage and Elemental Infant Stage respectively. The rest of the True Cultivators bowed down to them and greeted. "House Master, Deputy House Master!"

"I am Yu Xiong, may I know your intention for intruding our place and killing our deacon?"

The white-haired Elemental Infant Period House Master looked stern and stared at Fang Yuan.

The House Master understood what he saw from his spiritual will. Deacon Liu was actually escaping but when Fang Yuan made his move, Deacon Liu became a normal human being as his body disintegrated instantly.

Seeing what Fang Yuan had done, the House Master knew from his spiritual will that Fang Yuan was also in the Demonic Wind Stage and was a powerful enemy. The two Golden Pill Stage deputy house masters beside him immediately summoned their magical weapons to defend themselves.

"They are my nephews and they work in collusion with each other. They wanted to kill me, and I only acted in self-defence!"

Fang Yuan stood with his hands behind his back. He squinted his eyes and laughed. "It doesn't matter. In this world, who do I not dare to kill? Who can't be killed by me?"

"You're an evildoer!"

"You're a crazy man!"

"You're a devil!"


Yu Xiong looked at a few other house masters and deacons in the eye and knew that they would not let this matter go.

"House Master, Fang Yuan is one of the disciples in our sect. He had always been dull and seemed stupid. I'm not really sure how he has become like this….."

At that moment, a deacon reported to Yu Xiong about Fang Yuan.

"A disciple of ours?"

Yu Xiong was surprised.

To him, a few disciples that were still training were still higher skilled than him.

However, after seeing what Fang Yuan could do, he was confused. "Could he be possessed by a demon from another world or is he the reincarnation of some ancient demon?"

Yu Xiong then said, "No matter what, if we let this devil escape today, there will be misery and suffering in future. All disciples listen up, make a Green Cloud Array!"

"Yes, House Master!"

A few bright flashes were seen going into the building under the leadership of the two house deputy house masters.


Suddenly, a green fog then appeared in the Green Cloud House and it formed an array which surrounded Fang Yuan.

"This is your array? Interesting!"

Fang Yuan stood firmly and saw the changes around him. An attack array was surrounding him, piquing his interest.

Previously, he had made minor amendments to his body with just his thoughts. However, he still had to follow a sequence in order to improve and at this point was only at the Demonic Wind Stage.

After all, the cultivation in this dream world was just an illusion and it could not be transferred over to his real life.

'One can only blame my logical thinking skills? To create such a world that has become so tight in terms of security? And even taking me as an enemy?'

Fang Yuan understood the power that he possessed as the 'creator' of the dream world.

The reason was that in this dream world, only he was real and he was the bridge connecting the real world and the dream world. Hence, objects or people near him, or within the influence of his thoughts, would be affected by the laws of reality in the real world.

That was why Deacon Liu became a normal person and fell to his death when Fang Yuan attacked him just now.

"Unfortunately…... My attacks are still limited! Nevermind, it might improve after I gain more experience!"

Fallen trunks surrounded him as he was thinking.

The Green Cloud Array consisted of 5 rows that rotated constantly. It would transform with time and as time passed, the power of the array would be increased, eventually forming an extreme five elements array.

"Fallen trunks…..I don't want to get squash to death….."

Fang Yuan looked the incoming giant trunks and touched his chin. He thought of something and shrouded himself in his power.


At that moment, many trunks and vines trapped him.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

Many cracks appeared before exploded.

Among the mess, Fang Yuan came out unharmed.


Suddenly, a giant golden blade formed right above Fang Yuan, making a clanging sound as it landed on his neck.

The golden blade broke in half as it landed.

"Rumble! Rumble!"

The Green Cloud Formation changed again and this time, there were flames.

Fang Yuan took a deep breath and breathed in the flames. Satisfied, he let out a burp. "Old Yu Xiong, any more tricks? Just show all of them to me now!"


Yu Xiong, who was hidden within the formation was surprised. "Physique cultivation? Was this an inheritance from the Savage Period?"

Seeing Fang Yuan charging straight into the formation with the intention to break it, Yu Xiong had to take action.

"Let there be wind and lightning on my command. Activate!"

Yu Xiong was, without a doubt, an expert immortal cultivator in the Elemental Infant Stage. With just a command, the surrounding was suddenly filled with strong winds and lightning. A green lightning descended and struck Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan was motionless. There was only a hint of green smoke emitting from his shoulders and his clothes were still in good condition.

"Oh lord, is his body made out of magical equipment?"

Yu Xiong was frightened. The Elemental Infant inside him suddenly appeared on his chest. He then shouted, "Green Cloud Sword!"


The whole formation shook and the green cloud started to fade away. It then converged above Yu Xiong's head to form a figure of a giant green sword.


Under Yu Xiong's command, the giant green sword fell straight towards Fang Yuan like a collapsing mountain.

Above the sword, lightning flashed and the wind howled. The surrounding 5 rows of light converged to become a remarkable spiritual technique and flowed along the blade of the sword!

Miles away, flocks of birds started to fly away and many wild animals fled as though a catastrophe was about to strike.

This sword was dominating and powerful!

"Mighty House Master!"

At that moment, everyone, be it the disciples or the Golden Pill Stage deputy house House Master, were all cheering for the house master as though they had witnessed the devil being killed by the mighty sword.


The sword then came crashing down.

"Buzz! Buzz!"

The ground shook and a giant crack appeared on the ground. A giant cloud of dust was formed from the crack.

"Hoo, hoo....even though this looks fierce, the Green Cloud Formation will kill the enemy in one strike without any pain or suffering…..uh…."

Yu Xiong exhaled a long breath.

In the epicentre of the explosion, there were cracks everywhere, but one portion of land was perfectly preserved, untouched. This portion of land stood out among the destruction.

On that perfect portion of land, a person stood firmly on the ground, unharmed.

That person was holding a green sword in his hand as well.

"This…..this is impossible!"

Yu Xiong exclaimed and retreated. "Are you an old fogey in the Tribulation Stage? If not, how are you able to control the perfect sword essence as if it is nothing?"

"Perfect sword essence?"

Fang Yuan smiled and went forward with the Green Cloud Sword in his hand. "To me, this sword is as soft as a paper. I can knead it into anything I like!"

"You…..are a devil!"

Yu Xiong was furious and shouted. "All the disciples in the Green Cloud House, we shall work together to fight against our enemy!!!"

While he was speaking, his Elemental Infant had become a small golden sword and it flew through the thin air. It was a clever way to call for help.

"House Master!"

Among the shouting, a few bright lights flashed to the front. "With our help, we shall defeat this devil!"


Fang Yuan laughed and waved his hand lightly.


As Yu Xiong gave a horrified look, Fang Yuan struck the Green Cloud Sword out, and released the sword essence, increasing his fear factor.


5 bright lights shrouded the Green Cloud Sword as it crashed down towards the main hall of the Green Cloud House.


Even though the range of his attack was not was as wide as before, the sword essence that Fang Yuan possessed was the main essence of the array, destroying the main hall.

Yu Xiong and the 2 deputy house masters spat out mouthfuls of blood and were all seriously injured. There were a few unlucky deacons who didn't manage to survive.

"Stop calling me a devil. Can't you address me properly by my name?"

Fang Yuan came towards Yu Xiong and glanced at the group of people who once considered themselves the 'immortal ones'.

"What should I do next? Kill all of them?"

Fang Yuan questioned his conscience.

If his conscience told him to kill, then he could even destroy the whole world!

"Hold on a second…..are….are you Fang Yuan?"

Among the crowd of disciples, one person walked out, with fear written all over his face. Fang Yuan could recognise him as the deacon who introduced him to the Green Cloud House.

"Hehe… There is karma even in the dream world?"

Fang Yuan laughed and gave a serious look. He went near Yu Xiong and said, "Karma is too complicated. I'll settle everything with one sword!"


Yu Xiong was in shock. An Elemental Infant appeared on his head as it wanted to escape.


Fang Yuan laughed and exclaimed.


His Elemental Infant fell onto the ground like a doll, motionless. Fang Yuan walked up and squashed it with his foot!