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Chapter 88: Death from the Roar

Chapter 88: Death from the Roar

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"To be lost in the world, and realise it was but a dream... I can do anything I want, for I am the only real thing here!"

In his laughter, Fang Yuan left the Green Cloud House, which once pinned high hopes on him. His shadow disappeared, and only the raging fire was left behind.

Not long after he left, the spiritual fire engulfed the entire Green Cloud House and turned everything into ash, a few spiritual lights were seen from the horizon, and almost instantaneously moved to the area above Green Cloud House.

A few high-levelled immortal cultivators were enraged after witnessing this scene.

"What guts! What guts!"

An old man with a child's complexion chuckled. "You dare to oppose the Green Cloud Sect? Even though you might be an ancient demon, we will still destroy you!"

"Nine days of rain, pour!"

A pretty lady twitched her eyebrows, swung her willow branch and formed a downpour, which extinguished the fire. "Based on Yu Xiong, although the ancient demon might seem to only have harnessed the Demon Wind, he cannot die and be destroyed as his body is extremely tough. You'd better invite a few more senior brothers proficient in seals and arrays to help out!"

"That is right! I, an immortal cultivator, am the owner of all things, what have I not experienced? I have even dealt with and killed more than a hundred extraterrestrial and ancient demons, one more should be no problem!"

If Fang Yuan was here, he would be able to sense the anger from these immortal cultivators!

This was the confidence that they had gotten over many past victories!

"What's more... Brute force! Cannot be destroyed?"

An old man with his eyebrows and beard as long as flames licked his lips and his eyes glittered with excitement. " "If this is true, this demon is a top-grade material for making magical equipment! It might even be able to fend off a few 99 Wind-Fire Tribulations!"

At the mention of this, even the expressions of those Magic-splitting, Magic-melting and Magic-fusing experts' expressions changed, revealing their greed on their faces.

To enter the Tribulation Stage, going through the 99 Wind-Fire Tribulations was a must, and it was not just once, but once every century.

It was fine if one barely scraped through it; if one failed, he would likely die, which was a fear among those in the world of immortal cultivators!

Even though they are high up in the hierarchy of the Green Cloud Sect, they still have a phobia of the life-threatening Tribulation; they would gather all the magical weapons they could, just to increase their chances of making it through the Tribulation.

After hearing what the weapon smelting elder had to say, everyone started to think for themselves.


"Everyone will punish this demon!"

Amidst the shouting, an immortal cultivator of Elemental Infant Stage thrust his sword, An impressive atmosphere was produced as the sword's afterimage and the swordlight fused together to become one

"Chi la!"

This swordlight which had the ability to divide mountains and separate rivers landed on Fang Yuan, but what came off was only a little spark.

Without even a frown, Fang Yuan struck his claw out. The colourful light on the body of the immortal cultivator was destroyed as if it was a bubble and a palm-sized elemental infant was dragged out.

"Ah... My body... Demon!"

A small elemental infant witnessed the destruction of its own body, and even the strength of the elemental infant seemed to disappear; it became a defenceless doll with fear in its eyes. "This is impossible... How did you capture my elemental infant?"

An elemental infant was the fusion of one's Essence, Spirit and Magic at their peak after the Golden Pill was smashed. It had a visible shape but was actually not made of any substance. It could naturally possess supernatural powers, teleportation, possession of another body etc.

But to Fang Yuan, the elemental infant was like a real infant; it could not defend itself. This moment scared the hell out of this immortal cultivator.

"It's from the Green Cloud Sect again..."

Fang Yuan held the elemental infant and had a tinge of annoyance in his eyes.

After the Green Cloud House was burnt down, he immediately became the common enemy of the immortal cultivator world and was hated by everyone. Many others left their mountains and were all after him.

Even though a cultivator at Tribulation Stage was right in front of him, he routinely crushed him effortlessly; he wanted to let everyone know that even though he was almighty, he would still be irritated by pests.

"This time, I would solve the problem entirely!"

With one breath he destroyed the elemental infant. Fang Yuan looked out to the mountainous ridge, looking curious.

This was the sacred mountain of the Green Cloud Sect, and the top spiritual ridge of the entire Heaven's Element; it was well known even throughout the entire world.

The main mountain ridge of Green Cloud Sect laid here.


"The ancient demon is here!"

After Fang Yuan killed the elemental infant, he did not stop and continued to trespass the sacred land of the Green Cloud Sect. A large golden bell on the top of Green Cloud Sect's bell tower was struck eighty-one times, and it shook the earth.

It was as if the entire Green Cloud Sect was like an awoken spiritual beast, roaring.

"What audacity!"

"A small demon, but you dare to oppose Green Cloud Sect?"

A few streaks of light shot out; a group of angry old cultivators came out, staring at Fang Yuan, as though they wanted to smelt him on the spot.

"Ah… It's the Magic-melting Cultivators that are here!"

"And the weapon smelting elder too!"

"With us around, the Green Cloud Sect can eliminate this animal, and we might even be able to smelt him into a precious weapon!"


Outside, many streaks of light were visible. They were the Demonic Wind, Golden Pill and Elemental Infant stage Cultivator, and were all brimming with confidence.

"You want to smelt me?"

Fang Yuan felt rather amused after hearing them and looked at the weapon smelting elder. "The Green Cloud Sect is too much, and you deserve to be destroyed..."


The weapon smelting elder was confused, as though he had heard a huge joke, and started to laugh hysterically. "The Green Cloud Sect had many hidden secrets. We not only have more than 10 masters who have passed the Tribulation Stage, we also have the protection of elders in the Immortal World. You are just a small demon who knows a simple indestructible divine technique, and yet you dare to say such words?"

As he laughed, his expression became fierce. "Even if you are indestructible, the Green Cloud Sect can still suppress or seal you away. Don't you worry, I will then personally extract your soul and use your body to create a magical equipment!!!"

"A bunch of id*ots!"

Fang Yuan grinned from ear to ear. "You dare to boast in front of me? Come down!!!"


After sensing the entire dream world, He became increasingly familiar with changing the surrounding environment.

The result of that was an invisible vibration that came from his voice, engulfing the old man.

Horrified, the weapon smelting elder lost all his magical strength, shrieked and fell down from mid-air.

A few other elders were met with same fate.

"Pa! Pa!"

Blood stains were everywhere on the ground.

These few elders were not simple-minded; they prepared magical weapons and spiritual talismans to defend themselves, as such, they would still be able to use them immediately even if they were unable to focus their magical power.

Notwithstanding that, the weapon smelting elder trained in secret techniques even smelted several pieces of hard magical weapons into his own body, making his body strong as steel. Even if he were to jump into a mountain of knives or a sea of flames, he would be able to survive. A fall from such a height would mean nothing to him!

But it was still useless!

Regardless body or magical weapons, everything became like glue and exploded as it touched the rocks.

Even their elemental infants lost their ability to leave their bodies. They could only witness themselves falling to death and were squashed with their physical bodies!


There was dead silence at the gate of Green Cloud Sect.

The silence was so deafening that a large number of Green Cloud Sect disciples witnessed the scene in shock.

"What... What did I just see?"

After a long moment, a female disciple clad in pink robes rubbed her eyes. "So many Magic-melting elders, and the Magic-fusing weapon smelting elder, and they all just died with a roar?"

That's right! To all these disciples, they had just witnessed a demonic roar; the few elders who were all so proud before instantly fell down from shock became melted and died from the roar!!!

"It seems that the effect is not too bad! And I have positive control over it!"

Fang Yuan approached the melted bodies and came close to the gates of Green Cloud Sect.

"Ah! He's coming!"

"Leave quickly!"

"Save me!"


Seeing a demon who was able to kill so many highly skilled cultivators approaching, the Green Cloud Sect disciples fled like a flock of birds, extremely embarrassed; they had lost the pride of being the number one Sect.

"Hong! Hong!"

After all of them had retreated, a high pitched bell rang, and the ground shook.

Fang Yuan leapt and looked down. The entire sacred mountains of the Green Cloud Sect came alive and gathered at the Green Cloud Sect gate to fuse... It fused into the shape of a large green dragon.

"They could suck the spiritual energy from a hundred miles of the entire sacred land to form this large defensive array?"

Fang Yuan looked at the eyes of the dragon, and felt that there was much hatred in it; it was as real as a human's expression, which shocked Fang Yuan a little.

"To break through this array, one must destroy the spiritual vein and the earthly energy over a hundred mile radius protecting it... Other than recruiting the help of an immortal that has already ascended, or gathering a group of immortal cultivators in the Tribulation Stage, there aren't any other options!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and took a few steps forward.

Within the Green Cloud Sect, an old man in green stood in front of the gate and appeared serious; he was the Green Cloud Sect Sect Master!

"This demon is too scheming, it is not even afraid of the Green Immortal Dragon Array! It seems like I will have to set up a spiritual seal array!"

He glanced at a middle-aged man who seemed to be of a high level of cultivation. "Also, I will need your help to deliver this letter to the Grandmaster's Hall!"

After his words, he threw a piece of green jade that was emitting spiritual light.


Focused, the middle-aged man knew that the Sect Master had little confidence in the sect and had to use his final move; to get help from the Tribulation Stage Grandmasters!