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Chapter 89: Tribulation

Chapter 89: Tribulation

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"The first step for the cultivation of a dream disciple is to be self-aware and then try to achieve that in every dream world!"

"The second step will be then to try to control the dream world!"

Fang Yuan strolled on in high spirits. Within him, the dragon and the tiger combined and produced a Golden Pill.

The Golden Pill was round, bright and shiny. At the same time, there was a sense of indestructibility of the pill. When it formed, it created such an impact that shook even heaven and earth. The elemental energy from it formed a small funnel and the auspicious energy transformed into a Lingzhi. Several different other transformations then rapidly and repeatedly appeared.

"This is…."

The Green Cloud Sect Sect Master almost pulled his beard off when he saw what happened. "Forming the Golden Pill?"

Every disciple in the Green Cloud Sect was familiar with the process of forming the Golden Pill.

But what they couldn't understand was that this devil who had killed many elders was not even in the Golden Pill Stage!

A person's words can paint such a beautiful picture! When the dragon and the tiger combine, Yin and Yang meet…..Looking at this, this pill is of Tier 1 standard! One can use the combination of Dragon and Tiger in the Demonic Wind Stage to form a Tier 1 Golden Pill?

Nearby, a white-beard old man saw this phenomenon and opened his mouth widely. "The combination of spiritual dragon and spiritual tiger in the Demonic Wind Stage is not the last in the list of the Heaven and Earth Demonic Wind but it can form a Tier 1 pill? And…...there is tribulation in there?"

Many of the disciples had the same question as the old man.

They looked up and saw that the phenomenon was fading away. They could see a clear blue sky but there was a feeling of messiness.

Every step an immortal cultivator took, there would be tribulations accompanying him.

Especially when one entered the Golden Pill Stage, he would get a sense of the evil in this world for the first time; the 99 Wind-Fire Tribulations!

Even though this was the lowest level in the 19 Tribulations, it could cause immense sufferings to an ingenuine cultivator and he would have almost no chance to survive unless he had the help of his magical equipment, allies, arrays or help from the sect.

What was happening?

A devil was forming a Golden Pill right in front of the Green Cloud Sect, skipping the process of going through any tribulations.

"Why am I not as fortunate as this devil?"

The Sect Head of Green Cloud Sect witnessed the phenomenon coming to an end. He gave a serious expression and stared at Fang Yuan. "This devil has a very powerful energy and is likely to be strongly related to the tribulations..."

Look at this, it made him rethink about the concept of human consciousness as his confidence shook.

"It's just a Golden Pill, that's all!"

Fang Yuan was in a trance. After being aware of what was happening, he approached the Green Immortal Dragon Array.

"Hou! Hou!"

The Green Immortal Dragon Array looked at Fang Yuan and let out a long cry before sweeping its gigantic body across.

It was huge like a mountainous ridge and the energy it dissipated seemed to have come from the earth. As it shook its tail, the entire physical Green Cloud Sect came crashing towards Fang Yuan.

Even an expert in the Tribulation Stage had to focus and be cautious when in such an intense situation.

However, Fang Yuan yawned a few times and slowly stretched out his right hand.

"Rumble! Rumble!"

His right palm appeared normal and was similar to any other palms. When compared to the Green Immortal Dragon Array, it was like a grasshopper using its arms to block an oncoming car.

Astonishingly, the next moment surprised many disciples. His right palm could actually counter such a destructive move completely!

'In reality, no matter how significant the things are in this dream world, they are just illusions....'

Fang Yuan sighed and grabbed the fog coming from the Green Immortal Dragon Array with his right hand, pulling it forcefully.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

There was a snapping sound as though a rope was under tension before giving way.

The Green Cloud Dragon let out a loud roar of displeasure and its body compressed towards Fang Yuan. It was unable to control itself anymore.

At the same time, the spiritual energy in the Green Cloud Mountain was dissipating.

"Is….is he cultivating the spiritual dragon?"

The Green Cloud Sect Sect Master was left in complete shock and could feel the impending destruction of the Green Cloud Mountain. His eyes became bloodshot. "We cannot allow him to destroy our sect's foundations. Kill him!"

A red long sword appeared and flew straight at Fang Yuan.

At that same moment, the elders, the deacons and the disciples of the Green Cloud Sect also executed their magical equipment, including flying blades, steel forks and axes, pagoda shields and horse carriages…..these weapons were unique and filled the sky.

Fang Yuan did not flinch a single bit as he encountered all these magical equipment.

The next moment, he was overwhelmed by these weapons like raindrops pelting on a leaf.


The magical weapon of the Sect Head of Green Cloud Sect was considered the most powerful among all. They were made by forging 9 Days Mystical Metal and 10,000 Years Mystical Ice over Heavenly Flames for 81 days. The weapons formed were incredibly strong and could be used in several ways.

However, as it came in contact with Fang Yuan, it broke into two pieces!

With the weapon of his life broken, Sect Head of Green Cloud Sect turned red and spat a mouthful of blood. "This is impossible…..has this devil's body become divine?"

"Ding! Ding! Dang! Dang!"

As the Sect Head of Green Cloud Sect spat out blood, the rest of the magical weapons came falling down and disintegrated into a pile of sand as they landed on Fang Yuan.

Even the sect head's weapon was destroyed. How could the other magical equipment hold up? Some of the magical weapons were being recovered. Otherwise, they would follow in the Green Cloud Sect Sect Head's footsteps, having their lifeline magical equipment destroyed, and all of them would cough up blood.


Fang Yuan laughed and blinked his eyes before breaking another two swords.

Since his body was the only 'reality' in the dream world, any type of magical weapons would not be able to harm him in any way.

Even with the overwhelming magical equipment, he was not hindered at all!

"Rumble! Rumble!"

With Fang Yuan constantly tugging at it, the Green Cloud Dragon roared in anger. It slowly shrank in size and landed on Fang Yuan's palm like a strand of noodle.

As the last straw broke, the entire Green Cloud Mountain lost its spiritual energy, ending up a normal mountain.


Suddenly, a loud roar shook the ground and it revealed a shocking spiritual will. Many of the low-levelled cultivators could not withstand it and unknowingly knelt down.

"Woo! Woo!"

Dark clouds filled the sky. Thunder and lightning danced around as though the tribulation was here!

A silhouette appeared from the sky in the midst of the scary atmosphere. The silhouette's eyes were glittering and glared at Fang Yuan.

With its appearance, the lightning and thunder grew stronger.

"I, Green Cloud, send my greetings to you, Grandmaster!"

The Sect Head of Green Cloud Sect was overwhelmed with emotions and brought a few others to greet the Grandmaster.

"He is the Tribulation Stage Grandmaster who has just awaken from hibernation!"

The disciples cheered and rejoiced.

Indeed, so what if the devil was very powerful?

Their Tribulation Stage Grandmaster was most powerful in this world!


The Grandmaster stared at Fang Yuan and shook his head. "This is strange…..I cannot feel any devil's energy from you. My spiritual will tells me that you are just a normal person!"

"Then what do you think?"

Fang Yuan laughed and he was fiddling with the green noodle in his hand.

The Grandmaster frowned.

A normal person couldn't possibly force the Green Cloud Sect to such a state, and was even more impossible to casually harness the entire spiritual energy of the mountains in his hands!

"I will not pursue the matter of who is in the right and wrong. I am just going to ask you a question, will you stop whatever you are doing now?"

The Grandmaster then looked at the dark clouds and said with a sense of ambiguity. "Or would you rather fight me to the death and suffer together under the 99 Wind-Fire Tribulations?"

The tribulation would destroy everyone, and could not be targeted at a specific person.

The previous few Tribulation Stage Grandmasters were not able to handle the first tribulation and feigned their deaths. In the end, they had to live their lives in hiding.

Now, with the appearance of this Grandmaster, another tribulation would be triggered!

This was going to be fatal!

After all, even if an enemy was able to defeat a truth cultivator who was in the Tribulation Stage, he would not want to be involved in the tribulation and get hurt by it.

Especially for the tribulations that were in the Tribulation Stage, if a Tribulation Stage Grandmaster were to be involved in another tribulation, he would be completed destroyed and vapourised!

After all, by the laws of the tribulations, the stronger the resistance, the more powerful it would be!


Fang Yuan laughed and shook his head. "You immortal cultivators made many to become slaves and did all sorts of evil things to them. You all forced them to worship you. When killing them, have you ever spared a thought for the normal human beings?"

"Of course, it would be just an excuse if you all said what you all did was for the greater good. However, most importantly…..I want to see the Tribulation Stage tribulation for myself!'

The Grandmaster who was listening to what Fang Yuan said almost spat out blood and rubbed his ears in disbelief. He looked at Fang Yuan and asked, "What….what did you just say?"

"I said….I want to feel the effect of the tribulations and I'm asking you to help me with it!"

Fang Yuan laughed, went forward and waved his hand. The green noodle was flung out, transforming into a roaring dragon's head.


The roar destroyed half of the Green Cloud Sect, leaving many disciples dead.

"This devil…..I shall fight you to death!"

The Grandmaster came out of hiding. Exploding the spiritual seal apart, it descended and rushed towards Fang Yuan.

As he approached, the dark clouds in the sky grew denser. Heavenly wind and fire rained down relentlessly. There were also many blinding flashes of lightning that gave off a purplish light.

God's eye!

With the lightning formed from the 99 Tribulations, the Grandmaster was also injured badly!

"Pi la!"

At that moment, many eyes of lightning tribulation crashed down and sealed the whole area. Even those of Elemental Infant Stage were unable to move.

"You shall die!"

The Grandmaster was struck by the tail of the Green Cloud Dragon and his body flew out. Shortly after, he was struck by the lightning of the God's Eye. Half of his body was destroyed into pieces but his face still had a smile.

"Pi la!"

Another lightning of the God's Eye struck down and the Green Cloud Dragon roared mournfully. It was then partly annihilated and landed back on Fang Yuan's palm.

"Oh? So this is the 99 Wind-Fire Tribulations?"

Seeing the 3 lightning strikes from the God's Eyes striking towards him, and the raging heavenly wind and heavenly fire, he smiled.