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Chapter 90: Feared Name

Chapter 90: Feared Name

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The Green Cloud Sect Sect Head could see that the Grandmaster's body crumbled under the lightning of the God's eye. Even the Grandmaster's magical energy started to dissipate. The Sect Head could no longer bear it and knelt onto the ground. Tears rolled down his cheeks.


The disciples of the Green Cloud Sect lamented. Some of them even shrank back.

The 99 Wind-Fire Tribulations was indeed too frightening!

Some of the faint-hearted disciples started to develop doubts as they thought about having to undergo the nine Tribulations after the Tribulation Stage.

"Honglong! Honglong!"

After losing the target, the storm clouds rolled back and the golden rays appeared once more.

"The Grandmaster sacrificed himself so that the Green Cloud Sect can survive. Do not ever forget this!"

The Sect Head stood up and wiped his tears away when an elder next to him pointed towards the storm, his face filled with chagrin, and said, "That...that demon...he lives!"


The Sect Head was shocked.

He could see a silhouette in the storm.

"The 99 Wind-Fire Tribulations is nothing much!"

Fang Yuan swept the dust off his shoulders and stood up. He looked at the Sect Head coldly and said, "Looks like it was Heaven's will for you all to become my experiment..."


He took a step which caused the whole Green Cloud Sect to shake.

The earth trembled and he instantaneously reached the Elemental Infant Stage.


The Sect Head winced, "How can you still be allowed to survive?"

In his mind, he had already decided to vanquish this bane at all cost with the aid of the Mainland Tianyuan...no! With the aid of the immortal cultivators in the World of Qianyuan!

Fang Yuan was only one person!


Another tremor shook the earth.

From the ruins of the Green Cloud Sect, a dozen beams of light emerged, each one appeared to be old monsters who have reached the Tribulation Stage.

"Even that old ghost is dead!"

An old lady looked at Fang Yuan and shivered, "My illusion techniques are of no use as well!"

"Leave it to us, the three brothers!"

Three elders in yellow robes, who looked similar to each other, stepped forward. "Our skills are more useful in delaying him!"

"Not bad, the three Huang Brothers are array masters. When they work together, buying time would be no problem...we cannot let the legacy of the Green Cloud Sect be destroyed in our generation. If not, how will we be able to face our masters in the immortal world?"

The old monsters appeared to be ready to sacrifice themselves for the sect, "If things do not go well, we need to open the immortal gate and get the help of the masters in the immortal world even if it means sacrificing ourselves!"


The Huang Brothers brought out many magical weapons which caused the earth to react with a loud sound.

White fog appeared and started to form a maze, layers by layers and trapped Fang Yuan at the heart of the maze. It appeared that the three brothers knew very well that it was not realistic to defeat Fang Yuan.

It was enough to trap him in the maze. They did not dare ask for more.

"What a good array. It is indeed formidable!"

The Sect Head praised, "That demon would not have been able to easily destroy the Green Immortal Dragon Array if it was created by the three of you!"


The old lady shouted, "Don't waste the Grandmaster's effort!"


The Sect Head clenched his fists. He drew his sleeves and started to lead the disciples away.

It was then when the sky darkened and ominous dark clouds appeared.

"What happened?"

The old lady exclaimed, "Who is so careless as to reveal their Disaster-level aura?"

"Kacha! Kacha!"

Thunder roared and the lightning danced across the sky. The God's eyes started to form, almost as if the deities were observing the mortals. The sky rumbled.


The old lady let out a shriek when she saw the God's eyes descending upon the maze-like array.

"Honglong! Honglong!"

The tremendous power of the God's eyes struck mercilessly upon the array.

The whole array shook when the first lightning struck it.

It was followed by the second, the third...the lightning caused the whole array to shatter, revealing the faces of the Huang Brothers.

"Big Brother?!"

"Second Brother?!"

"Third Brother?!"

The three brothers looked at each other before turning to face Fang Yuan who was walking out of the array.

"Even though this array can be broken by other conventional means, I might as well test my abilities after gaining this new power of lightning..."

Fang Yuan smiled, "It is time to end this!"

He looked up into the sky where the black storm clouds gathered. A dozen God's Eyes surrounded the Huang Brothers. Lightning struck the three Huang Brothers and turned them into ashes.


The remaining old masters and the disciples of the Green Cloud Sect were rooted in shock. The old lady mumbled, "Controlling the tribulations...is that even possible? How can someone who breaks all the rules be allowed to exist in this world?"

"He has already reached a level where he is able to effect changes..."

Fang Yuan was satisfied with his ability to control the tribulations, "I am able to manipulate the heavens and earth. Now, I am not far off from controlling the dream world..."

He had realized now that the reason that he was able to undergo cultivation as a dream master much faster than the others was due to the fact that Master Wenxin had helped him develop a strong foundation.

"Being able to reconstruct the world, awakening my true self, and even being able to manipulate the world quickly...what I have achieved in under a month greatly outstripped those normal disciples who had been training for multiple years or even decades..."

Fang Yuan gently waved his hand.

His fingers were long and thin. After overcoming multiple gates, his hands no longer possessed any dead skin and were instead, white and tender. The power to manipulate the heavens and earth was at his fingertips.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

The sky turned pitch black.

The only colours that could be seen were from the lightning.

Green and purple lightning from the God's Eyes rained down. The lightning appeared to be alive and headed towards the disciples of the Green Cloud Sect.

"Wind-Fire Tribulations, the 39 Tribulations, and the 19 Tribulations..."

The Sect Head's face turned ashen when he witnessed the scene.

Even though the disciples at the Demonic Wind Stage and below possessed the ability to recall the lightning to a certain extent, they were unable to do so for this tribulation which was at a higher level. For these disciples, it was certain death for them!

The sound of ten thousand lightning was indeed frightening.

Even the Green Cloud Mountain had been reduced by the lightning.

While Fang Yuan had not mastered his control over the dream world, he possessed sufficient power to throw the whole dream world into a state of unrest.


Under Fang Yuan's manipulation, the lightning tribulation in the world of Qianyuan, which had always been just, became unreasonable.

The lightning would strike anyone as long as they are the disciples of the Green Cloud Sect. Even after being struck by the 99 Wind-Fire Tribulations, the cycle repeated itself till all the disciples were dead.


A change occurred just as the lightning was reducing the Green Cloud Mountain into a pile of dirt.

A thunderous noise boomed. From the nine heavens, a golden ray of light shined through and formed a richly embellished golden gate. Even the lightning tribulations were dispelled when the gate was formed.

The golden gate opened a small fraction and from within, a glimpse of the immortal world could be seen and an enraged intent could be felt.

"It's the Grandmaster!"

The Sect Head and the old lady who were struggling under the lightning tribulation could only weep, "The Grandmaster in the immortal world descended to this world for us!"

"How dare you destroy my legacy! Die!"

The golden gate opened a little more. A giant hand emerged in a beam of light and reached out towards Fang Yuan.

This was the attack of the Green Cloud Sect Head in the immortal world!

"Hmmm? Immortal?'

Fang Yuan let out a smile, "Do you really think that after enduring the 9 tribulations and rising to become an immortal, you will always remain outside the three worlds and no longer be within the five elements?"

"Dream on!!!"

"Your immortal world...is also part of my dream!"

Fang Yuan made no effort to dodge the giant hand and instead grabbed the hand and yanked!

A surprising thing that shocked all the bystanders happened.

Compared to the hand, Fang Yuan was just like an ant. No! Fang Yuan was even smaller than an ant.

However, he managed to drag the hand and the arm out of the golden gate!

The old lady's eyes widened in shock as she saw a tall and elegant elder clothed in a green robe being dragged out from the golden gate.


As a high-ranking member of the Green Cloud Sect, she had seen the drawing of the Grandmaster. He was true to the drawing.

"How would he be able to perform the same move in the human world?"

The Sect Head's expression was grave as he looked at the young man in front of him.

"Hmmmm...It is almost time...after I defeat you, I would be able to control this world and improve further!"

Fang Yuan said. He looked as if he saw a delicious prey.


After a few days, a shocking news spread across the world of Qianyuan.

The Green Cloud Sect had been destroyed by a demon with many elders of the Tribulation Stage dead. Even the next successor in line had fallen in the hands of that demon!

The immortal world was in a state of unrest and had even given the demon a name. He was known all around as the Apocalyptic Demon!