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Chapter 92: Harvest

Chapter 92: Harvest

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Even though the Red-Eyed White King Bird did not want to eat, Fang Yuan still had his ways to deal with it.

He could use underhand means to ensure its survival and slowly deal with it.

After all, he had no time limit, and would not lose anything by dragging on.

But it seems that he did not have to go to such extremes; he had to use death to obliterate the king bird's pride.


Half a month later.

"Start harvesting!"

Zhou Wenwu personally led the people, and he was filled with emotions.

The spiritual farmers all agreed and began to harvest the ripened rice.

This batch of rice was about to mature; even though Fang Yuan guarded the secret of the spiritual fertilizer closely and did not use it this time, it only delayed the period of maturity by a little.

At this moment, the entire Vermilion Jade Rice farm was filled in red. All the farmers and servants rolled up their sleeves and started to cut the rice stalks; every single rice stalk was harvested.

After working for so long in this rice field, they all knew the value of this spiritual farm.

"The harvest from this spiritual farm is more than 1300 pounds! Congratulations, Doctor Fang!"

Outside the farm, Fang Yuan stood next to Elder Han, both witnessing the harvest. Elder Han chuckled.

The Spirit Returning Sect's entire spiritual farm could not match the amount of harvest that Fang Yuan had, which made Elder Han envious.

'However... Our sect grows not only spiritual rice, but other spiritual plants as well, and therefore the secluded valley cannot compare to it... A pity that Sect Master sacrificed half of our savings on Lin Leiyue...'

Thinking of this, the stingy Elder Han felt a pain in his heart.

After the pain, he looked at the bundles of harvest and began to worry.

Even though the secluded valley only produced spiritual rice, it was still a form of spiritual plant production!

Furthermore, on such a large scale, they could be a stronghold themselves. Thinking about how he could sense the Xuan Yin Heart Technique on all the servants made him even more worried.

'Techniques, spiritual rice... Even though he only rewards those who work hard, this doctor is rather generous. If they become more developed, they will surely affect the reputation of the Spirit Returning Sect...'

With spiritual plants, techniques and rewards, this was no different from a small sect!

Furthermore, from certain angles, it might even be better than a sect.

After all, with fewer things to worry, they could escape if they wanted to.

Elder Han thought to himself. Even the direct disciples of the Spirit Returning Sect might not be able to learn such a high-levelled technique like the Xuan Yin Heart Technique, even though they might only be at Grade 6.

Not to mention the reward of spiritual rice for hard work.

'With all these... I'm afraid that these servants will be extremely loyal, and even the spies might be pulled over as well!'

If the spies working undercover were not blackmailed or forced to carry out their duties and be loyal, how many of them would be able to resist such temptations?

Unless his family members were captured, or if he did not have common sense, then he might be able to.

Elder Han looked at Zhou Wenwu, who seemed more and more like a lackey and sighed. It was as though he could see the future of Qingye City.

"What are you thinking about, Elder Han?"

Fang Yuan seemed to have detected Elder Han's silence and asked cheerfully.

"Keke... I never thought that the secluded valley would have such abundance of supplies, and was just thinking about it!"

Elder Han never thought that the Doctor from the secluded valley was one that he could work with well, especially after the news of the death of Old Crane!

"I see!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head. "I've newly concocted a few medicines. Also, you are fit beyond my expectations, and just need to rest well after my treatment. After consuming the medicine that I have prescribed, after a hundred days, you will recover fully!"

This Earth Gate test subject was of little value to Fang Yuan now. After all, he himself was already a [Martial Artist (11th Gate)], and only being a [Martial Artist (12th Gate)] or Wu Zong could satisfy his needs.

Furthermore, after getting rid of Elder Yan, if Elder Han were to get into an accident here, he would draw unnecessary attention to the secluded valley.

Shi Yutong was not a fool, she did not need evidence to have her way!

"What... This is good news, thank you, doctor! Thank you, doctor!"

To Elder Han, this was exceptional news, and he continuously thanked Fang Yuan. "Don't worry, I will order for those spiritual objects to be sent here after I am back!"


Fang Yuan did not reply, but inside he was pleased.

There was a small plot of spiritual land within Spirit Returning Sect, and there were many more species of spiritual plants there than his own collection; furthermore, there were professionals taking care of it, which meant that it might even be of better quality than those at Green Peak spiritual land.

After levelling up his [Botany], he needed experience like this to fill up his experience bar.

Furthermore, there was the special ability of a [Botany (Level 4)], which he wanted to try out.


After completing acupuncture for Elder Han, it was his final use of him as a test subject. He made Elder Han suffer an immense amount of pain before letting him go. Afterwards, Zhou Wenwu happily reported, "The harvest for the spiritual valley is completed, and I have personally witnessed them stored the last bag of harvest into the storage room. We have a total of 1,500 pounds of harvest, rice stalks..."


Fang Yuan brewed a cup of tea, and as he drank it he was listening to Zhou Wenwu report, and from time to time nodded his head.

Zhou Wenwu swallowed his saliva, his tummy rumbling. He did not dare to ask for a cup of tea, which left a deep impression in him.

"We have these unshelled rice, and after shelling them we would get 1,300 pounds of spiritual rice... Take 130 pounds with you, be it keep it all for yourself, or distribute it to the rest, it's all up to you!"

"Also, keep the shells, for we can use it to feed chickens and ducks next time..."

Fang Yuan casually instructed him, like a landlord.

"Yes yes..."

Zhou Wenwu agreed, but inside he was confused. "The shell of the Vermilion Jade Rice is even more nutritious than normal rice... Yet master would not let humans eat it, but feed it to chickens and ducks? Gee... I wonder how would their meat taste like once they've grown up?"

After thinking, his mouth became dry.

"Also, the rules regarding reward and punishment for the servants must also be decided!"

Fang Yuan took Zhou Wenwu as a housekeeper. "Everyone in the secluded valley can learn and break through the first three Gates of the Xuan Yin Heart Technique. As for the 2 Peaceful Gates, 3 Perilous Gates, the 4 Heavenly Gates and even the method to break through to Wu Zong, these must be kept secret and only taught when one has made some significant contribution!"

"Of course!"

Zhou Wenwu nodded his head.

In fact, after finding out that Fang Yuan had no reservations in passing down the Xuan Yin Heart Technique to the servants, Zhou Wenwu abandoned his family martial art technique and converted to the Xuan Yin Heart Technique. Even when Fang Yuan mentioned to him the negative side effects that might be present, he still did not put that to mind.

After all, he knew his own martial arts and if he did not change to a higher-level technique, it was impossible for him to break through the Death Gate, into the 4 Heavenly Gates!

As for Wu Zong, he only dared to dream about it, and therefore was not worried about the possible side effects.

Zhou Wenwu was ultimately different from the rest of the servants; Fang Yuan did pass down to him the entire method of attaining the 4 Heavenly Gates. The spiritual rice was a great support to his intense training, and all these made him even more loyal to Fang Yuan.

After all, where could he find such a good boss?


After settling the minor stuff in the valley, Fang Yuan left the secluded valley, rode the Iron-tailed Black Eagle and arrived at the Green Peak spiritual land.

Other than the secluded valley, the garden here also had a supply of Vermilion Jade Rice, which he personally planted.

Based on logical sense, with the help of the spiritual land and spiritual fertilizer, it should have been matured and ready for harvest.

Only because he accidentally attained a higher level in [Botany] did he delay it until now.

As he arrived at the farm, his eyes were filled with a bright flame-colour.

He initially planted 5 sections of Vermilion Jade Rice here, and the initially healthy Vermilion Jade Rice was now withered and replaced by the Flame Jade Rice, as though it had sucked all the essence from the Vermilion Jade Rice.

"One, two, three... six, seven!"

Fang Yuan counted, and the smile on his face grew. "Seven stalks of Flame Jade Rice! Haha... [Botany (Level 4)] is indeed impressive, the chances of the special trait evolving are much higher than before!"

Without hesitation, he went up and harvested the 7 stalks of Flame Jade Rice and the remaining Vermilion Jade Rice. In a moment, Fang Yuan had a small bag of red and round spiritual rice the size of a spiritual pill.

"This is Flame Jade Rice?"

He picked up a handful and examined closely.

This rice was still unshelled, and although the bag was covering the spiritual rice, it seemed to be unable to cover its radiance.

"Although I have not seen a spiritual pill as described in the legends, I'm sure I could fool people if I bring this out!"

Dissipating his magical energy, Fang Yuan could sense the thick spiritual energy all around.

"However... I don't know about the qualities of this Flame Jade Rice. I can't feed this to the Flower Fox Ferret like how I did with the Vermilion Fruit, can I?"

Fang Yuan had mixed feelings. Food was of extreme importance to humans. He had plans to eat the Flame Jade Rice as a staple in the future and had to be more stringent in his checks and be clear of its medicinal properties in order to eat it safely.

"Other than this, I still have to investigate the properties of the spiritual wisteria and the Cracked Ice Fruit the found at the king bird's nest..."

How many spiritual objects were there in the world?

With the teachings of Master Wenxin, Fang Yuan still did not dare to claim that he had known all of it.

The spiritual plants found at the king bird's nest still did not germinate after a long time, which made Fang Yuan suspect his own [Botany] skills. He did not fulfil certain important criteria for the germination of spiritual plants and had to do some research on his own to find out on his own.

"Since the next batch of Vermilion fruits in the king bird's nest has ripened, why not take a trip there..."

Fang Yuan touched his chin.

Since the journey to Lieyang County, he had experienced the interesting world, especially the encounter with spiritual knights, which sparked interest in him.

Furthermore, the Blood Killer who died in his hands did not seem to be a simple guy Fang Yuan had to do more investigation on the Blood Killer.

"The spiritual knight who assisted Shi Yutong the other time... Who would've known that Shi Yutong could not only recruit the help of an alchemy master but also able to find such a helper?"

Fang Yuan shook his head and knew that his ability was far from those strong powers.