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Chapter 94: Business Centre

Chapter 94: Business Centre

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In the central of Prefecture City, there were many treasures, talents and potentials. The city master's birthday hyped up the entire place, making it busier than ever. People from all places came here, and treasures from around the world made their way here too.

Fang Yuan did not rush to trade for spiritual objects and plants, but rather, made a point to look for a hostel to stay for the night.

The Secluded Mountain Prefecture had a curfew. By midnight, the people who had not returned to their lodging, be it, tourists, residents or famous people, would be thrown in jail and become a slave!

It was only reasonable for him to worry about a place to stay for the night.

Due to the overwhelming response from people all around the world, every hostel was full, and the rental price went up a few folds due to the high demand.

After visiting a few other hostels, he realised that they were all full. Fang Yuan became irritated and wrecked a residence, took out money as compensation and booked the entire building.

The head of the household happily received the money and accompanied the entire family to the outskirts of the city to stay there temporarily and let the entire house out to Fang Yuan. While leaving, he explained the situation to the trooper on patrol.


Fang Yuan walked in and closed the door. He felt a little bored.

"The Secluded Mountain Prefecture City will surely earn loads this time. Who knows if this might be the end of their bad luck or the last of their good luck..."

After a few days of investigation, Fang Yuan understood the happenings of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City.

"The role of the Prefecture Master was official yet private and is conferred by the Imperial Court. But if one is incapable, his placing would be threatened! The previous few Prefecture Masters fought their way there and were only confirmed after approval from the Xia Country. There was no room for rejection..."

After much thought, Fang Yuan pitied the Xia Country's royal family.

With such constraints over his power as compared to a constitutional monarchy in other countries, it only meant that they had jurisdiction over a few more areas.

Of course, it was none of his concern how the Xia Country's royal family was doing.

He was more concern over the happenings within the Secluded Mountain Prefecture. After all, the Prefecture Master was like a mini emperor over six counties.

If he had completed his cultivation, he might be tempted to run for it.

The current Secluded Mountains Prefecture's Head is a spiritual knight named Liu Yan. There's nothing his Scorching Sun Spell can't burn to a crisp, and his strength is number 1 in Secluded Mountains Prefecture..."

Rumours had it that there were hidden experts within the Prefecture, and therefore could not be just this one spiritual knight.

At the very least, from various traces left behind in Qinghe and Lieyang County, Fang Yuan had discovered three possible locations that held the inheritance of a spiritual knight.

"Blood Demon, and that alchemy master and spiritual knight that helped Shi Yutong…...That's not right, the alchemy master and spiritual knight might be the same person, otherwise, it would be a little unusual for Shi Yutong to have such a wide network."

He sighed, and his expression changed. "Shi Yutong would surely attend this event since it is such a major thing in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture!"

Fang Yuan did not have to care about anything; Shi Yutong was different. She was the head of a Sect, and any changes in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, albeit small, would surely affect her Sect, what more for this big change?

After clearing his thoughts, Fang Yuan stood up and went to the Secluded Mountain Court.

The entire vicinity was bustling, but everyone felt unwelcoming.

This place was similar to the Four Seas Court in Singhe County; they were the biggest business council in their areas, and both had strong backings.

"Not many places within the Secluded Mountain Prefecture would trade spiritual objects, but it was still the most convenient place to do so... And I'll have to visit the 'Elemental Gathering Court' one day, as it's renowned for cooking spiritual food!"

"Welcome, my lord!"

At the doorway, two rows of waiters were neatly spaced and offered their greetings to Fang Yuan, and none of them seemed to give him less respect for being young.

A female shopkeeper stood out of the row and asked, "My lord, would you like to do business?"

"I would like to buy spiritual plants!"

Fang Yuan was direct.

"The trading of spiritual plants is done at the Spiritual Food Court, follow me!"

The shopkeeper smiled and led the way. He arrived at a counter.

Many coolies were busy shifting and weighing bags of rice, like a normal rice shop.

Fang Yuan glanced and saw the labels of Vermilion Jade Rice and Emerald Grass, as though they were all on sale.

"Would you like to buy spiritual plants? This is the right season!"

The shopkeeper's round face glowed and continued. "We have just received a new batch of spiritual plants. Although it might seem like boasting, we have the complete selection of spiritual plants in the entire Secluded Mountain Prefecture, and also many other food types for you to choose from... Of course, planting of spiritual food would be rather troublesome, and if you would like to buy a large amount, I regret to inform you that we only have a limited supply..."

As he was speaking, a waiter served two cups of tea.

Fang Yuan sipped a small mouthful, and through the smell and taste of the tea on his taste buds, he realised that even though the tea was not brewed from spiritual leaves, the spiritual essence had spread to it, which was rather rare. He became excited and said, "Take out all your spiritual plants and let's take a look!"


The shopkeeper chuckled and did not seem to despise him. he clapped his hands and a helper carried out a red sandalwood plate, and on it a jade bottle.

"Come, my lord, please take a look. This Vermillion Jade Rice, the most commonly planted in the county…...There's also Black Jade Rice from the north which can help one fight against the cold if consumed for long periods, and this is Green Striped Rice from the swamps, which increases one's resistance to poisons when consumed…...We also have Bone Quenching Flower, Three Star Fruit..."

Following his introduction of the spiritual plants, Fang Yuan grew irritated. "Why are all these plants the common ones? Are there no better plants?"

The Black Jade Rice was as common as the Vermilion Jade Rice and could not pique his interest; he could try it out just because it was a new species to him.

"Higher tiered spiritual plants?"

The shopkeeper smiled. "Every sect and every household have limited supply of spiritual food, and would not even let out one grain of rice seed. Other than these common goods, we really don't have anything else..."

'That's it!'

Fang Yuan patted his head, as though he had thought something through.

If one had a grain of spiritual rice, they could keep growing it and increase their supply, and from there increase their power and influence, they could strategically stock up food.

After all, no martial artist would eat spiritual flowers, spiritual grasses or spiritual pills every day, but they could eat spiritual rice every day, which highlighted the importance of rice.

Even the widely circulated Vermilion Jade Rice, when gone through generations of farming and storing, could become the foundation for a household, and therefore no one would want to bring it out to sell.

"It must be my imagination!"

Fang Yuan laughed but thought for a moment. He knew that the value of his Flame Jade Rice would rocket if he put it out for sale!

Even though hope was lost for a higher tiered spiritual rice, Fang Yuan still had interest for the other spiritual plants.

"I am interested in the Sickle Grass, Serrated Flower and the previous two Black Jade and Green Striped Rice. Name me a price!"

Fang Yuan knew that in these shops they would not have any real valuable spiritual plants, but their basic selection was rather wide and therefore started to make his purchase.

Sickle Grass and Serrated Flowers were spiritual flowers and grass, but they possessed no special abilities. They only had stalks and leaves as strong as iron, edges as sharp as knives, and a disposition for harming people. Fang Yuan bought them naturally out of consideration for the safety of the spiritual land.

And as for the other common spiritual plants, he decided to get it to increase his collection and to see if any of it would evolve special traits.

"Mmm, here are the seeds for the spiritual flower and spiritual grass, and the total will be..."

Fang Yuan bought all the spiritual plants which he did not encounter before. The price was rather substantial as the shopkeeper reported the total price.

He surely did not have enough money to pay.

"I did not bring enough money..."

Fang Yuan continued, and seeing no response from the shopkeeper, he retrieved a bamboo fruit and offered it. "To trade this for the rest, how's that?"

"This is?"

The shopkeeper looked at the green bamboo fruit, and his expressionless face changed. "A spiritual fruit?"

Although he sold spiritual plants seeds, the value of an actual spiritual plant was very much higher than that of a spiritual seed.

He was solemn for a moment, then took out a pair of glasses and placed it on his nose. He inspected the fruit. "Hmm... This is... The bamboo fruits from the legends?:

"Oh? You have a good eyesight!"

Fang Yuan praised him, and calmly took another sip of tea.

He was crafty in this. In most other spiritual fruits there would be seeds within the fruit, but the bamboo had to be planted by grafting and the formation of bamboo shoots, and not by fruits, and therefore there would be no seed being given away.

If the shopkeeper knew that Fang Yuan decided to do this because of what he previously said, he would be so angry.

"You're right. This bamboo fruit is the food for phoenixes and can replenish one's magical energy. It will have an unbelievable effect on spiritual birds!"

After a long while, the shopkeeper put down his glasses and looked at Fang Yuan with much hospitality. "Three bamboo fruits will be able to exchange for all these spiritual seeds, and if you have any more, we would like to buy some more with a high price!"

He was rather smart not to inquire about the bamboo shoot and bamboo roots, as he knew that was the customer's privacy. If he asked, the deal would likely fall through.

"I happened to have these few by luck, and that's all I have!"

Fang Yuan lied through his teeth and took out another bamboo fruit with some taels. "Remember to deliver the spiritual seeds!"

"Of course!"

The shopkeeper nodded his head and felt that it was a pity. He carefully kept the two bamboo fruits and ordered for the spiritual seeds to be brought for Fang Yuan to inspect every single seed. There was a piece of paper with writings on it detailing on how he should care for the spiritual plants, which saved him a lot of trouble.

Fang Yuan was pleasantly surprised at their hospitality. He asked. "Shopkeeper, you have good eyesight. Do you provide any appraisal service?"

"Of course, of course!"

The shopkeeper nodded his head.

Even if the Secluded Mountain Court did not have this service to begin with, the shopkeeper would also do it for free to pull their relations closer, considering the bamboo fruit that Fang Yuan had.

'Mm? Is the bamboo fruit really that valuable?'

Fang Yuan was shocked at this scene.

The bamboo fruit could not be planted and the only usage of the fruit was to eat it.

It had the ability to replenish one's Essence, Spirit and Magical energy, and even amongst the spiritual knights, it would be popular.

'The backing of the Secluded Mountain Court would be the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master, and it seems like... My guess was correct…...'