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Chapter 96: Pharmacist

Chapter 96: Pharmacist

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"A Wu Zong can live up to 200 years old, while a spiritual knight can live up to 300 years old. These are fixed figures!"

Ling Yin said in a clear voice. "The master of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture, Liu Yan, is highly skilled in fire-type spiritual spells. His ability to kill is shocking, but he did not have any achievements with respect to cultivation. Furthermore, he endured a serious injury in his younger days, and from then on recuperated and rarely used his ability. He is reaching his end now... Would Sister like to fill up the vacancy of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master?"

Shi Yutong became shocked from her cheeky expression. "Sister, you are mistaken! If I can improve my martial arts further, then maybe I would think about it, but now I can only hope for peace within Secluded Mountain Prefecture!"

"That's great!"

Ling Yin smiled innocently, as though she was very happy. "Master is also interested in the appointment, and since Sister has given up, I won't be troubled anymore..."

"Another news for Sister! I previously came in contact with Sect masters from two counties, and they were both supportive of my master taking up the appointment. With Sister's support, it is likely to be settled!"

The Secluded Mountain Prefecture was made up of only six counties. With the support from three and Lieyang County in ruins, they would have gotten the support form the majority.

"Sister, do not worry! Why would I oppose your master?! The Spirit Returning Sect will be behind Master Lu!"

Shi Yutong was a smart woman and clarified her stand.

"Very well, with Sister's support, this is settled!"

Ling Yin smiled, and although she was discussing an important matter, she still had a cheerful disposition.


"There is chaos in the Prefecture City!"

It was dawn the next day. Fang Yuan opened the door looked at the sky and thought to himself.

Liu Yan's birthday celebration and the appointment of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master would be the cause for trouble!

'A gentleman will not stand under a collapsing wall. Regardless if Liu Yan dies or not, and who would be the newly appointed Prefecture Master, all these are not my business, and it's not worth the risk to be part of it!'

Fang Yuan walked down the street and appeared relaxed. "After a few more trips, and getting everything that I need, I must leave before the birthday dinner begins!"

The Secluded Mountain Prefecture City was huge; there were two large streets stretching to the North and the South, and in the middle was the City Master's Residence.

"Sanyuan Guan is a famous building along the South Street, it seems that it housed a few impressive people here..."

Thinking about the jade that Ling Yin gave him, he flinched and continued on the North Street.

Fang Yuan's objective was simple. He wanted to explore all the shops which sold spiritual seeds, and afterwards walk about the streets to see what he could find.

'I need luck for this, and it cannot be rushed... I can have lunch at Elemental Gathering Court, I've heard that the spiritual feast there is amazing...'

With a happy heart, Fang Yuan dressed up lightly and arrived at the North Street.

As the date of the birthday celebration drew nearer, the streets became increasingly lively. Many strange items arrived from all over the world, and even though these items did not have many uses, they were still able to pique Fang Yuan's interest and opened his eyes to the world.

"Antiques from the ancient times, every piece is exquisite!"

"Spiritual flower and spiritual fruit, we have everything!"

Knife, spears, swords and halberds, every single one is perfectly designed, don't miss it!"

"Talent show, a martial artist expert in inner force is going to demonstrate it!"


Both sides of the street were bustling with life. Fang Yuan was speechless after seeing a few stalls which sold spiritual materials.

'Everything is fake, and once in awhile you would see the Vermilion Jade Rice, and yet they can claim that these are all treasures. All are fakes!'

"Indeed, in the stories, they always talk about scavenging the streets for good stuff, but now I know they are all fake!'

After seeing countless fake goods, Fang Yuan was rather disappointed at not finding anything that he wanted.

"Forget about it, I shall have a feast and change to another location in the afternoon!"

He looked up to the sun and decided.

"Can everyone be my judge! This ill-hearted stall owner is trying to cheat people with fake medicine!!!"

Suddenly, a rough and loud voice was heard; it was from an inner force expert.

Fang Yuan felt interested and squeezed into the crowd to join in the commotion.

In the centre of the crowd, there was a small medicine stall. It had quite a number of pills and medicinal herbs displayed on the table, including a jade bottle, a wooden box, and a plasticine seal. Everything looked normal for a medicine stall.

The stall owner was around 20 years old and was a gentlemanly young man. However, at that moment, he was grabbed at the collar by a rough and burly man. His fist was about to land on his face.

"You immoral fake pharmacist, asking for 10 pieces of gold leaves for one bottle of 'Breath Condensing Powder'. After eating more than half the bottle, my child still couldn't break through the 4th Gate! If you don't explain yourself, I shall let you die here!"

Although he was brute, he had already harnessed inner force and was a [Martial Artist (6th Gate)], which was rather skilled. No wonder no one stepped up to stop him.

"Brother, I have told you before, the Breath Condensing Powder can only improve your chances, but at the end of the day, it is really up to his foundation and cultivation to see if he can break through..."

He continued to explain. "Furthermore, only alchemy masters can produce a sure-hit pill, and the price of it would surely be not as cheap as 10 gold leaves..."

"How dare you talk back!"

The burly man raged and focused his inner force to his palms. He wanted to show this absurd young man what he was capable of.

Although he was reckless, he was not a fool. He knew that in front of such a large crowd, it would not be too nice to rough it out, and opted to directly use his inner force to harm him internally.


At this moment, a palm landed on his arm.

The reckless and unstoppable inner force was suddenly met with an immovable palm and he was stopped.

"Who are you? Are you standing up for this immoral pharmacist?"

The burly man turned his head around and saw a calm Fang Yuan.

"It is not important as to who I am. I only want to take a look at the Breath Condensing Powder, and I hope you'll let me!"

Fang Yuan chuckled and used a little force. The burly man's hand unknowingly released the collar of the young pharmacist.

'An expert in inner force, and of higher skill than me!'

Looking at the cheeky Fang Yuan, the burly man was shocked and said, "Alright, I shall let you be the judge!"

He delivered a jade bottle to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan picked open the cork, poured a little and smelt it. He nodded his head and said, "This is indeed an authentic Breath Condensing Powder!"

He glanced at the burly man who was not convinced and smiled. "The only problem is that the Breath Condensing Powder can only increase your chances. You child could only blame on his luck that he did not break through..."

Seeing that the burly man was continuing to pester the stall owner, he turned serious and whipped out a few pieces of gold leaves. "Here are 5 pieces of gold leaves, take it that I'm buying this bottle of Breath Condensing Powder. Do you really think that the Secluded Mountain Prefecture's troops will not do anything to you if you want to keep this up?"

Seeing how Fang Yuan was stronger than him and even offered compensation, the burly man was appeased and stared at the stall keeper. "Count your blessings!"

He squeezed out of the crowd and left, embarrassed

Seeing that the action was all over, the crowd dispersed.

"My name is Huang Fu Renhe, and I thank you for your assistance!"

The young man thanked Fang Yuan and bowed. "Give me a period of grace, I will return the money to you!"

"It's alright!"

Fang Yuan waved generously. He only did that because he wanted to help out, so why would he expect him to pay back?

He looked at Huang Fu Renhe's stall and shook his head. "You are….. A pharmacist? These medicinal powders are not bad, the only thing is that the price is too low, and you are likely to be losing money!"

Fang Yuan could not detect any elemental force or miniature elemental force from Huang Fu Renhe, and knew that he wasn't cut out to be an alchemy master or disciple; he had to be a normal pharmacist.

"Without any reputation or backing, if I don't sell it cheaper than the Secluded Mountain Court, who would buy from me?"

Huang Fu Renhe laughed. "Benefactor, I shall not hide from you. That business which involved the 10 pieces of golden leaves was my biggest business. I used it all up to get medicinal herbs to make more medical powder..."

"Don't call me benefactor, just Fang Yuan will do!"

Fang Yuan smiled. "It's about lunchtime now. Pack your stall up and follow me to Elemental Gathering Court, my treat!"

"Why would I let you do that?"

Huang Fu Renhe waved his hands in rejection, but could not fight Fang Yuan's hospitality. He was pulled along to Elemental Gathering Court, and they opened a room.

This person was inexperienced in the outside world and seemed innocent, and Fang Yuan could see through him.

'Mm, he is indeed a pharmacist. Who would've known that he would have such an experience... Hehe, to become a spiritual servant?'

Listening to him talking, Fang Yuan filled his cup of wine and heartily drank it.

Based on Huang Fu Renhe, he was born with a silver spoon and had a good life. However, he was identified by a mystery person who accepted him as a disciple. As he left his own home, he became increasingly poor and knew what his outcome would be if he stayed on. In the end, he secretly ran away.

"I am such a fool..."

After two cups of wine, Huang Fu Renhe became tipsy and laid on the table. "Based on my potential and spiritual knowledge, how can I become an alchemy master? The most I could hope for is to become a disciple. Master took me in because he wanted another servant, and he very quickly used up all our resources. When my household became broke, his attitude towards me changed and in the end, he even wanted me to test out medicine for him. I had no choice but to run away, to the ends of the world..."

"So that's how it is!"

Fang Yuan encouraged him to drink more, and not long after, Huang Fu Renhe became drunk and slept.

Looking at the snoring Huang Fu Renhe, he was excited. He wasted so much effort not because he noticed anything that he had, but he noticed him!

Even though this person could not become an alchemy master in the future, he could still be a lowly pharmacist, able to mix herbs to produce medicine, and was familiar with medicine. This was what he was lacking in.

Although Fang Yuan was interested in alchemy, he had limited [Essence] and therefore did not want to get involved too much in it.

He uncovered this piece of gem and wanted to bring him back to the secluded valley.

Anyway, the produce from the secluded valley was enough for Huang Fu Renhe to consume and he could groom him.