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Chapter 98: Wild Wolves Gang

Chapter 98: Wild Wolves Gang

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"I can't thank you enough with words!"

Huang Fu Renhe bowed before leaving with Lanruo.

Fang Yuan went beside the man with the beard and held the spiritual talisman. He then asked, "Who gave you this spiritual talisman?"

"Aahh...you are dead! I will not let you off….."

The man was rolling on the ground in pain and shouted. There was no way for the both of them to have a conversation.

"Sigh…..I knew it….."

Fang Yuan shook his head and helplessly stared at the incoming reinforcement.

The group of reinforcement looked much more elite. All of them were wearing long robes with the same big wolf's head imprint on their chests. They were indeed fierce and could bring silence in the village by striking fear.

"Kacha! Bang!"

Seeing them coming, the crowd instantly dispersed and everyone went back into their houses. They locked their doors and windows as they were afraid of them.

"You are the one who injured my gang members?"

Among all the men from the gang, there was a middle-aged man who took a step forward and asked. His face seemed to be glowing and resembled to the man with the beard.

"Who are you?"

Fang Yuan asked, even though he already knew the answer.

"I'm Du Feng, the protector of the Wild Wolves Gang!"

He was extremely composed and his eyes looked fierce, evident of a Martial Artist (7th Gate). Fang Yuan was quite surprised that even a small gang leader here in the Secluded Mountains Prefecture would be so well trained in martial arts.

"Very well, your gang has been taking innocent people from their families forcefully. What crime should you all be guilty?"

Fang Yuan said loudly with a sense of justice, as though he represented justice.

"We take away innocent people forcefully?"

Du Feng was a little doubtful at first but then realised that it was likely that his nephew, the man with the small beard, could either be lustful, or this could be part of his private job.

However, he was certain he should help his nephew, but he didn't know Fang Yuan's background, explaining his hesitation.

"It looked like you have no idea ….."

Fang Yuan stepped on the leg of the man with the beard and slowly added pressure. "Speak now, or else I will break all your limbs and cripple for life!"

"Aahh….I will speak! I will speak!"

The man with the beard cried out loud.

To him, being dead was way better than living a crippled life. His biggest fear was to be crippled for his life.

"I was instructed by a lady. She will ask me to source for suitable children whenever she comes to trade with me. I don't know where she lives….Also, I remember that she has a nice voice!"

This man was a weakling. He did not hesitate to speak the truth under pressure, while his uncle remained speechless.

"I see!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head, turned his back and left.

Such arrogance from Fang Yuan made Du Feng furious.

This was his first time seeing a person looking down at the Wild Wolves Gang!

"How dare you!"

Seeing Fang Yuan taking his leave, Du Feng could not resist and grabbed Fang Yuan's back.


Without looking back, Fang Yuan struck his palm backwards.


With Fang Yuan's palm, Du Feng's body flew and he spat out a mouthful of blood in mid-air. He was left in shock. "4 Heavenly Gates!"

He didn't expect such a young martial artist to have achieved the 4 Heavenly Gates!

Also, Fang Yuan was not just a normal Martial Artist of the 9th or 10th Gate. The feeling of resistance Du Feng felt from Fang Yuan was beyond the level of his own gang leader. He started to draw similarities to the famous experts who had achieved the peak level of the 4 Heavenly Gates long ago!

"What now? Do you want to continue?"

Fang Yuan observed his surroundings. After such a commotion, there was still no presence of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture soldiers rushing here. It was probably because this was a poor district and the fact that the Wild Wolves Gang were involved.

"No! I wouldn't dare!"

Du Feng forced himself to get on his feet and broke into cold sweat.

Such an expert like Fang Yuan could wipe out their whole gang overnight!

Upon reaching this thought, Du Feng immediately bowed and apologised. "This man is ignorant and is rude to you. You can do whatever you want to him. Don't be angry!"


The man with the beard was surprised by his uncle's reaction. He didn't expect his highly skilled and capable uncle to be defeated in one palm, and to give himself up without hesitation.

The rest of the men in the gang were extremely adaptable and knew how to react to the situation for fear of death. Without hesitation, they kowtowed and apologised, with their foreheads bleeding. "Sir please spare us! Sir, please spare us!"

"I will spare you all!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand. He knew that he would still have to find out the source of the spiritual talisman from the man with the beard.

"Young hero, our gang leader likes to meet new capable young people. If you don't mind, would you like to come along?"

Du Feng realised that Fang Yuan could be negotiated easily and offered him.

"I'm not that skilful!"

Fang Yuan was shocked. He was not that foolish to enter the base of his enemy, which would give them a good opportunity to attack him. Even though they were not enemies now, he still would not go.

He then left and disappeared within seconds.


Du Feng stared at Fang Yuan's back and was speechless for quite a while.


The man with the beard then managed to get up now. He held his broken arm and worriedly exclaimed.


Du Feng stood with both of his hand behind his back and gave a cold look. "Look what you have done…...You better start telling me what happened in detail…..and when have you started doing dirty jobs for other people?"

He asked with much disappointment and anger.

Ever since the situation outside had become unstable, the whole gang had been keeping a low profile under the instructions of their gang leader. After all, they would get into big troubles easily if they were to be in high profile.

However, Du Feng didn't expect his own nephew to attract so much attention. Was he tired of living?

"Uncle, please spare me….."

What more could the man with the beard say? Say that he was greedy and lustful? He could only ask for forgiveness now.

"We shall talk again when we get back!"

Even though Du Feng felt like killing his useless nephew, he held back his anger.

The group of them left hurriedly. After they had disappeared into the next corner of the street, only then did the residents dared to open their doors and windows.

However, there was a silhouette following the group of them. It was a curious Fang Yuan. "Another mysterious spiritual knight…..The situation here in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture is getting more complicated!"

He didn't want to announce his arrival as he headed towards their headquarters but felt that it would be harmless for him to follow the gang stealthily.


The headquarters of the Wild Wolves Gang was not far from the previous place. It was a big house and was well guarded by a few men of the gang.

Back in the hall of the headquarters.


A loud slap was heard. Du Feng looked at his nephew who was crying out loud. He felt like killing to prevent him more troubles. "Speak now….who are you working for!"

"Uncle, please spare me….."

The man with the beard teared and mucus was dripping down. He revealed the truth.

"What? A spiritual talisman? Which will appear different as it detects suitable children?"

Du Feng was an experienced man. He went up and kicked his nephew. "You are willing to do what others have told you to do. Why don't you die when I asked you to do so?!"

Du Feng was scared and shocked.

such means were definitely those of spiritual knights or spiritual disciples. Moreover, the person did things so sneakily, which made him most likely a foreigner cultivating with evil arts.The consequences would be unimaginable if the soldiers of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture would find out his involvement in such doings.

However, he could not suddenly stop. What if they suspect that there was something wrong? Would they take it out on the Wild Wolves Gang?

It was not a difficult task for the weakest spiritual disciple to wipe out the entire Wild Wolves Gang.

Thinking about this, Du Feng kicked his nephew once more, causing him to spit out another mouth of blood.

"This matter is too serious. I will have to report to the gang leader!"

Just as Du Feng was hesitating, a young man dressed in purple entered the main hall. "What happened, Du Feng?"

The young man looked calm and his eyes were glowing. Unknowingly, he had a creepy look.

"Gang leader!"

Du Feng bit his teeth and informed the gang leader about the incident.

"A suspected evil spiritual disciple and a martial artist who has achieved the 4 Heavenly Gates..."

The creepy looking young man was the gang leader of the Wild Wolves Gang. His name was Diao Guangdou. He had already developed inner force and could extend his lifespan. His actual age was much higher than that of Du Feng's. Also, what he had experienced was a miracle. He was only a humble waiter in the past. It only took him a short period of time to become the leader of a gang.

"This matter is indeed complicated!"

At that moment, the inspiring Gang Leader Diao was troubled after hearing Du Feng.

"Gang leader, should I?"

Du Feng looked at his nephew and gave a ferocious look.

In order to keep his position as the protector of the gang and to show his loyalty, he wouldn't mind killing his own nephew.

"You shall keep an eye on him!"

Diao Guangdou waved his hand and two men came to drag the man with the beard out.

"I have failed you!"

After the cry from the man with the beard had faded away, Du Feng then knelt on the ground and asked for forgiveness from Diao Guangdou.


Diao Guangdou heaved a long sigh and said, "I didn't expect to meet such troubles after settling the big plan!"

Du Feng was surprised. He already knew that the gang leader had been planning something big but didn't expect him to take action now. Keeping a low profile previously was just a coverup. He suddenly felt that the gang leader was too profound to be understood.

"I deserve to die!"

Du Feng had no choice but to ask for forgiveness.

"Forget it. Since you have made a mistake, I will still have to punish you..."

Diao Guangdou tucked his lips and said, "Well, since there is a new prisoner in the prison, you shall serve your punishment by guarding the prison. Don't make any more mistakes, do you understand?"

"A prisoner? Is the prisoner from the White Cloud Business Council….."

Du Feng's eyes suddenly brightened up. He bowed and dismissed himself. "Understood, sir. I shall not make any more mistakes."

After Du Feng had left, Diao Guangdou touched his chin and was in deep thoughts. "Unfortunately…..if we had gotten hold of that girl, we would have a chance to be on good terms with the spiritual disciple. Compared to the spiritual knight, it is not worth to sacrifice the relationship with the spiritual knight to be on good terms with the 4 Heavenly Gates martial artist…..Hehe, thinking of having good terms with that two of them? I'm afraid the outcome would be disastrous!"

He was in disdain of Du Feng's choice as Du Feng did not want to choose a side during the fight. What was he thinking?