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Chapter 99: A Rescue Mission

Chapter 99: A Rescue Mission

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"Tsk tsk...Chief Diao is indeed introverted! At the same time, he is also straightforward and decisive!"

Amidst the chatter and laughter, Fang Yuan suddenly emerged.

"How did you get in?"

Diao Guangdou was taken by surprise.

This was the headquarters of the Wild Wolves Gang! The very core of the sect! Apart from the constant patrols along the perimeters, within the compound there were minimally two inner force experts protecting the area.

Furthermore, Diao Guangdou, the most powerful member of the gang, was present today.

Despite all these, Fang Yuan was still able to intrude without being spotted. What did this represent?

"Even though this person is young, his powers are extremely advanced and powerful. Could he be an ancient entity from some unknown godforsaken land?"

Diao Guangdou visually assessed Fang Yuan for a moment before bursting into laughter, "Hello senior, what may I do for you?"

"You are indeed quite good at bootlicking! What a pity... Nothing can save you today!"

Fang Yuan shook his head as he replied.

With the help of Du Feng's 'informant', Fang Yuan was crystal clear about the defences of the Wild Wolves Gang.

Furthermore, with Fang Yuan's magical powers, he heard Chief Diao's earlier conversation with his closest subordinates loud and clear. This created a desire to kill in Fang Yuan.

Anyway, for a lowly sect like that, all of its members definitely had blood on their hands. Even if Fang Yuan wiped out the entire sect he would not have an ounce of regret.

Of course, Fang Yuan would not admit the true reason for the attack. He waited and eavesdropped on their conversation to pick out what they had to say about him.

"Shut up, die!"

He glanced at Diao Guangdou who looked like he still wanted to beg for mercy and scoffed.


After attaining Gui Wusheng's Paralysing Scream and combining it with the techniques in the Blood Magic Manual, the effects were even more extraordinary.

It was almost as if right after Fang Yuan shouted, Diao Guangdou, who had broken through the 9th gate and was also an expert of the 4 Heavenly Gates, was rooted to the spot.


Fang Yuan moved forward and nonchalantly stretched out his right arm, baring his razor-sharp nails. The thrusting force from this move cut through the air like a knife.

With the combination of the Paralysing Scream and his advance, even a martial artist who has broken through the 12th gate would minimally suffer a major injury from this.

For a martial artist in the 4 Heavenly Gates who had not broken through the Earth Gate, it was almost certain such a move would kill him.

"Ah! Nine Snake Rodent Strikes!"

However, Diao Guangdou's reaction caused a slight surprise in Fang Yuan.

Diao Guangdou who was momentarily stunned suddenly opened his eyes and flew backwards. All the bones in his body suddenly softened and his body crumbled to the floor. Like a boneless snake, he dodged Fang Yuan's fatal claw with extreme agility.

"Who are you? Guards!!!"

In a flash, Diao Guangdou retreated backwards a few metres and shouted out for help.

Blood flowed from the conspicuous claw wounds on his chest. During Fang Yuan's surprise attack, Diao Guangdou did not escape fully unharmed.

"It's the chief!"

"There's a crisis in the main hall!"

"Send reinforcements now!"


There was the commotion of the shouting of commands and hurried footsteps.


Fang Yuan frowned as he was also surprised, "Interesting. Judging by your martial prowess, you should have lost your head by now..."

Just now, Fang Yuan remembered clearly seeing a flash of red light on Diao Guangdou's body. Diao Guangdou blocked out his Paralysing Scream, rendering it almost ineffective.

It seemed that Diao Guangdou was clear that his magical powers were no match against Fang Yuan's. The only possibility for what happened was there was external intervention.

"Hahaha...I could not have imagined that you are actually quite impressive. Looks like I have to use my full powers!"

Fang Yuan burst out laughing and stepped forward. The muscles on his body swelled out piece by piece and took on a bluish-black colour. It enlarged to the extent it looked as though Fang Yuan was wearing a layer of metal armour.

"He is too strong, retreat!"

Diao Guangdou grabbed on his chest and fled hastily.

He was only able to survive earlier as he relied on a unique treasure to protect his mind. But he knew that this object had its limitations and to fight against Fang Yuan whose powers were much more superior than his was suicidal. His only chance of survival was to retreat and regroup with the rest of the sect and attempt to fight Fang Yuan through the advantage of numbers.

However, Fang Yuan was too fast for him.

In what seemed to be a gust of strong wind, Fang Yuan sent a punch flying at Diao Guangdou just as he stepped out of the main hall.

"Hoo hoo!"

In the midst of the strong wind, Diao Guangdou felt that he was no longer chased by a person, but a wild beast.

After the strong wind subsided, Fang Yuan's punch hit him like a missile, knocking the air out of his lungs.

"Even for a 12th gate martial artists, your powers are considered very impressive!"

Diao Guangdou widened his eyes with rage. At this point, he knew that the only chance for him to live was to fight back. Mustering up the final bits of his courage and will, he turned around to face his enemy. With a loud noise exploding from his waist, he right arm turned into the claw of an eagle and his left arm turned into a serpent. Both shot out like arrows as Diao Guangdou shouted, "Dual Eagle Snake Killing Technique!"



The force behind this technique erupted. This was Chief Diao's signature move and several martial artists had died under it.

However, as his fist and claw landed on Fang Yuan's body, it felt as though they contacted a sheet of strong iron. Even the force which he channelled into the move rebounded back and hit him. The colour drained from Diao Guangdou's face.

"Iron Skin...How is it that its power is so strong?"

In that split second, an idea popped into Diao Guangdou's mind. It was also his last idea.

This was because after his failed attack, Fang Yuan was already now right in front of him.


Fang Yuan was ready this time. He responded with everything he had. Apart from using the Paralysing Scream again, he stretched out his arms and cut off Diao Guangdou's paths of escape and with immense force, he struck the target in the centre.

At that moment, he had little care for whatever technique he used. He purely depended on his superior martial arts prowess to overpower Diao Guangdou.

Diao Guangdou was rooted to the ground, petrified. He bore the full force of Fang Yuan's attack as Fang Yuan's arms smashed on both sides of his head.


With a loud bang, his head exploded. The blood and brains from his head became a gruesome mess and blood flowed out from his nostrils and eyes. Then he slumped to the ground.

"Erm...this move worked again. Maybe the amulet on him only had a one-off protective function?"

Out of curiously, Fang Yuan got down and searched Diao Guangdou's body. Then he stood up and glared at the rest of the Wild Wolves Gang.

"Why? Who else has a death wish?"

With this roar and his almost demonic appearance combined with how he killed Diao Guangdou in lightning speed, he looked very intimidating.

"Chief...chief is dead..."

"This person is unbeatable...."

After all, Wild Wolves Gang was a rowdy bunch of undisciplined rascals. Upon seeing the gruesome death of their chief, chaos ensued as they instantly abandoned their posts and weapons and fled desperately for their lives.

"They can go, but you cannot!"

Fang Yuan looked around and stepped forward, like a tiger entering a flock of sheep. Before long he carried out a skinny inner force martial artist out of the chaos.

Seeing that this person was well-clothed and well-endowed with jewellery, Fang Yuan deduced that this person held an important position in the sect and asked, "Did your chief take action against the White Cloud Business Council before? The one where Yu Xinlou was a young lord at?"

Fang Yuan found him worth saving and helping. Had it been anyone else, Fang Yuan would not have even bothered.


Even though the skinny man was an inner force expert and one of the protectors, he behaved timidly in front of Fang Yuan. He said, "Our chief launched a surprise attack and exterminated the White Cloud Business Council and their possessions. He also kidnapped the young lord to wait for the right moment to seize the inheritance and possessions of the Yu Family...All these were the ideas of the chief, it has nothing to do with me!"

"Take me to the prison and I shall spare your life!"

Fang Yuan commanded coldly.

"Yes...yes sir!"

Shaking in fear, the skinny man led Fang Yuan to the place.

When the news of Diao Guangdou's death spread out, the entire prefecture ensued in chaos. People were busy fighting with each other, fleeing or looting the prefecture. Nobody bothered to avenge their dead chief. The foolish few who stood in the way were easily killed and pushed aside by Fang Yuan as he easily arrived at the back yard.

As this was a private prison by the Wild Wolves Gang, it was naturally not too conspicuous. It was well camouflaged under an artificial hill.

"Ah...Protector Zhang, what happened to you?"

Arriving inside, the disciples who were incognisant of what just happened looked on in disbelief and shock as they say Elder Zhang behaving so obediently next to Fang Yuan.

"Hmm, seeing that you have been obedient, I shall spare your life!"

Fang Yuan waved his hand. With this, Elder Zhang was sent flying out of the prison and he crashed with a few of the prison guards, causing them to vomit blood and pass out.

"Who dares to offend…eh, it's you..."

After entering the corridor, a figure appeared. It was Du Feng. Upon seeing Fang Yuan, the colour drained from his face.

"Get lost!"

Fang Yuan shouted. He sprinted forward with lightning speed and pressed his palm on Du Feng's Dantian.

"Ah...you...removed all my martial arts abilities?"

Du Feng fell to the ground momentarily as blood trickled out from the corner of his mouth. He had an excruciating expression on his face.

"You should count yourself lucky that you can even live like a normal human being..."

Fang Yuan took away a bunch of keys from his waist and opened the metal gate at the end of the corridor.


A gust of stale and repugnant air gushed onto his face instantly.

In the prison, the air circulation was expected to be poor, but the atmosphere stank of a noxious odour.

"Ah...what have you done to my uncle?"

Furthermore, in an adjacent cell, Fang Yuan caught sight of a familiar person. It was the man with the mouse-like beard who offended him earlier.

"Haha, I gave you a chance, but you refused it. You are indeed looking for trouble!"

Without looking, he flicked a small rock which hit the man, causing him to gently fall to the ground.

"Ah...Someone is breaking into the prison!"

"Save me, I have a lot of wealth and I can also pass on to you very formidable martial arts techniques!"

"Save me!"


A huge commotion erupted as several prisoners stuck their black and filthy arms through the window grills and they tried to catch Fang Yuan's attention. However, behind the grills, many pairs of menacing eyes shone in the pitch darkness.

"I am not the saviour, do not expect me to save you!"

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. If they were innocent civilians, there was no reason for them to be locked up in here. As for whether this punishment for whatever crime they committed was justified, it was not worth his time to ascertain.

Fang Yuan walked further down into the basement of the prison and he saw a few cells that looked especially impregnable. Looking through the small window, he saw a man lying on the ground.

"Yu Xinlou!"

Fang Yuan smiled.

You are...Brother Fang?"

Hearing a familiar voice, Yu Xinlou climbed up instantly. Upon seeing Fang Yuan, his mouth widened slowly and he asked, "What are you doing here?"