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Chapter 106: The Sweep

Chapter 106: The Sweep

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Fang Yuan sat cross-legged inside the meditation room, holding the jade manual passed to him by the dream master. He had a serious expression on his face.

"The path to become a spiritual knight is made up of only a huge single step! However, spiritual disciples, alchemy disciples and dream disciples are only comparable to Earth Gate martial artists, harnessing only miniature elemental force... Only by breaking through would they obtain elemental force!"

Although he was a dream disciple and held just the basics of elemental force, along with the dream master's consistent and accumulative training, his martial prowess had improved tremendously, considering he was not even a competent fighter at the start.

Comparing with the blood killer who was at a similar level as a spiritual disciple, he originally bragged that he had already mastered blood elemental force, but it turned out that he was just trying to impress others. If he had really mastered blood elemental force, he would have killed Fang Yuan instantly within the first move.

Even so, the blood killer's blood elemental force was still very powerful and lethal. The incident affected Fang Yuan tremendously.

As for now, Fang Yuan was extremely determined to become a dream master to fully control and master elemental force.

"To become a dream master, I have to be true to myself. I am only able to truly master elemental force when I am able to be the master of my own imaginary world!"

"If I had all these powers, fighting the Spirit Returning Sect would be a piece of cake."

Fang Yuan breathed in deeply and began meditating. He allowed his soul to wander into a faraway and unknown realm as he shut his eyes.


World of Qianyuan, Mainland Tianyuan.

"Oh...It's still this place again!"

During the appearance earlier, Fang Yuan regained his soul and he could tell that he was in the imaginary world.

"To be a dream master, I need to be in complete control of this world of my imagination. For now, I have only accomplished half of it..."

Fang Yuan looked at both of his hands and activated all his senses.

Feeling an abundance of magical energy and a tingling sense of connection with the heaven and earth, Fang Yuan knew then that his skills had improved again.

Sadly, everything that happened in this imaginary world did not reflect reality.


With this thought, the original immense power he felt disappeared instantly as he returned to his original self.

As he recounted the internal messages from the real world, every nerve in his system and his internal strength rose within his body. The energies within him activated and created a storm within his body, momentarily creating a semblance of a miniature elemental energy formed by the merging of the yin and yang forces.

After a moment, the heavenly gate opened, and Fang Yuan immediately became a full level 12 martial arts expert.

"Eagle Claw Technique!"

Fang Yuan shut his eyes and his right hand thrusted forward.


In the direction which Fang Yuan shot out his hand, trees in the pathway of his technique split from the centre. The cuts where the trees split open were as smooth as the surface of a mirror. Fang Yuan's power was greater than in the real world!

However, Fang Yuan was not satisfied, "It's too unrealistic!"

The combat power of a dream master is relatively weak at the beginning. After becoming a dream master, the ultimate goal was to achieve the Prominent Divine Stage!

Prominent Divine Stage?

One's Mind could affect matter and consciousness could affect reality!

Only the dream masters who were capable of actualising objects from the dream world into the real world were worthy to rule, and they can do anything!

Of course, the path to the Prominent Divine Stage was extremely difficult. It was never easy to create objects from nothing!

Therefore, the first thing a dream master had to master would be the laws of reality. A shortcut could be created if a dream world could be moulded to obey and mimic the real world!

Nonetheless, at his current stage, Fang Yuan was far from being able to do such a thing.

After all, he was still unfamiliar with the laws of reality, and needed to accumulate experience.
Even his body's physical composition of meridians in his dream world was still far from his actual body's composition.

"How could I even think of trying to elucidate further grades of the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique with such a weak foundation?"

Fang Yuan shook his head in frustration.

The inability to allow his body in the imaginary world to completely merge and combine with the one in the real world indicated a problem for Fang Yuan. It meant that whatever he could master in this world could not be brought over into the real world as it would likely cause very detrimental effects that could cause a gruesome death should he attempt to do so.

"It seems like... the merging of martial arts powers from the imaginary world to the real world is still very much a work in progress! Is it possible that brute strength is the only way to achieve this?"

As he was deep in thought, several immensely powerful spiritual wills swept by in terror.

"It's that demon!"

"The Apocalyptic Demon is here!"

"Run! Hurry!"

Within several kilometres of Fang Yuan, immortal cultivators were in complete chaos as panic gripped the area. It seemed as though a catastrophe was about to hit.

"Am I that terrifying?"

Fang Yuan caressed his face, feeling slightly troubled.

All he did was to completely wipe out Green Cloud Sect. He could not believe that doing so would give him such a horrific reputation.

However, from the perspectives of these immortal cultivators, Fang Yuan did not just wipe out a major sect. He even took down the most powerful immortal elders of the sect and killed them. This gave him his ferocious and brutal reputation!

"All of these developed from my cluttered thoughts and will continue to evolve by itself..."

Seeing this, Fang Yuan felt deeply relieved.

To take control of the entire imaginary world was in fact his own personal aim. He was not willing to make any compromise to achieve this aim.

He smiled himself and walked forward, paying no attention to the chaos around him.


Suddenly, the scene in front of him changed.

The original mountainous environment now became masked by a thick fog. This drastic change now seemed to contain several other small imaginary worlds.

As these arrays became suppressed, Fang Yuan was also planted back at his original location.

"Hmm...Just because you guys are able to find this array, do you really think it can stop me?"

Fang Yuan smiled flippantly as his line of sight pierced through the array, looking at the several immortal behind it.

"This time, to take you down, the Tribulation Stage grandmasters from Heaven's Element, Earth's Branches, East's Victory and South's Departure have all came together. The grandmasters from the higher realm have also spared no effort to make their way here, and brought with them the precious and rare Delicate Xuan Huang Array. This array can split the heaven and earth and is considered a rare treasure. It is blessed by the Xuan Huan energy, and can take you down regardless if you are formidable demon from other realms!"

These immensely confident voices rang out continuously from outside the array.

"An extremely powerful gem you say?"

Fang Yuan scoffed and stepped forward suddenly.


The array changed instantly. Huge bolts of lightning flashed out on the ground and struck out in all directions. All the little imaginary worlds unexpectedly disappeared into little pockets of forces, coalescing as they sped towards Fang Yuan.

Under such an array, it would be extremely difficult for even an immortal cultivator from the higher realms to survive through this!

"I said...I demand light!"

Fang Yuan's thunderous voice shook the imaginary world he was in.


Just as he shouted, a ray of light really appeared.

This ray of light was not very bright, but it burned. It was like the first ray of light in a world of eternal darkness. It was unbelievably penetrating and sweeping.

"Snap! Snap!"

Wherever the light passed through, it showed complete devastation and ruin. Even though one sought to completely extinguish all the vile and pernicious forces in this world, they could only slowly melt away under this light.


After a series of explosions, a huge hole emerged. Through it, one could barely see the blue skies and fluffy white clouds of the imaginary world.


The immortals from the upper realms who came to fight off Fang Yuan shouted out in shock and disbelief.

"The most powerful weapon? It has no effect on me!"

Fang Yuan sighed and stretched out both his arms in front of him. Instantly, all the rays of light coalesced on his arms. All the flying rubble caused by the Delicate Xuan Huang Array merged into a crystal luopan and landed on his palm.

As the fog dispersed, it revealed the unfamiliar surroundings as well as the elders and from the upper realms who came to fight Fang Yuan. All of them had the look of utter disbelief and shock.

"How is this possible?"

"This was the most precious and powerful weapon in the world, how did it get defeated and destroyed so easily? It was indestructible!"

"The gem that had suppressed by powers is lost. Could this be god's will?"


The immortals looked on in horror and uncertainty at Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan shouted coldly. This brought about a deathly silence.

"How dare you come down to this realm out of your own accords? Prepare to face the consequences!"

Fang Yuan narrowed his eyes and glared at a few elders who were obviously guilty of this crime and said, "All of you are guilty, accept your punishment!"

"Heavenly Punishment?"

A few immortals were taken aback. At the same time, a panel of white jade door opened above their heads. When it opened, several bolts of lightning flashed out and struck them.

"Is this... The tribulation to become a deity? Didn't we live through that 42,000 years ago? Why is it starting again?"

One immortal pulled out his moustache in disbelief.

"Do not panic, it might be an illusion to trick us into a trap!"

"Snap! Snap!"

These highly experienced and skilled immortals were also very tenacious. After being calming down, many began taking out their immortal weapons and starting probing.

Almost immediately, a frightening flash of magical lightning struck down and hit a shiny immortal sword.

With a sickening noise, the sword was cracked from the middle.

Its owner who was spiritually connected to the weapon lost the colour from his face and spat out a mouthful of slightly purplish blood, saying, "Not good! It's real!"

"You people could enjoy your freedom after you became immortals. Why suffer the heavenly tribulation?"

Rays of lightning flashed in all directions and the ground trembled. Amidst this complete catastrophe, a few immortals were forced to desperation and executed their most powerful techniques in an attempt to resist.

This was not like a virus. One could not gain immunity just by getting hit once.

Just like a knife wound, it was not possible that just because a victim had a scar from a knife attack meant that he was no longer afraid of getting attacked by a knife again.

Specifically talking about this heavenly tribulation, this was the most feared and horrifying punishment of all. Even the immortals feared this.

"This demon...could even manipulate the heavens!"

"This demon is undefeatable and could even manipulate the heavens...This is either a major catastrophe or an apocalypse!"

Seeing the rest of the immortals suffer and perish in the chaos, the veterans from the previous disaster they suffered 42,000 years ago looked on in submission to their fate.

"The immortal world is the immortal world and the normal world is the normal word. We have already put in so much effort and work and reached this level, why must we still control the events in the world we left behind?"

Fang Yuan looked on as the last bolt of lightning struck down on an immortal which caused him to break into a fit of hysteria. Fang Yuan grumbled silently, disappointed that the rules of this world and the universe were the constructs of his own thinking.

"Okay, now that the external people are gone, it's time to deal with the situation here!"

As Fang Yuan looked at the suffering immortals, he broke into a smile. This made him look all the more menacing to them.