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Chapter 107: Control

Chapter 107: Control

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"What do you want, demon?"

An immortal cultivator in the Tribulation Stage stood out, as though he had a great sense of justice.

"You're noisy!"

Fang Yuan took a glance and flicked his fingers.


The next moment shocked many grandmasters who were in the Tribulation Stage. The immortal cultivator's cultivation was slowly stripped off, from the Tribulation Stage to Magic-fusing, then Magic-melting, then Magic-splitting, then Elemental Infant Stage….and then finally, he had nothing left of his cultivation and was back to a normal person.


An Immortal Cultivator who had made a breakthrough could originally extend his lifespan.

However, since his cultivation was stripped off, the previously middle-aged looking immortal cultivator had transformed into a white-haired old man with full of wrinkles.

He stretched his thin fingers as though they were chicken claws. Before he could say a word, he fainted and was no longer breathing. He had died of old age!

"So? Does anyone have anything to say?"

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes as he spoke, and no one dared to say a word.

With a wealth of experience, they all knew the theory of surrendering and admitting defeat. They all knelt down and asked, "What orders you have for us, senior?"


Fang Yuan laughed and thought in his heart, "What a sudden change in tone. Is this how my consciousness is?"

"Forget it!"

"He waved his hands and added, "From today onwards, whatever belongs to the mortal world will remain in the mortal world, and whatever belongs to the immortal world will remain in the immortal world, this is to…...separate heaven and earth!"

Everything Fang Yuan said was absolute and was to be abided.

Just as he had spoken finish, the heaven and earth shook, as though something was changing.

"The immortal world…..has been separated!"

Some of the grandmasters in the Tribulation Stage closed their eyes, while some of them took out their jades. They stared at it, speechless.

They had no intention of rebelling against Fang Yuan, who was able to change the world with just his words.

"From today onwards, I will be the greatest leader in the world of Qianyuan, the ruler of everyone. Those who follow me will prosper and those who go against me will perish!"

Fang Yuan's voice was apathetic. He looked at the immortal cultivators who were bowing down to him, but his heart did not waver a single bit.

As of this point, he was the ruler of the whole of Qianyuan.

So what if he was the ruler of this world? It was just a dream and he was not capable of controlling the dream world yet.

"One can only control a world when one has reached the peak of his abilities. I am still a distance away from that level!"

Similarly, an emperor in the real world seemed to have the control of a country, but compare this to the entire world and it would become negligible!

At least, an emperor couldn't affect nature and will be clueless about whether there would be flood, drought or famine.

Fang Yuan's had more control than an emperor in the real world. He could be considered a deity, but he was still a distance away from having full control over this dream world.

"What happens after the separation of heaven and earth?"

He thought about it before disappeared in front of the group of grandmasters, leaving them in shock.


Time passed like flowing water.

Unknowingly, 100 years had passed.

After the separation of heaven and earth, the immortal world was sealed. Grandmasters in the Tribulation Stage who had managed to survive the 9 Tribulations would no longer be able to access the immortal world.

In the beginning, the entire cultivation world was in desolation. Many immortal cultivators were left in despair and walked the path of evil.

100 years later, as the evil immortal cultivators were being ganged up upon and killed off, a new generation of immortal cultivators was born. The world started to settle down.

Many grandmasters in the Tribulation Stage had tried to escape into the immortal world, but all had failed to do so. After losing faith, they decided to spend their lives discovering the secrets of longevity.

An increasing number of immortal cultivators from the new generation started to believe that there were no immortals in this world to begin with and that the most powerful beings were the grandmasters in the Tribulation Stage.

Without external influences from the immortal world, the isolated cultivation world began to develop.

Although Fang Yuan had declared himself as the greatest leader of this world, he had kept a low profile ever since, and lived in seclusion. Hence, everything from destroying the demon to separating heaven and earth slowly became a myth.

"Hmm…... my current body in the dream world is very real. There are no differences, at least visually….."

Fang Yuan was living within the depths of the forested mountains. He examined his Dantian, full of satisfaction.

In this dream world, treasures and magical weapons were all but illusions. Martial art techniques were all just a kid's play.

The only useful thing in this world was the environment of the dream world, which he could use to perfect his martial arts.

At least, in this 100 years, Fang Yuan became extremely familiar with the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique. He had also read through the Spirit Returning Heart Manual and Xuan Yin Heart Technique Manual many times and was very familiar with the both of them, and might even be more well-versed than both Shi Yutong and the sect head of the Five Ghosts Sect now.

Once he was back in the real world, he could be comparable to a sect head.

"Even though I have spent so many years, it is still only 99% similar! The one last percentage of difference would make the outcome a lot different in the real world!"

Fang Yuan sighed silently.

With the combination of the two manuals he had read, he had a much clearer idea on how to progress on the pathway to Wu Zong with the Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique. He had also made a few successful 'breakthroughs' in this dream world.

However, to have a successful breakthrough in the real world, he would still have to test it out slowly in the real world. It would still be insufficient to just think about it in the dream world.

"This…..I would need a test subject….."

Fang Yuan gave a cold look and suddenly lifted his head. "Hmm? Is this….."

His current level in this world was at the peak. By simply staring into space, he arrived at an immortal cultivators' cave.

"Haha….I have succeeded! I have succeeded!"

An immortal cultivator in the Golden Pill Stage with messy-looking hair stared at a clumsy machine, which was spinning. His eyes then glittered."This spiritual turbine can work without the help of the Immortal Cultivators and function on crude oil. Even mortals can use it to create spiritual force. …..the vision of my ancestors is about to come true!"

The number of immortal cultivators in the world of Qianyuan was still much lesser than the number of mortal people.

In any world, there would always be only a small population of immortals. Otherwise there would be insufficient resources to go around.

However, with the presence of the spiritual turbine machine, the entire world had changed.

"Hmm? After the separation of heaven and earth, my fruit of labour is finally shown here. Is the world finally changing?"

Fang Yuan's eyes glittered.

Even though he had become the most powerful immortal, he still couldn't fully control the world, and instead, had some daring thoughts of his own.

For instance, he could control and set this world onto a different path.

After all, he was the ruler of this world! No one could say anything if he wanted to destroy the world!

He had free will to do whatever he wanted to and had executed the separation of heaven and earth. Finally, he saw the prelude to the era of post-immortal cultivators.

"Here we go….."

He sighed and slowly waved his hands. The heavens shook and a resolute change began to form.


"Spiritual energy! The spiritual energy is decreasing!"

"In recent years, the number of immortal cultivators has been decreasing, and it is even harder to find children who are spiritually inclined among the population…."

"Sigh, I was from the south of the cultivation world. There are already 18 small sects which are unable to find any successors, driving them to extinction. I cannot find words to describe the situation….."

"I have heard that in the mortal world, the revolution of the spiritual turbine had the potential to completely replace the immortal cultivators, by being able to create spiritual force, and power talismans and magical weapons.…...It is extremely simple to operate…..Is this the trend of the future?"

Even though immortal cultivators were known to be stubborn, some of them understood and realised the trend in the world and started to make discreet changes in order to continue thriving.

On the other hand, there were many high-levelled immortal cultivators who had no further progress in their cultivation and were at risk of losing their cultivation level. Some even went crazy looking for the demon who destroyed their world, which was Fang Yuan.

From their instincts, they guessed that the decrease in the amount of spiritual energy was linked to the demon that had separated heaven and earth.

Of course, Fang Yuan was too lazy to deal with them.


History kept unfolding itself.

The drainage of spiritual energy started to slow down and maintained at a steady level after many high-levelled immortal cultivators died.

Not many young immortal cultivators in this world who could absorb the energy into their bodies. Those in the Golden Pill Stage and the Elemental Infant Stage were already considered the most powerful, and the Magic-melting and the Tribulation Stage had already become a myth.

The only good news was that with the decrease in the lifespan of the immortal cultivators, the destruction due to karma was getting smaller and everything settled down.

With this, the mortals were able to utilise the spiritual turbine machine to obtain energy comparable to that once harnessed by the immortal cultivators. Slowly, they used it as their bargaining chip to make requests.

The immortal cultivators, who were so used to being superior for a long time surely would not entertain to such requests. With this, an impending war broke out between the two sides.

The outcome was expected. The small population of the immortal cultivators was easily overwhelmed by the bigger population of mortals. Since then, the remaining immortal cultivators went into hiding in the woods, and the new era of mortals thus began.

Many new countries were born spreading across the 4 big continents. The improved mindsets and productivity levels further pushed the modern world to greater heights.


The Year 389 of the New Calendar

In the capital of the Star Country, Heaven's Element.

The tar roads were designed in intersecting parallels. Beside the roads were a few big and tall cemented buildings. A giant screen was playing an advertisement of a middle-aged man making a speech. He was a candidate for the mayor election and he was gathering votes.


Many flying cars flew by, floating above the roads like blood flowing in arteries. They were emitting white smoke from their exhausts.

Beside the road, there was a cafe.

Fang Yuan wore spectacles and was scrolling through his smartphone.

"It has already been 300 hundred years…..I cannot believe that from my subtle hints, the whole world has undergone major technological advancements. This is vaguely similar to the weird dream I had previously….."

"Immortal cultivators are now a myth. Those who occasionally appeared would only be regarded as fortunate ones with special abilities, and would be subjects of interests to experiment on..."

"With a wave of my hand, this world is under my control!"

Fang Yuan laughed lightly and snapped his fingers.


At that moment, the whole world had come to a strange stop, as if time had stopped running.