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Chapter 108: Dream Master

Chapter 108: Dream Master

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"The essence of a dream master is to have full control over one's dream world, and subsequently rule it!"

"A dream which lasted a thousand years. I have finally attained such a level!"

Fang Yuan sighed.

Since he broke through Heaven Gate and increased his magical energy, he had a strong feeling that he could use this hidden ability in conjunction with his cultivation to become a dream master, and could, therefore, make tremendous progress.

Indeed, by taking advantage of the Spirit Returning Sect's pressure, he was desperate and made it!


He breathed out lightly, and the entire dream world shook.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

Cracks began to form all around, like a mirror cracking. Pieces shattered and fell towards the ground, as the cracks spread throughout the world in the speed of light.


In the blink of an eye, the entire dream world disintegrated into powder. Even the connecting Immortal World, Hell, the mighty Yama, and the daoist grandmasters were not spared. In shock, they disintegrated together with the world.

"I am the Light! I am the beginning! I am everything!"

Fang Yuan stood in the middle of emptiness, full of emotions.

The feeling of being a creator was one that was extremely overwhelming; it was the ultimate goal for most of the cultivators.

If a dream master remains trapped in a dream world and forgot to return to the real world, his physical body in the real world would die, and this was the danger of being a dream master.

"My dream world, I am the creator!"

Just by thinking, an entirely new Qianyuan world began to form, and after a few upgrades, it was entirely the same as the previous world.

"There is an entire world in a flower, an entire Heaven in a blade of grass. Alas, a dream is everything!"

Fang Yuan shook his head, and his surroundings changed once again.

The Green Peak spiritual land appeared, followed by Qingye City, Qinghe County, Secluded Mountain Prefecture.

A world similar to reality appeared in front of him.

"Brother Fang, it was all Leiyue's fault!"

"Master! Ready to receive your orders!"

Surrounding him was a number of feminine ladies. There were Lin Leiyue, Zhou Wenxin and the other ladies who were once related to him before, albeit in some way or another. All of them looked pitiful.

"Good day to you, Master!"

Around 10 Wu Zongs and spiritual knights kneeled on the floor and became as lowly as dogs.


Seeing this scene, Fang Yuan stroked his chin and found in interesting. "The details in my subconscious mind are appearing again?"

Even though he had full control of his dream world, it was still fluid.

A person's mind was complex enough, not to mention one's subconscious mind.

Even the calm water in a well might become waves of tsunamis the next moment.

Therefore, even if one was enlightened, anything could still happen and one might lose his enlightenment.

"Once control is lost, the cultivation level of the dream master would drop... In the path of cultivation, there is another huge obstacle to overcome, and that is attaining 'Steadiness'. To be steady and be unwavering, to be wise and not use the wisdom, have values and be independent, and from there make the dream world a stable one, so that one would not accidentally stray from the path of dao..."

Fang Yuan shook his head, and a clear glow appeared from his body.

All the ladies and servants who were shone at by the clear glow disintegrated into dust, with Fang Yuan the only one standing.


He opened his mouth and released a white flash like an arrow; it shot out a few feet.

"Eagle Claw!"

Fang Yuan's hands became claws, and move by move he practised.

Regardless of technique or strength, it was similar to that of the real world already.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

Accompanying the movement of his joints, his breathing and the movement of his fingers, a distinct and loud chirping came from his body, as though his entire physical body was a large eagle.

"Good, now that the body in my dream world is 99.9% as that in the real world! The last 0.1% is the limits we have in the real world, and unless I have a good grasp of the limits of the real world, my training would be useless..."

"This level of reality has already allowed me to try out and make some predictions to my breakthrough. The last three types of tryouts would have to be done in the real world already!"

Fang Yuan shook his head as he felt the fear of a dream master.

It was all about accumulating. In the beginning, a dream master would have insignificant combat powers but could use his abilities to assist himself and even deduce out techniques, which was the unique advantage of a dream master.

"Just plain old technique deduction, and is still much more efficient as compared to when I was a dream disciple... I have understood what it is to be a dream master!"

Fang Yuan remained quiet.



Green Peak spiritual land, in the straw pavilion.

Fang Yuan opened his eyes, and his face shone. "Only I will know who will awaken first... A thousand years in the dream but not even 5 days in the real world..."

He chose to enter a closed-door cultivation here due to the level of safety and privacy available, but more importantly, he had someone to protect him!

He had earlier informed the Iron-tailed Black Eagle to knock at the door rapidly if he had been in confinement for too long, in case he got too engrossed in his dream and forgot about the time.

"Of course... the few hundred years in the Qianyuan world is nothing... It is just a thought that developed!"

Fang Yuan recalled the wonderful feeling that he once had, and thought hard about it.

Everyone would mature if they had to experience a thousand years. However, he spent a hundred of those years living in seclusion, and even detached himself from the world like a god, influencing the changes in the world. Therefore he only spent a fraction of all that time experiencing the world.

After all, anything could happen in the dream world.

"If I were to think about the time ratio, one day would be equivalent to a few years in the dream world. Although it might be a long time, it has yet to reach its limits..."

Fang Yuan shook his head and started to worry about his own evolution.

There was an entirely new force within his mind palace which replaced his previous miniature elemental force. It was like a dragon in hiding, albeit resting, and its aura was shocking.

Elemental force!

True elemental force!

"Have I gained complete control of my dream world, became the owner of the world and entered the world of a dream master?"

These changes were under Fang Yuan's predictions, and he took a glance at his stats window:

"Name: Fang Yuan

Essence: 8.0

Spirit: 7.9

Magic: 8.5

Profession: Dream Master

Cultivation: [Martial Artist (12th Gate)], [Dream Master (1st Tier) (Fused Elemental Force)]

Technique: [Black Sand Palm (Grade 5)], [Eagle Claw Iron Skin Technique (Grade 12) (Limit)]

Skill: [Medicine (Level 3)], [Botany (Level 4)]"

"My [Magic] points have increased by '3'? And I don't feel uncomfortable about it, it seems that my body has adapted to it already..."

Fang Yuan nodded his head, and looked at the description for 'Dream Master':

"Dream Master - You rule the dream world, you are a traveller between dream and reality, and a nightmare for all your enemies! You can control you dream world at will, and you are everything in your dream world!"

"The description is rather simple... In reality, the first part of my inheritance ends at becoming a dream master, and I have no idea what's coming up next..."

Fang Yuan touched his chin but did not feel disheartened.

After all, Master Wenxin's inheritance was there to stay. Since he became a dream master, he would be entitled to one part of it.

"Forget about the rest, the most important is learning the usage of dream elemental force... It would be useless if I could only use them in my dream world..."

"As well as martial arts... After becoming a dream master, my body feels increasingly real, and the three types of breakthrough seemed likely. With my magical energy, I can surely attain the Wu Zong level. Once I can prove that I am able to, then I will break through anytime!"

As he thought about it, he opened the door.

"Chirp! Chirp!"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle saw him walked out, and chirped in joy.

"It's tough on you, good job!"

Fang Yuan stroked its head, and eagerly headed to the cave in the middle of the mountains.


The shrivelled red-eyed white bird which was originally lying on the floor immediately lifted its head, and in anxiety, all its feathers stood on its ends.

It was the same evil human who was back, but it could feel a whole lot of difference in him. It was an astonishing transformation.


He felt different as he entered the cave with his inheritance.

The Questioning Heart Path did not have any visible effect on Fang Yuan.

The dream elemental force in his Mind Palace shook, and the hypnotizing effect that once made him sleepy dissipated. He arrived at the crystal door.

Previously, Fang Yuan tried all methods but could not get the door to open.

However, this time, as both hands came in contact with the door, Fang Yuan felt an entirely different feeling.

A gush of dream elemental force flowed from his forehead, through his hands and into the crystal door.


After exerting his dream elemental force, the crystal door spun with a bright and colourful light, as though there was water flowing through it from inside. Suddenly, it was as though it melted, and the door slowly disappeared.

The huge obstacle for him previously just disappeared like that!

Behind the crystal door was another tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel, it was a purple crystal wall, and on top of it sat a pearl the size of a dragon's eye.

"The second inheritance?!"

Fang Yuan was filled with emotions. He took out the piece of jade which he previously took, and placed it on the Purple Dragon Eye.

"Wung! Wung!"

A flash of light appeared and shot right into the emerald jade.

It happened in the blink of an eye, and shortly after, the Purple Dragon Eye lost all its brightness and became an ordinary looking marble; the original piece of emerald jade now had streaks of purple in it.

"This method of saving information is too eerie..."

Fang Yuan sighed and used his magical energy on the jade.


On the back side of the original inheritance, there was a new paragraph of text; it was the method of cultivation for a dream master.

After reading through it carefully, Fang Yuan became shocked.

"It is indeed the path of a dream master because after accumulation, my power will increase exponentially... But the only thing lacking is Master's message... It seems that everything is in the last piece of inheritance?"

Fang Yuan looked at the purple crystal gate and sighed a deep breath.

He knew that at his level, he was unable to open the door to get the last piece of inheritance.

"This piece of inheritance included the details of the cultivation process from the beginning of a dream master all the way to the Prominent Divine Stage, and is enough for my cultivation..."

Fang Yuan was extremely satisfied. Only his Master, whom he lived with all his life would help him so much. If it was another person, they wouldn't teach him everything so smoothly and would make things difficult for him.